Saturday, June 25, 2022

Time zone changes are tough!

 OK -- I am JEALOUS of Elle. She keeps going through her stuff and getting rid of everything. I wonder what her house looks like? I bet there's not much there, and that gives me HOPE. I will get there - I just need to get over this last hurdle (the office). Then going back to the beginning and doing it all over again! 

At least the amount of stuff I will have to go through the second time will be about half of what I had to deal with when I started, and my mindset is also entirely different. I'm psyched to get rid of the stuff, and while I still have tough decisions, I know what the right one will be. BE RUTHLESS with the things as it's only junk or most of it! 

As for books, I keep saying the same thing. Read the book and donate it. And I do, but I seem to get bogged down in borrowing books instead of reading what I have. I must stop that! I want my bookshelves to be bare! I have some books that can be donated, but I'm not there yet, as the office is my priority these days. 

Well, it was another silly day yesterday. My 20-minute nap turned into a two-hour sleep. GRRRR!!! But I felt better, so it wasn't a total wash. Of course, I couldn't get to sleep last night, but hopefully, today will be the turning day. I swear I have never had this much issue in the past adjusting back to a time zone. Age isn't in my favor with time-zone changes, and our bodies are out of sync with working travel! Sigh.............

I'm still in denial about growing old, and well -- I'm in denial. That's all I'll say about that!

At least I did accomplish some stuff, sort of. I had one class last night, and I completed the presentation, although I didn't get the block completely sewn. Enough to make suggestions on how to modify it, and that's all that really counts. 

And I got some follow-up e-mails out for my Jen Kingwell groups. I still have a couple more to do and waiting on a picture, but I should have that cleared up later today. I want all that off my plate by Monday morning. 

Then I had to prep for the three presentations today. They are done, but not a lot of sewing got done! That's OK -- I am behind for sure, and I might get some of the backlog done during the Virtual Retreat this weekend. 

It's a challenge to be sure to keep ahead, and so far this year, I've done a great job, but there are little things that need to be finished - make the binding and the backing, for instance, for several quilts. Perhaps I can get one or two of those done during the Virtual Retreat. So much to do -- so little time! 

I aim to get caught up on all those little jobs during July as there is hardly anything booked for that month, and NO ONE is allowed to book my time. I'll still do long arming as I have some to finish up, but no teaching! OK -- that's a total lie as I have an event in July - but it's one day!

Speaking of teaching, I think I have completed the list of classes for next year. I know -- how crazy is that? There will be some sew-alongs - four, possibly five, there will be several clubs for two different software, some creative outlet clubs, and some UFO clubs, including the one for those that have taken Dear Jane, or 365 blocks, or anything HUGE with lots of small blocks. It's all about finishing!

And there will be a remedial class for Jen Kingwell. This will apply to FOUR different Jen Kingwell quilts -- Long Time Gone, BOHO Heart, Wanderers Wife (formally Gypsy Wife), and Sweet Tea and Green Beans. You do NOT have to have been in my class to participate, and if you have one of those partially completed, then you qualify for this year-long finishing project. But I want SERIOUS attendees only. 

If you plan to attend just for fun, what's the point? This is NOT a class for auditing -- it's a class for doing as it will be catered to the attendees. I'll expect homework from everyone EVERY month. There'll be much more details coming - most likely in July. Wow -- that's next month!

On the house front - (Pun intended), the work progresses. It's hard to see in this picture, but the old post is completely gone! The new one has since been installed, and we can now (with great caution) use our front step again. Yeah!!!

The work progresses

This will make the girls happy because they do NOT like getting their harnesses on to go for a walk and then being pulled from the front door to go through the garage! The driveway is filled with stones, and there's only room to park one car. So mine stays in the garage for the moment. 

If I have time later today, I'll get more pictures so you can see what has been happening. Hopefully, I won't need a two-hour nap today. But if I need a nap -- I'll have one, as I'm for sure NOT against naps of any kind. 

Well, I don't know what else to say! WHAT? How did this happen? I should be sharing some of the homework from last weekend, but I'll do that later. It took significant time to collect all the photos in one spot for the Jen Kingwell homework presentations, as they were spread over two computers and many different file formats. We had 37 quilts for Boho Heart and 23 for Wanderers' Wife. And there were 21 quilts for Long Time Gone. What a FABULOUS turnout!!!

Don't forget that we have the Virtual Retreat TONIGHT and TOMORROW. Yes -- I get it that the weather is excellent, and I'm not sure I'll be indoors the entire time, but stop by for a few minutes to say hi at least. Or, if you get bored sitting on your patio doing nothing, come in and sew for a bit. 

Saturday, June 25  -- starts at 6 PM   EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, June 26 --- starts at NOON   EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Well, consider what your home will look like when you've gone through it for the 2nd time plus some looky-lou in corners, closets and cupboards every few months for the following 10y ;-)

    My walls are filled with art made by fam/friends or purchased directly from artists. Full inherited antique dining set in that room (and no niece/nephew will want it right?), family room has lots of furniture and those 2 emptying bookcases, big bedroom set we purchased new after 17 married, big desk, upright grand piano, my LA, my studio that has a murphy bed for the occasional guest. I'll email you a pic of the studio. Yup, all that packed into a 1652 square foot home! But there is empty space in cupboards and closets everywhere!

  2. I got rid of a lot of stuff in 2019, I felt overwhelmed with things I received as gifts in the last 30 years. I appreciated everything, but my house was starting to look like a market. I kept the few things I totally loved and started to breathe. When friends and family come over, and for my birthday and Christmas, the rule is 'no gifts, please'. Time spent with friends and family IS the gift.