Sunday, June 19, 2022

Fashion Statements

Sorry -- no spellcheck or grammar check this morning so there may be some rough spots! 

Good morning from another hotel! I can't imagine moving around with a lot of luggage. I'm still in Vancouver, but some of us have moved to a hotel closer to the airport since we have early morning flights. As mentioned, I try to travel light if I can, but some have lots of luggage and well -- that doesn't work for me. 

Anyway --- we had a successful show. It was the first major event for many quilters since the pandemic and I know that some people were not ready to be out so they didn't attend, lots of people wore masks and some people just went with the flow! I'm in the latter category. Let's just get on with life but with precautions. OK -- so I throw all cautions to the wind! 

However, the day did not start out well for me. I woke up and wasn't feeling well at all, which is a RARE occurrence for me. I had a bit of vertigo which seems to come and go, but it was worse than usual. I've no idea why it comes and goes, but anyway. And then I seemed to have some stomach issues and well, it wasn't a good morning and I really wanted to crawl back into bed for a bit. 

Alas, that wasn't a possibility as I had TWO Zoom sessions for the reveal of our quilts for Boho Heart, Wanderers Wife, and Long Time Gone. All three quilts were designed by Jen Kingwell. So I trooped through the presentations but I have to admit, I was tired and I looked tired. Not only are we having long days, but often they extended way past my regular bedtime and so I'm a bit tired. 

The presentations went amazingly well and it was so much fun to see everyone's quilt. And shoot -- I missed one person's. If they were super zealous and sent their photo really early, I missed it. But missing ONE quilt wasn't bad considering the amount of quilts we had. In total, I think there were 35 BOHO heart quilts and 18 of Wanderers Wife. I know there are others that are close to finishing and so there will be more to put on our Facebook Group. 

A good part of the Long Time Gone were also finished their quilts and some people had even had them quilted! I'll be sharing more with you when I get home later this week. It was so exciting to see the difference in the quilts - the different fabrics used, the difference in contrast and how they personalized their quilts. It was such fun! 

Once that was over, I had a quick shower to clear my head and then I walked downtown. I know -- I wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but I needed to clear my head and while I was unsteady, I wasn't that unsteady. AHA --- there's a drugstore in the foodcourt across the street from the convention center, so I stopped in there to get Gravol. You know I'm not well, when I take medication! 

And I needed to eat something, but I wasn't sure if that was a good idea. There's a place to get a decent protein shake and that's what I sipped on for the first part of the day. Between the Gravol and the shake, all of a sudden, I felt like a new person! The rest of the day went well and I feel pretty good this morning. Yeah!!!

I had to laugh because someone had texted me and asked if I was OK and I said I was tired. They suggested a nap - which I would have done at home. I said that I wouldn't be able to have a nap until 10 PM. I was off by 30 minutes. It was 10:30 PM by the time I crawled into bed. And now I'm up at my usual time as I have a plane to catch at 8:30. 

One of the reasons I love to walk, is to check out everything. I had to walk past Holt Renfew and they had displays of clothing in the windows. The other day, I saw a PUFFY shirt for men! I know -- I need to find that photo and post it. It was hilarious and if you ever watched Seinfeld, you know what I'm talking about. It wasn't quite the same, but those sleeves were pretty puffy!

The display was changed yesterday and now they have these items in the window. That shirt in the back had a big peekaboo slit right below the bust. Sure -- I'll wear that -- NOT! Anyway -- it was interesting to see the fashions and that dress had a big wide shirred bias all over it -- that would be easy to remake! 

Fashion statements

At the show, I spotted a woman wearing a pair of pants that was very interesting. I stopped her to chat and she had used the patches to mend a hole, cover a spot of paint and then added more for interest. They were great. 

Patched pants

The convention center is a dock for the cruise ships. We've seen a number of them this week, so I popped outside at one point to get a photo. These things are HUGE --- way too big for me to contemplate being on. I have zero desire to ever take a cruise. I know better than to say never because things change, but at this point -- zero desire. 

Cruise ship at the port

The Trendtex challenge was right in front of our booth. I think there were 70 quilts that were submitted. Alas my kit is still at home and not touched! I had an idea -- I had intentions, but it didn't happen. This is a fundraiser for the CQA and I have bought a few over the years. So I picked out a couple and put some bids on them. Then it was interesting to see the booth as the bidding was coming to a close. I had bid on three of them and I was being outbid on two of them. That's OK -- I let them go and I was the winner of one. It's very cute and you'll have to wait a while to see it as it got packed away last night. 


The Trendtex booth as the bidding came to a close

Since I couldn't take an extra suitcase (float plane), I had shipped my stuff out so I got it shipped back home as well. But not exactly to my house -- I'll have to tell you about that another day. But I got rid of more stuff into those boxes, so I'm going a bit lighter for the next part of the trip! Yeah me!! I'm still carrying that quilt for my Mom, but now I have a a bag for it at least. 

I bought a book at the show and that was it. I had zero desire to check out the vendors and zero desire to check out the quilts. GASP!!! How could that be? Total exhaustion - mostly mental and just couldn't do it. I did get some pictures of the winning quilt, but that was it. 

A little before 4 PM (I think EVERYONE was exhausted) we all started to disassemble the booths. Machines had to be boxed, quilting tables had to be disassembled and it was a lot of work. Thankfully, I was feeling good so that made it a whole lot easier. 

I had two quilting tables, three mid-arm machines, and two light stands to take apart and put into the boxes. That took me almost four hours. So by 8 PM, we were boxed up and had numerous pallets of stuff going to different locations. 

Then we were off to the pub across the street to have dinner. I had my usual cool beverage and had a good dinner. Then we drove back to the hotel to get our luggage and switched to a taxi to take us to the hotel near the airport. 

The cool beverage of my choice

Here's a view of the harbor as we left the pub to get back to the hotel. The weather has been great. Not hot and sunny, but cool and cloudy and just a touch of rain! 

The harbor

The next leg of the trip will be much less exhausting -- at least physically and I might just need a big nap this afternoon, but I'm sure I"ll sleep on the plane although it's a relatively short one! And it as only last night, when someone mentioned that it is Father's Day today, that I'm going to spend the afternoon with my Dad! How cool is that?  

Let's just hope that my rental car is waiting for me at the airport, otherwise, the day will just be that much longer! 

So yes -- we had a blast at Quilt Canada, got to reconnect with friends, made new friends, and all around had a great time. But that is hard on your body! Oh my and with being in lockdown for two years, it's a challenge to get back into the swing of things. I have to say that I'm about talked out! I need a break from talking! Imagine me saying that!!!

Well, it's time to get myself organized to catch the shuttle to the airport for the next leg of the journey. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. My husband used to get occasional vertigo. It's been about 10y since he recognized it was connected to days of not drinking enough water. Now IF he feels it coming on, he will down a few large glasses of water and it goes away.

    I'm glad you're doing better and ready for the relaxing part of your 2022 excursion far away from home :-)