Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A progress report

Yesterday was a whirlwind day. I've been slacking off so I had to make up some time yesterday. I'm happy to report that I had a great sleep because I got everything out of my brain before I went to bed! I was experimenting with embroidery yesterday and OH MY - there's so much fun stuff!!! Just need more time to fully explore some of this stuff.

Plus I'm totally packed for my day trip to Orillia. Well - the car isn't packed, but I'm about to do that in a few minutes. It sure helps to get things organized the night before so you're not running around like an idiot and potentially forgetting something!

I still have 8 things on my list to get done - some things are going to have to wait and I'll explain why tomorrow. I don't have a lot of time this morning.

Yesterday was Monday sewing and although I didn't stay long, I still managed to get a wee bit more completed on my embroidery. All that remains are 6 snowflakes. Some are more elaborate than the others. I started with the most elaborate one so as I move through them, the stitching will get progressively faster! That block will be completed next Monday and I can finally move to the last block. I also worked on the largest blocks first and moved to the smallest and least intricate so that one should take even less time than this one did.

Progress on the redwork block

Bottom line - barring any major hiccups, this quilt top should be finished by the end of the year. I'm happy about that! It's one of my UFOs.

Slow and steady - that's what I'm all about.

Here's a giant customer quilt that I quilted the other day. I need to trim it and attach the binding (ready for hand sewing). That's a task for later this week. Hopefully, tomorrow since I need to get it out of the way by Thursday when it's Sit n Sew.

Customer quilt

I also managed to get all the juice pouches cleaned and back in their project container. I hope to do something with them by the end of the year. Now that I can clearly see my projects, it makes a HUGE difference. I still have some stuff to squirrel away in Studio B, but I'm taking my sweet time about it because I don't' want to hide anything. I want to be able to see it. I need to work faster! So many things I've unearthed and some wouldn't take long to finish. It's just getting that many extra hours to make it all happen. Doesn't matter how slow I go - I'm still way ahead of those that are in denial that they have a problem with their projects!

Juice pouches ready to go

But that wouldn't be any of you - none of you are in denial about the mess in your sewing spaces. Right? I'm so happy to hear from many of you who say that I'm an inspiration to you to declutter. Well, it works both ways! You're my inspiration as well! I heard from Vivenda over the weekend and her decluttering unearthed something TERRIFYING in her studio. I'd have freaked out and never gone back. It was a snake. Yes - how the heck did that thing  - well, we know how and we know why (winter is coming), but NO NO NO!!!!!   That's just wrong. I know that she was waiting for her husband to come home and get rid of it. But - well - we won't go there. I can't think about it.

I found something much less terrifying in my studio. I have this HUGE ball of twine. What the heck should I do with it?? It's not coiled tight enough to make a rope basket. I don't even remember where I got it or what it was for. It's somewhat coarse. I'm thinking it could be crocheted up and made into pet mats. Any other thoughts???   Any takers????

A big ball of string

That could be my next road trip project. Crocheting pet mats from this twine.

On that note, I need to get my recycling bin to the curb - won't the neighbors hate that noise at 5:31 AM. OOPS - forgot last night. Sorry. It has to go today as it's full and that's one of the reasons why I can't complete one of those 8 items on my list. It's about recycling and the bin is full.

And I need to get the car packed so I can be on the road.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. In regard to the twine. I had a big roll like that. It was for macrame. Back in the 70s I made several macrame plant hangers. And here is the big roll of twine still hanging around like yours!

    1. Linda!!!! That's too funny! Well - macrame is back in! Perhaps you can finish off your roll!

  2. Nice Blog. Thanks for sharing information.

    1. Maria -- you're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.