Saturday, June 18, 2022

Learning is so much fun!

 So here it is -- the last day of Quilt Canada! This is my second (least) favorite day of any show -- the takedown! The show closes at 4 PM and then we'll be working for about 5 hours (hopefully no more) to get everything ready to ship to its destination!

Yesterday, instead of working in the booth, I was able to take a class on the software for my longarm. OH MY --- this was definitely well worth skipping a day of booth duty. 

The class was given by The Grace Company, which does software for their own machines, and APQS licenses it. This is quite common in the industry and makes a whole lot more sense than every company doing their own version and support. 

I learned a LOT yesterday and the first thing I have to do when I get home is installing the UPGRADE. There is so much cool stuff in the new version. Thankfully it's easy to do. There were two of us in the room with APQS machines. 

We each had our own machine which was great and we learned so many different techniques for custom quilting. And a few for pantographs. 

There are a few things that I'm not sure I would use going forward, but you can bet that I asked loads of questions so I could maximize the fact that someone with KNOWLEDGE was in the room. It's infrequent that we have access to in-person learning for this. 

We got to play with the fonts and that was very cool. It would require a bit of work in the design stage to not have so many stops and starts as I had in my name, but definitely something to play with when I get home. 

The class was all day and I had some time once the class was over. I thought -- great - I'll have some time to visit the quilts and the vendors and to be honest, I went down one aisle and didn't see a thing. My brain was so exhausted that I just went back to the booth and chatted with people and even that was a lot. 

Margaret and I were on our own for dinner last night and we sat and had a great chat, but it was super late by the time I got to bed! But not before having more dessert. My system must be in overload with the sweets. 

I'm afraid it has to be short and sweet this morning. I have my Zoom presentations in 15 minutes. Today is all about show and tell time for the Jen Kingwell quilts. We worked on THREE quilts in two classes. Totally insane the amount of work that we signed up for! And there are so many completed quilts -- I don't think we have time to really talk about them. The number that got finished is UNBELIEVABLE. I'll be posting them on my blog later. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I missed you... checked your booth a few times yesterday but I figured out that you were in a session, teaching. We took sky train from Mission (a first for me) and it took us within a couple of blocks of the quilt show. Had a lovely lunch overlooking the harbour and really enjoyed our day.