Monday, June 27, 2022

Bike helmets SAVE lives, but wear it properly!

I have my cycling clothes on and getting ready to go to the gym for spin class. It's back to the routine schedule. I've been slacking off for the last two weeks with the walking and spinning. It was rare that I made the daily goal of 11.5 KM of walking while away, but I did aim for 10,000 steps in a day! No big deal. 

I recently heard of someone's husband who had a cycling accident. He hit a bump in the road and went head over handlebars. He ended up bruised, scraped, and likely with a concussion. Thank goodness he was wearing a helmet, as it likely saved his life! So if you are cycling or someone you know is cycling, especially kids, check how to PROPERLY wear a helmet and WEAR IT!

I have to tell you about some of the kids I see on their way to school. Some of them cycle, and their helmets are stuck on the BACK of their head, offering zero protection if they fall forward. It is NOT for the back of your head, but for the circumference of your head! Check it out. 

Then other kids walk to school with their parents, and half the time, the parents are not communicating with the child as they are on their cell phones. At least they are walking and not in the car. 

But the other day, a father and daughter passed me, and she was on one of those bicycle attachments on the back of Dad's bike. I'm not sure what you call them, but she was pedaling. Well, they were having a conversation about something science-related, and she was asking questions, and Dad was giving her the answers. It was the most refreshing thing I've heard in a long time! Way to go, DAD!

It makes me sad when I see kids and parents give up so many opportunities to chat because one or both are on a device! I've seen this pair before, or I see Dad on the way home with the bike, and next time, I'll stop him to say how impressed I am! 

Oh my goodness --- we had so much fun at the Virtual Retreat! There weren't quite as many as usual, but we had a grand time, had some good laughs, and talked about some somber subjects like death and ashes and some pretty tough decisions regarding parents. 

Do you know the one thing that I love about these groups? I am NOT alone. If I were going through this decluttering thing with my parents without talking to others, I'd be devastated, embarrassed, and very discouraged. But after talking to others who are experiencing the same thing, I know that I am not alone, which is HUGE. 

So a HUGE thank you to all of you who have helped me realize that I am normal. My family's habits are NOT unique, and I only wish my brother had the same outlet because he struggles to accept what is happening, and he thinks it's all intentional. My SIL is with him, and they feed off each other, which is not good. 

And I have to say that it was the most productive day I've had in a while. 

I got the third Project Linus quilt bound! Now that there are a few of them, I'll contact the contact and ask for a drop-off date. Yeah!!! I might even try to squeeze a couple more in!

Project Linus quilt

I got the two borders on this quilt. I had the inner border cut but had to go shopping for the outer border as I had nothing in my stash that would work. It's not super big, but it'll have to do for a seasonal quilt. 

The quilt top is done!

I almost didn't think I would have enough for the binding as I had to cut one more strip for the border, but I ended up with just a few scraps left over, and now the backing and the binding are also done, and this one got moved to the "to be quilted" pile. We won't discuss that pile at the moment!

Backing and binding are also done!

I debated what to work on next and pulled out Boho Heart but went with this one instead, which is called Among the Stars Again and is one of the sew-alongs I taught at the Hobby Horse. We have one more class -- the final reveal in July and I was behind in the homework. 

All the blocks were done, and most of the border and the sashings were cut out. So I laid the blocks out as per the pattern. The values in the blocks seem a bit out of place.  

The initial layout of blocks

So I balanced it out a bit and got the top two rows sewn together. Then it was time for me to call it quits for the day. We have Monday sewing today, so I hope to get the top together, minus the border, which requires some piecing. YES -- this setting isn't perfect, but it'll have to do!

A bit more balanced

It's all about slow and steady. My goal is to NOT start anything new in July and work on finishing up some tops, including the binding and the backings. 

So, where else in the world but Canada would you experience this? We had a heat warning yesterday, and the temperature registered at 30 with humidity, bringing it to 38. 

Temperature yesterday

And then the forecasted high for today is 20, which is a drop of almost 20 degrees, and tonight it's supposed to be 11. 

Forecast for the week

Yes -- I know the temperatures are whacky everywhere. This is crazy!!

The other thing that happened yesterday was I unloaded TWO boxes of freezer paper. Yeah!! We just have to arrange a pick up of the two boxes. 

Two boxes of freezer paper are gone from my stash

And I found homes for my FIVE round tuffets kits that I still have. Now how did that happen? So I have to arrange pickups for those as well, but that is exciting as this stack is sitting near the long arm, and I'm happy to see it go. I also have a plastic tub in the storage room filled with the hardware and other bits; now, I can empty that. Yeah!!! I still have ONE square tuffet form left, and I'm keeping that. I should get my act together and make it. Perhaps the six of us can have a Zoom class once everyone gets their kits and work on them together? 

Tuffet kits

Shoot -- I still owe some pictures, and there is no more time this morning, and tomorrow is going to be tight on time as well. I'll catch up on Wednesday!

On that note, I'm off to spin class and have to take DH's car since mine is still in the garage!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. My career was in the Operating Room. I will never ever forget the summer we had 2 head injury patients die in the OR. Both cycling on an intended paved path along the river. Neither wearing a helmet. No big deal right? Both had a simple fall and died of a terrible brain bleed that we couldn't stop in time.

    My husband was into mountain biking for about 10 years. He had multiple falls and broken helmets. He never even had a headache although I did have to treat a severe laceration on his nose ;-)

    Cheers to getting those tuffets out! Huge success.