Sunday, June 26, 2022

The perfect backing for a quilt

Well, I'm feeling better and on the road to recovery! A downfall that I will blame totally on myself. Dehydration, lack of sleep, not eating correctly, and just the sheer schedule of that trip all did me in. I MUST remember that when booking the next trip. Do NOT overdo it, and NO late flights.

So the presentations went over well yesterday despite the lack of sewing on my part. I have one more today, and oops -- I haven't started that one. I guess the walk and the blog will have to be abbreviated this morning to make that happen. It shouldn't take long. Over the past couple of years, I've developed an excellent system to organize those presentations. 

I'm happy to report that I completed one of my projects from this past year. OK -- that's a lie. The backing and binding are now done for Wanderer's Wife. I consider that done, even though it only got moved to the "to be quilted" pile. I searched through the pile of yardage set aside for backings and didn't find anything I liked. Then I scoured the wall (just one shelf) of fabric bots and found this. 

The perfect backing

If you remember, my Wanderers Wife is pretty yellow and blue. I mean, how perfect is that, and if you look closely at the print, you can see blue strips in it! That was EASY!! There is a date on the selvage of this fabric - 2003! And I have a border print for it as well -- it's pretty intense for a quilt top but perfect for the backing!

My Wanderer's Wife

So the backing got done, and I cut the strips for the binding (several different blues), which also got made. 

The backing and binding for Wanderer's Wife

And during the Virtual Retreat, where it seemed I mostly talked, I did get the binding on this quilt for Project Linus. 

Project Linus quilt

I got the binding partially attached to the next one, and I'll be tackling that later today during the Virtual Retreat. I hope to get a few more backings and bindings done as well. I would really like to get some of this stuff that is ALMOST complete out of the way. Slow and steady!

And all the while, my trusty companion was hanging out beside me. She likes to be in Studio B with me when I'm on Zoom and plunks herself on the floor behind my chair. And from time to time, she INSISTS on being petted. But look at my design wall? It's so dirty! Flannel can be replaced; Murphy cannot! 

Let sleeping dogs lie!

She likes the cool floor, and I'm sure Lexi would also, but she will NOT touch the stairs. The only time she has ever been downstairs was when I carried her because of a thunderstorm, and she was probably more traumatized by being carried than the storm, so we never did that again. 

I taped a couple of the presentations and I love what Zoom tells you -- don't call the files Zoom or my meeting. Yep --- too generic to find later! Everything needs a good name!

That's why I always ask students when they send me their homework to put a keyword into the subject of the e-mail. Then if I missed it when it came in or when I went to prepare the show and tell, I let my e-mail do the work. I search for the keyword. You would be amazed at the number of people who DO NOT follow that rule. Then they question me during the show and tell? I sent you the picture. I go back and find it, but no keyword, so it got missed. Sigh..................

Now that is only one or two people -- most follow that little guideline!

I love when people comment on the blog, and some good ones are related to the decluttering process. I'm a bit short on time this morning, but I have some photos to share with you, but if you get a chance, go back and read those comments from a couple of days ago. What kills me is how frugal that generation was and how they can guilt you into doing stuff. 

Or it doesn't matter that you saved them time, you didn't do it quite right! Sigh.......  That's a big issue at our house -- my parents, I mean, not here. And lies? Yes -- we could get ourselves caught in a web of lies. We've learned to only say certain things, so one must always be on their toes. Am I allowed to say this or that? We've learned and are on high alert the entire time I'm with them. Perhaps that's what wiped me out at the end! 

Well, more pictures for tomorrow and hopefully more sewing done! And yes -- I did make it to the gazebo yesterday until the sun rounded the side of the house, and it became too hot to sit out there. And only two short naps! I'm almost cured!

WAIT -- here's the link for the Virtual Retreat. We start at NOON today and go until whenever. See you then as it'll be too HOT here to sit outside. 

June 26 ---- Virtual Retreat   --- Starts at NOON

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

Have a super day!!!


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  1. LOVE the backing :-) It truly is perfect. And you found it quickly among your organized fabric!