Sunday, September 8, 2019

There's no place like home....................

I couldn't help myself! I had to name today's post with that famous movie line from The Wizard of Oz.

It was a day spent mostly in the car. We were up early and had breakfast in the hotel breakfast room. This breakfast room wasn't just an afterthought - it was a nice restaurant (still with breakfast buffet), but we ate on beautiful Fiestaware dishes. Apparently, there was a factory outlet in that town, but no time to stop.

Let's see, we started the day in West Virginia, then moved to Pennslyvania where we had to stop for a geocache. Then onto the last state New York where we stopped for another geocache. We got quite a chuckle when we learned that one of Shelly's friends went out and got a couple of geocaches because she had no idea what we were doing. The little caches are EVERYWHERE in the world. If you want to check out the caches in your neighborhood, here's the link one more time. Remember to be respectful and put everything back where you find it.

We stopped in Buffalo to do a wee bit of last-minute shopping. We stopped at Joann's - washrooms were closed. Seriously?? We've been in the car and we need to go. I couldn't wait and walked over to the Home Depot where I did a bit of research. Shelly and I both had one product on our list that we were shopping for. We didn't find them anywhere. I guess we needed to do a bit more research before so we could have found them. I'm just making mine up so I don't know that it even exists - I was just looking to see if there was any different stuff there than we have here. You'll find out soon enough what I was searching for. 

Back to Joann's where after much searching, I did find one small thing that I was looking for - sequins. We emptied the car of all vegetable snacks (we didn't want to be bothered declaring them at the border even though they are allowed).

We breezed through the border at the Peace Bridge and were well below the total amount of goods allowed for a greater than 48-hour stay.

As we were nearing home, the tennis match started. Do I need to even say which tennis match? It was the final for the US Open. Bianca versus Serena. We watched part of it in the car (I wonder how much data that took up? Not my data, not going to worry). Shelly's husband picked her up at my house. Despite the huge number of bags and luggage in the back of the van, I only forgot one thing. It was a bit of a mad scramble at the end as we swapped geckos, bags, and stuffies to get them back to the rightful owner.

The two girls were very excited to see me! Matter of fact, I think Murphy forgot I was home this morning because when I finally got up, I got a real good morning greeting from her.

I couldn't bear to watch the rest of the tennis. When I did sit down, Serena picked up the pace. So I unpacked my stuff to the various spots that it's supposed to go. Then Bianca won. That was extremely exciting.

What else can I say today - I'm going to be "at work" as soon as the girls have their walk. There's a ton to get done this week - well not so much, but it'll be a busy week.

It truly was an amazing road trip. We got to see and do very eclectic stuff. Some quilting, some not. Some hiking, some walking, lots of car riding. For the most part, we all behaved quite well considering we were four women in the car for extended periods. No one got their eye poked out! As for the dishcloths?? Remember those - I believe the final tally was 10 and 3/4! I'll have pictures tomorrow.

I'm keeping this short and sweet since I got up late and I have to say that we never had a bad hotel room, but there's no place like your own bed!

Have a super day!!!!!


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