Sunday, September 1, 2019

It's tidy up time

I had a very productive day yesterday. I'm working on my blog posts for QUILTsocial and I had so much fun making stuff. I can't wait to share with you what I made and what machine I made the projects on! It would spoil the fun if I told you now. I think I'm almost done all the making and photographing so that leaves editing photos and writing. I can do that anywhere.

I figured since I'm constantly lamenting about cleaning up that I should just get off my butt and get something accomplished in that area. No one wants to hear me constantly whine about something that I have complete control over. I was in the backyard sneaking a few moments with some watermelon and a book when I thought I should tackle the shed.

It's a mess. I remember when M was much younger, that she and a friend were going to spend the night in that shed. It's finished inside so it looks like a little playhouse. I don't think they made the entire night out there, but let's just say that at one point, it was pretty neat and clean inside.

And last year, a friend of mine was getting rid of a plastic storage shelf and did I want it? Yes - the intention was that it would go in the shed, however, it's sat in the garage for a year.

So this is what happened. Sorry - no before picture - I just went for it!

I tossed everything out of the shed except for the tub of sand that was in there. Actually, it was in a plastic bag that was disintegrating so I scooped all the sand into a plant pot that I found and it got rolled into a corner. The sand is for the interlocking driveway. There were furniture cushions, patio chairs, gardening stuff, and junk. Lots and lots of junk.

Emptying the shed

This is what the shed looked like once most of the stuff was removed. It's not totally waterproof as you can see from the floor, but it keeps things pretty dry. As I was sweeping up the sand, Miss Lexi was not too pleased as the sand was going between the floorboards into her space.

Inside of the shed

I filled two big black bags of garbage. Why did it not get put in the garbage before???  I found three shovels, two hoes, and a HUGE number of gardening gloves. In the picture below, can you see the blue bucket on the shelf? It's filled with gardening gloves. I don't garden much. I probably don't need them all, but I kept them. They are neatly placed in that container on the shelf.

What the shed looks like now

Seriously - I found stuff in there that blows my mind. I found two nice hanging candle holders - never taken out of the original shopping bag. Didn't find a receipt, but that's got to be over 10 years ago that they were purchased. I found two full containers of weed control stuff. And one morning as I had been reflecting with the fish and noticed how clear the bottom of the pond was and trying to figure out a way to keep it that way once the leaves start to fall, I thought we needed some kind of a net. Guess what I found in the shed? Yep - a never out of the box netting for the pond.

That's just wrong and it's totally my fault!! I'm over it, but it just amazes me. And I think my mother is bad. I just have to look in the mirror! However, I'm trying to do something about it - she never did. That's how I can justify the situation.

Anyway, I put four chairs in the garage to go out on garbage day and put the other four back in the shed. It was only while we were eating dinner and I was explaining what I had found in the shed when I realized that we don't have cushions for that set of four chairs. I guess they need to go in the garage as well. I did a wee bit of tidying in the garage, but that should happen before fall and really I should call one of those junk people to come and pick up some stuff. We don't have enough to fill a truck. I should call for pricing - just to get it over with. It would be nice to have a wee bit more room in the garage. OK -- I'm going to book an appointment for when I'm back from the road trip. Imagine how nice it would be to have space!!!!  Enough of this messing around.

We have an umbrella stand for our table. We have the bottom stand and the umbrella - but what happened to the middle piece???  I think that will go as well. Good grief. Enough is enough.

Guess what else I found in the shed? M will get a kick out of this. Once when we were on vacation in BC, we bought this wooden toy for her. It's a BC Ferry. We used to float it in our pond. It's a little worse for wear. What do you think??

Sunken ship
Thanks to National Geographic for the picture.

OH -- here's the ferry!!!!

M's ferry

The wood is all disintegrating and it's lost one of the things on the bottom. Sadly, it will go in the garbage, but I took a picture and it'll bring back lots of memories. That's enough!

Now back to the studios. This is my Tonga Rapsody that I'm trying to get finished. It's one of the UFO items on the 2018 list. Now that I have the fabric, the quilt top, and the pattern, it's time to get this done.

Tonga Rhapsody

Thank goodness for making a fabric key. Without that, I would have had to make up what fabric went where. The top is together - it just needs the five borders added and some of them are pieced.

Fabric key is a fabulous tool

The five borders are now cut out and ready to be sewn. Once I'm back from the road trip, I'll have some free time and hope to get working on this as well as more samples! You can never have enough samples.

The borders are cut for Tonga Batik

I also did a wee bit of poking in the stuff that is sitting in that corner. I found three pieces of material that are up for grabs if anyone wants them. These first two are heavier  - decorator fabric and I believe it's 54" wide. It's like a canvas, but it's not canvas. They would both be awesome for tote bags. I have so much that I don't need these two pieces.

Two pieces of decorator fabric

I also have this roll of upholstery fabric. I have a large ottoman upholstered in this fabric and technically, it could be reupholstered since it's faded so badly. But I will put something different on it. I think this was going to be used for roman blinds or something like that. I don't want or need it. Can anyone use it???

Fabric up for grabs

There has to be someone who uses decorator fabric. So many of us have decorator fabric that we no longer want and we need to find a good home for it. I really think these (especially the first two pieces) would be awesome for tote bags.

Then I found this bucket which is filled with bits and pieces of bags. It's not just fabric - the pieces are cut out, zippers are in the box as well. I'll be going through this slowly to try and make some sense of it. I'm overwhelmed as I look at this mess - imagine how someone else would feel???  Yep - this lot would be going in the garbage if someone else found it. I do NOT want that to happen so that's why I'm going to work through the stuff. I'm having fun so no big deal.

A bucket of stuff for making small bags
I've no idea why I would cut many of the same things. These were for the Humbug bag (which I no longer like). Each piece consists of a lining and an outer piece and they are stitched together with NO interlining. Hate that!! So today, while the embroidery machine is chugging away, I'll be ripping this out. I know - most wouldn't, but I find that the entire process of recycling stuff and making it work differently is extremely satisfying and relaxing. There's ZERO stress in ripping out. Call me crazy - it's the pioneer spirit in me. And NO - I don't need your off casts projects - I've got enough of my own!!!

Bag sections to rip out

If only we had the same experience and knowledge when we were younger that we have now. It's the same with life in general - if we only knew - we'd be brilliant!!!

I see the book sale season is going to be upon us soon!!!! I saw a sign for the Mississauga Symphony Book sale. Here's the information for a couple in Mississauga for those of you who live in the area. I need to find out when that big one is in Guelph. AHA - a quick search and VOILA. Here are the dates for the Guelph book sale. This is a HUGE one. ACK -- I might not be able to get there unless it's open late.

On that note, I'd better run. I've got company coming today and the embroidery machine is going to be fired up. I didn't quite get all the cutting done that I was supposed to do! You have to wait to see what we're making.

Have a super day!!!!


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