Wednesday, October 2, 2019

One more day

Every time I leave on a trip, I always feel like I need ONE more day. Well, I got it!!! I thought I was leaving on Tuesday and then realized that we were leaving on Wednesday. Yeah!!!! I love gaining an entire day!

Well, even though I always have more things to do, I was in pretty good shape. My flight is at noon if we don't get flooded out by then! I zipped up the sample suitcase this morning. The portable office (aka the backpack) is packed, the travel pouch (instead of a purse) is also packed. OH - do you see what's missing? Yep - that would be some clothes! I'll pack that later this morning.

I have to zip down to Staples and pick up some labels that I had them laminate. Two other errands and I'll be ready. I have to leave the house at 10 AM. I can't afford to miss this flight as there isn't another direct flight until tomorrow and that would be bad.

I spent quite a bit of time this morning and last night organizing and editing the photos for the next couple of days. It's not so much the editing, it's the finding of the photos. Some come to me from an e-mail, some from texts, some are on my phone and I have to remember where each of them is! But I've got it all under control. I just need to remember to upload them - otherwise, I'm going to be a wee bit ticked off.

OK - done - all the pictures that I edited are uploaded and you'll see them over the next week.

As I mentioned, I was feeling pretty good yesterday. Then I got an e-mail. One of the instructors won't be making the event and would I teach her class? Sure - I'm up for anything and also for earning brownie points. Is there a sample? NO. Seriously??? We can't get her sample there in time for the class??  Well, I got the instructions and I made the sample last night.

Table runner for a class

The class is about sewing machine ruler work. The table runner is made, quilted (stitched in the ditch), and the binding is even on. I still have the ruler work to do, but I can make that happen one night later this week.

This is not my pattern and not my choice of quilting. I know that I prefer HEAVY or at least quilting out into those borders. I'll do more on it when I'm back home. I just hate when there's open space like that. It's taken me years to get comfortable with machine quilting and now I want LOTS on all of my pieces! Actually, I might leave this as a sample for when I teach. I'll remake it with my style of quilting. Oh yes - that'll be much better. I love the colors - I just grabbed something from the stash and that green just made it into the green bucket a couple of weeks ago. It was shoved in a box ready to make something. What? Who knows??

The stitch in the ditch quilting is done

Speaking of tastes, here's another thing that drives me CRAZY. Limp bindings. The quilt should FILL the binding so the binding is solid. How do limp bindings happen?? Because the seam allowance used to sew the binding on is too small. Check out this tutorial that I wrote on how to put a binding on a quilt. You can tell the difference just by looking at a quilt and the corners look very sharp and square when the seam allowance is larger.

Here's a picture of my Stitcher's Garden quilt. This is one of my UFO projects and I'm making good progress. Not fast enough, but that's my fault. Still more progress than if it were sitting in the cupboard not being touched. You'll hear more about it later this week. Hmm - that's a LOT of pink in the upper right. Perhaps Shelly would like this quilt!!! (she hates pink!)

Stitcher's Garden quilt
I think I'll be switching a few of those blocks around to solve the heavy pink corner.

Speaking of advancing UFOs, Heidi suggested that I use my machine to do the feather stitch on the Winter Wonderland. DUH!!!  Why didn't I think of that? Thanks so much, Heidi! Sometimes, we can't see the forest for the trees.

For the last couple of years, I've been trying to get myself organized to order business cards. I even had a friend put the graphics together for me and still, the business cards sat. I decided that I NEED to get those cards done, so I sent off the file and I got the cards yesterday. Just in time for me to take them with me today.

Business cards

There's nothing on the back - I could have put things that I do on the back, but I decided to keep them simple. I had a logo with a bike on it as well and I got a comment that I should have put a bike on the card. Hmm - well, maybe for the next lot!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. As someone who has at least a million business cards over the 30 years I've been a business owner, I love the idea of a blank on the "b" side of my card. It's a great opportunity to write a note to the person you are giving the card to. How you met, what made them want to connect with you, a private phone number, a date to meet. Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks Judi!! And sometimes I'm giving a card to someone in totally different context than my "business". I'm sure it's going to be just fine! This place is incredible!!!