Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What the others did on Sit n Sew day

Have you ever wondered what is in liquid calcium? This is a product that I CANNOT tolerate on an empty stomach. If I want to be sick, I just take a teaspoon of that stuff on an empty stomach and I'm sick! No - that didn't happen to me today. I've learned, but I often take the calcium just before I start to eat breakfast. If I don't start eating quick enough, I can feel my tummy not happy, but the moment I eat something I'm fine!

I'm on a tear! I'm pitching, purging and well - I can't even keep up with myself. I'll share that with you tomorrow as I promised that today would be all about what the others did on our Sit n Sew day. And something happened last night that will BLOW your socks off. You'll never believe what I did. Sorry - you have to wait until tomorrow for that one. It's all in the spirit of cleaning up the stash.

I noticed that all of the garbage (old wheelbarrow and chairs) that I put at the curb yesterday morning disappeared sometime between 6 PM and 9 PM. I put a bit more out this morning and I have extra bags of garbage to put out as well. Then I'm calling the junk people as I have some very large things in the garage to go. Then I'll show you a picture of the garage. Oh, progress is being made and it's finally starting to look much better.

Today is designated as a "clean up" day on my calendar with a note to NOT RESCHEDULE!  I'm not going to reschedule, but I'm going to get some other stuff done as well. It'll be a half-day of cleaning up, but that's OK - I've made huge leaps and bounds this past week and I'm thrilled. Matter of fact, last night, I went through a bag of paper that I found in the studio and very easily tossed a good part of it. I'm not done yet.

You know what that means? I'm getting psyched up to start pitching in the office!!! I can't wait to get started.

I see that wide-open Studio B and it fills my heart with glee to see things so neat and tidy. And it's not going to cramp my style one little bit. If I need to be super creative, it won't take long to spill a few things on the table to create chaos!

Let's have a look at what the group was working on this past Sunday.

Rose was in my Posh Santa (Sew Kind of Wonderful) class on Saturday. She brought her version so she could finish it. And she did!!! It's such a cute wall hanging. It just needs to be quilted and then ready to hang for Christmas.

Posh Santa - Rose's version
Sharon N is continuing work on her Border Creek Mystery Quilt. I'm not sure which year this one is, but I think Sharon is now working on Clue 6 of 8. She assembled a number of these sections. I've forgotten how many she's put together now - but this section is completed. 

Completed section of Border Creek Mystery

And she finished something like 36 of these. So goodbye Clue 5  - hello to Clue 6.

More of Sharon's Border Creek Mystery

Elaine S is working on the July Shop Hop from a couple of years ago. She got at least one of the blocks completed. A very funky modern block.

Elaine's July Shop Hop block
France is working on the 52 weeks 52 blocks sew-along. I think this is the one from the Canadian Quilter's Association. There are so many sew-along projects, I can't keep up with them all. What's interesting is that she's doing TWO completely different colorways. One is in shades of green that you see here and the second one is Christmas!!! Very cute. 

France's 52 weeks sew along

Diane was working on a positive/negative quilt. There's NO waste in this block. It's very cool But you have to very careful when cutting that you don't mess up!! It's a design by Wanda's Designs.

Diane's positive/negative quilt

Sharon B was working on a block of the month that I designed quite a few years ago. She made good progress on it as there are LOADS of small pieces. What fun!!!!  I know that I have an entire blog post devoted to the show n tell from that block of the month, however, I can't find it this morning. But if you check out this link, and scroll down near the end, there's a blue/orange version of it.

Sharon B's Block of the month quilt

I will have some more giveaway stuff coming up but today I thought I'd share a project that someone made with stuff that I gave away. Do you remember a while back that I had a big bag of 3-D leaves? Those leaves went to my friend Susan in Saskatchewan. After I made a comment that people need to be using the things that I gave them, she whipped up this wall hanging. I LOVE it. I feel like I'm standing at the base of a huge tree and looking up and all the leaves are changing color. Awesome job Susan!!!!

Susan's wall hanging with 3-D leaves

Here's a couple of shots of the details. I loved those leaves but had no use for them. I think Susan did them justice! The leaves were made with Northcott's Stonehenge Maplewood. A gorgeous collection. And if you check out the link, the pictures were taken in my backyard or the forest behind our house! I still remember that day.

Details of Susan's fall wall hanging

More details of Susan's fall wall hanging

I need more time! Not for sewing, but to get this mess cleaned up! I knew that once I got into the spirit of it that it would be hard to stop. But I'm going at a good pace and there are times when it's just not the time to be pitching and purging. Loads more to go - well actually not. I have to say that except the office that almost all areas are getting pretty much under control. I give myself until the end of the year. Then we'll take stock and see what's the scoop.

At that point, it'll be time to start all over again and start pitching from what I've hung onto. There'll come a time when there won't be anything that I want to get rid of. I'm really trying to be good in Studio B and getting rid of stuff. I met up with the Family Studies teacher from the local high school last night and we chatted about stuff. She gave me a lead on getting rid of a few things that no one wants - not even you! Stuff like wool and fun fur so I'm going to check out the source today.

I do have a lot of paperwork to do. I've been ignoring the half-day paperwork and half-day sewing work for a while and well, I know I'm getting myself in over my head. That's part of the reason, I have so much paper crap around! I'll do an hour this morning to at least clear the urgent stuff.

Don't forget that today is another blog post on QUILTsocial. Did you read the post from yesterday?? What projects do you think I'm going to show you later this week???  Anyway - have a read today. I've got a serger set up on the work tables in Studio B. Just waiting for me.

One more thing today. I want you to check out this website from the Canadian Quilter's Association. It's about making friends. Starting in January, you can register to make a mini (quilt) and make a friend. I did it with QuiltCon last year and we ended up in North Carolina visiting with Katherine. So check out the details and then get yourself signed up. Sign up is in January, but I don't want it to come as a surprise! Making these small quilts is so much fun and you can try new techniques.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. I read your Quiltsocial articles on the serger. Oh man!! You have me jonesing for a new serger! I inherited an old Riccar serger (with no coverstitch) from my mother. She owned a fabric store and sold machines, so she had a serger at home when she closed the store. I have learned how to use it but yours sounds so cool with such easy adjustments. I will have to think about it because I was recently thinking that I have a 20 year old sewing machine, so thinking I should get a new machine cuz you know, they do such cool things now. But 2 new machines? I will seriously have to think about that!

    1. Linda -- if you're a quilter, then I would probably go for the new sewing machine. You'll get way more use out of it. I love the serger but I'm so new to serging, but the quilt turned out amazing and I hope to use it for more things.