Saturday, September 28, 2019

The marathon continues

Funny how my weeks have peaks and valleys. One week, I've nothing on the schedule and therefore I can spend hours cleaning up and then BAM - I'm on the road all the time. I really should schedule a wee bit better. I'm so much better than I was. I had a couple of paperwork items that I was putting off and then two different people said: "I need this TODAY". Funny how that changes your whole outlook on getting it done.

I'm happy to report that both items are done and are now checked off my list. I still have a few e-mails to respond to and a couple of other paperwork things to attend to. Once I'm back from the convention, I MUST get back to a morning of paperwork and the afternoon sewing. That was working so well. The morning will be devoted to paperwork and tidying. The afternoon will be sewing. That should work and the schedule (after I return is pretty light for the remainder of the year!!!)  The big thing will be to not fill those empty slots with other things!

The demos at The Hobby Horse went very well. One very lucky lady had me for one entire hour by herself to learn her sewing machine. There were five in the demo and four of them bowed out. Their loss. The lady who was in that demo was ecstatic as we went through EVERYTHING on her machine. I have to say that I"m getting pretty good with all brands of machines these days.

If there is ANYTHING that you want to learn - whether with a group or as a private class, let me know. I can probably accommodate anything and everything!!

I had to stop for an errand on the way home and then time for a wee bit of homework for today's classes and then off to teach free motion quilting at Oh Look Fabric. Funny how the day went. I started teaching at 10 AM and the free motion class ended at 10 PM. I know - way past my bedtime. But it was a fun group so we kept each other awake!!!!

Today, I have two of the ongoing classes at The Hobby Horse and machine quilting in the afternoon. I think I might actually be able to put my feet up when I get home tonight! But not for long as I have quilts to trim so they can be delivered/picked up and I have samples to make before I leave.

I'm reading a book by Marshall Ulrich. He's a runner - an extreme ultramarathon runner. The book is about his run across in America in 2008. What a story and amazing how much torture we put ourselves through to achieve something. Some days I feel like that, but it's so much fun, it's hard to call it torture!!!! I have NEVER pushed myself to the limits that he pushed himself.

And now it's time for some pictures. Let's see what I've got today.

The other day when I was looking in the cupboard for my special cup to make tea, I spotted two boxes on the top shelf. Hmm - those are tea mugs that I bought in 2015 when we were in PEI for part of the summer. I should get those down and use them.

The box that the tea mug came in 

Here's the story on how the bone china is made. The tea mugs are made by Dunoon. Let's just say they are NOT cheap. I gasped when I saw the price on the cup and thought - I better start using these.

The story on the mug box

I had completely forgotten what was on the mugs.  Yikes - those crazy cyclists! And look at the size of that mug compared to the bone china mug that I normally make tea in. Oh well - more tea is good. But isn't it an awesome mug? And I'm so worth it that I should be drinking out of a special mug.

That's a HUGE mug

 There was another box and the next morning, I decided to get that box down a well. Same company, slightly less pricey. Darn it all - it's time to break out and use the GOOD CHINA every day! And that's what I'm doing. I'm loving it.

Another tea mug

I'll never have to purchase another teacup/mug in my lifetime. Unless I attend a Greek wedding and take my tea mugs with me. But then they smash plates, don't they??? 

I've decided that NOTHING is too precious to use. As for dishes, those mugs are the MOST expensive dishware that we own. Our plates, cutlery is all bargain basement stuff. I'm OK with that.

The same thing with the fabric - nothing is so precious that it can't be used up. I can hear the yardage whispering - DON'T PICK ME!!!  Hahaha- cut, cut, cut!!!!!

Here's another shot of the flexible workspace tables in Studio B. I had a giant quilt to sew the binding on for a customer. This machine normally stays upstairs, but that quilt was so big and the upstairs workspace is much smaller so I brought the machine downstairs. It was worth it - that binding went on no problem. And that extra black table? It's a great way to support the huge quilt.

Set up for sewing on a binding

Earlier this week (seems like eons ago now), I went to a meet and greet the author. It's part of the One Book, One Community program. The author was Joanna Goodman who wrote "The Home for Unwanted Girls". If you haven't read the book, it's a very good read. But holy, the subject matter is hard. While the book is fiction, you know that the story is real and Joanna very kindly "glossed" over most of the abuse. It was implied without going into details.

Joanna Goodman (on the right)

She is a delightful person and gave us lots of insight into her writing process and the book. By the way - there will be a sequel that will be published next September. Thanks to Diane for the invite to that event. Last year, we got to meet Linwood Barclay which was much fun. I wonder if we have that event in my community as this is about an hour from my house. I can't find anything about One Book One Community in my neighborhood. I must ask next time I'm at the library.

I was walking the girls the other day and this just begged for a picture. Isn't that beautiful?  It was taken in the forest behind my house. I love the changing leaf colors.

Trees in the forest

Well, that's it for today. So much to do and so little time! I'll be very glad to hop on that plane next week. There'll be at least three hours of NOTHING to do!

Have a super day!!!


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