Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Yesterday was a fabulous day! The weather was perfect for driving however, I did run into some pretty heavy fog on my way to Orillia. But soon I was out of that and on my way through the gorgeous sunlight.

I was listening to an audiobook. At first, I couldn't get it to work. Well, it was working, but I couldn't hear a thing. Then I remembered that I have to plug the phone into the car to get audio. I'm not sure why that is - it sounds very weird. Then I'm not a fan of the navigation system in that car so it doesn't surprise me. Then I was able to listen to the book. I'm attending a book reading by the author next week and was hoping to have the book finished by then, however, the audiobook expires today. Can I get my hands on the hard copy????  The audiobook is on hold for someone else so I can't renew it. The book is The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman.

I presented two lectures yesterday. The first was Inspiration for embroidery and embellishment, the second was on the Premier +2 Software (machine embroidery). Both events were very well received by the attendees. I always get so much from the group while I give to them. It's a very rewarding experience.

If you're in my neighborhood, I'll be doing two presentations on Friday at Brampton Sew n Serge. One is called Inspiration for quilting and the second is Inspiration for embroidery and embellishment. Even if you don't own the brand of machine that they sell (Husqvarna Viking), it'll be exciting and inspirational to attend.

The event yesterday was at Thimbles and Things which is my ALL-TIME favorite quilt store. Sue, the owner, is just the best shop owner around. She's friendly, she remembers everything and well - I don't know a single person who doesn't love her. Jen runs the PFAFF dealership in the shop. I love her too! They are both super friendly and well - you just want to buy everything in the shop. However, I refrained. I'll be back for our sewing retreat in a couple of weeks and I'll shop then - if I need anything. Oh - I need SOMETHING!

If you're ever in the Orillia area, you MUST stop at this quilt shop. If you're looking for something different, Sue is assembling The Town and Country Quilt as a fundraiser for their local hospice which is just being built. She's sold most of the 365 blocks but there's still a few for sale. Check it out - it's all for a good cause. Just scroll down on the Thimbles and Things web page - the information is near the bottom.

Then I packed my stuff up and I was off. But wait - where's my phone so I can plug it in to listen to the audiobook? Good grief - I couldn't find it and I had been using it all day showing off the sewing apps. Oh well - no audiobook on the way home. I knew the phone was in the car because when I turned the car on, I saw my phone contacts pop up on the navigation screen. So the phone is in the car. That's all I cared about!

I was tired when I home, but I did putter around with the Premier + 2 software a bit as I tried to get some stuff done for Ronda that I was supposed to have done a few months back. The font is converted, the words are set - I just need to shape them. Don't worry - I'll show you so you can understand what the heck we are doing. That Ronda is pretty demanding!!!  (:   And it keeps me on my toes, learning new stuff. That's a good thing.

I did manage to get the third border on the Tonga Rhapsody. Yeah!!!! This one went much smoother than the previous one did.

The third border is on Tonga Rhapsody

That leaves ONE more border to go. It's a plain border so the strips just have to be joined, measured and sewn on. ONE MORE HOUR. The binding is cut and I have to find some backing for it. Good thing as I have a couple more pieces to add to the backing shelves and not sure I'm going to find room.

The last border for Tonga Rhapsody

I have a Sit n Sew tomorrow so I need to do a wee bit of tidying. I had emptied this nice orange bucket and it now houses all the current things I have to work on. It's mostly borders, bindings, and backings. I'll work my way through that tomorrow. Who am I kidding?  I'll work on it, but I won't get to the bottom! Once it's empty, I'll fill it with the next lot of projects. The goal here is to FOCUS so it gets done.

Bucket of work

I have to deal with those 8 items still on my "to do" list. Some of them NEED to be done today and others, I just want to get finished. I'm going to aim for getting a lot done today.

My problem is that I have so much I want/need to do. There's so much I want to learn. I just can't believe there are people aren't there who don't have hobbies or are bored. How can you be bored in this day and age with so much around us to learn and play with???

Yesterday, I did a little demo on the current state of technology in the sewing machine world. I used my cell phone as a hotspot for WiFi. Then I connected the PFAFF Creative Icon to the WiFi. I also connected my laptop to the hotspot so it was also connected to WiFi. Then I was able to transfer embroidery files from the Creative Icon to the Premier +2 software on my computer. I would then be able to make modifications and send it back to the Creative Icon so I could stitch them out. Now isn't that just crazy???  I have more stuff to share with you about the technology, but NOT before I show the group on Friday.

While there are days when technology is not my friend, I totally embrace it and try to max it out which is why I think I end up in trouble sometimes. However, I'm learning so much and I'm not going to let any of this defeat me!!!!!

If you're in the Oakville area, there's a fiber art show that I think will be wonderful. Here's the information. Last time, I went to this Cultural Centre, I was pleasantly surprised by other displays that I found in the gallery and along the halls. This time, it won't be teeming with summer camps.

Here's a link to the center so you can get the address. I'm not a big fan of their web site as it provides information on the center, but never on what's happening there or am I missing something??

On that note, I'm out of here. Got a crazy day again - but I love it. It wouldn't be a fun day if something wasn't happening! I can only deal with calm for so long. Imagine what it's going to be like for me when I hit the retirement home. I might get evicted!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. For the Cultural Centre in Oakville, you go to the site you have the link to and then just click on the Attend an event square. It tells you all the events for about a month, so some are over, some are on and some are coming up.

    1. Elizabeth -- thanks for that. I've gone back and looked and for the life of me, I do NOT see the Attend an Event square. Is it on the main screen??? And where??? Elaine

    2. Your link takes you to "Get involved with events in Oakville" and under that are four pictures. The second picture is called Attend an event. Under that is a rectangle to click on that takes you to the listing of events. Like I said earlier, they are listed by date, with some past events, some on now and some in the future. I hope you can find it from this description.

    3. Thanks for that. FOr some reason, I couldn't see that screen!!!!