Monday, September 16, 2019


OK - I'm late with the blog. Why? Because I slept in! I was wide awake in the middle of the night thinking about my projects so I got up to check some stuff. Went back to bed and now it's late - really late!

The girls will not get a walk this morning and they are NOT going to be happy. I should be leaving for Monday sewing right now!

Oh well - I'm going to be late. It's not like I need to be there to open the door. I'll get there when I get there. Life goes on!

I'm glad I got up as I had a few things to "learn" and my brain was in such an active mode that is needed to learn them at 3 AM!!!  I'm prepping for some events this week. I totally kept forgetting to mention them to you in case you'd like to attend.

One is being held at Thimble and Things TOMORROW. Sorry for the late notice. There are two events. The first one is on the embroidery software for PFAFF. Premiere +2 Embroidery Software. That starts at 9 AM. Even if you're a Husqvarna customer, you would learn something as the software is the same - branded differently. But don't tell anyone I said that.

The second class is on Embroidery and Embellishment where I'm going to provide inspiration for you - the embroiderer!! I've been working on some super creative stuff that blew my socks off when I stitched it out last night. I'll show you next week. It's so adorable!

The event on Friday is at Brampton Sew and Serge. One of the topics is on Inspiration for Quilting and the other is Embroidery and Embellishment. This time both slots are for Husqvarna Viking. Next time, I'd better give you more notice.

I did virtually nothing in the mass cleanup that's happening. I had other things to do. I had to trim all those quilts that I had quilted as they are being delivered today. They are all done including this customer quilt.

Customer quilt

I got one more border on the Tonga Rhapsody. Holy - it's being pretty temperamental. Almost like it doesn't want to be finished. But I persevered and now that border is done. Two more borders to go.

The second border is one

See all those checkerboards in that border? Well, they are done in mirror images of each other. That should say something as to what happened! But that's done and only two more borders to put on, then make the binding and find some backing. I can't wait until the backing part as it's so easy to find them now with the new filing system.

The remaining two borders and the binding are cut

Then I'll have to deal with the scraps. That's easy - I have a batik scrap bin and these bits will go in there. It's all about putting things away when I'm finished with them and to not let this remain a UFO for too much longer.

The scraps to be put away
I have a Sit n Sew later this week and I hope to be done by then (NOT going to happen) because it's taking up a lot of space on the tables and I need the space to lay it out to put on the borders. This is how I get so many steps in a day. My sewing machine is one on side of the tables and the quilt is laid out on the other. Works for me!!!

The quilt is on the opposite side of the table as the sewing machine

I did get a few more things put away in Studio B. I'm going to need the space in good shape for Thursday. Now how did that day creep up so fast? It's going to be a totally crazy week. But that's OK.

I hung up my magnetic board over the cutting table. I missed having access to my pens and paper which are attached in a metal holder. I washed it down and got rid of some of the stuff that had been hanging on it for years! I didn't get a picture of the new set up. That's a photo for tomorrow.

The magnetic message board is clean!

I'll leave you with this morning. Some eye candy. These are quilts that have been made by SAQA (Studio Arts Quilts Associates). The quilts are for sale as a fundraiser for the organization. There are some amazing pieces!!!!

And now I'm out of here!

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Sleep....does a body good! Yea for you :-)

    1. I know! Just so unusual - it throws me off! Elaine