Thursday, June 30, 2022

Like a dog with a bone!

Thanks again for all your comments -- I'll get to answering them/commenting back, hopefully later today! While I write the blog for my sanity, I also enjoy sharing it, and if it inspires, motivates, or amuses others, that's a bonus. 

This story I'm about to tell you is disturbing, and I know that some of you will say, "I told you so!" Don't yell at me, and don't tell me NOT to shop there. Yes -- this is a story about Bulk Barn. The last time, I caught some teen girls helping themselves to candies or chocolate, but this time? Well, it's even worse. 

So I'm browsing around, looking for hemp hearts which I couldn't find, so I had made the rounds a couple of times. Of course, store staff is rare or so new that they don't know everything. No problem and I did find someone to help me, and NO, they are currently out of hemp hearts. 

As I was scouting around, I spotted a woman wearing a bright blue pair of pants and a bright blue purse. It was hard not to notice her because of the intensity of that color. The pants almost looked like athletic wear? But a NICE quality of athletic wear. She was nicely groomed and on her own; without the bright pants and purse, you wouldn't even notice her. 

So she walks into Bulk Barn with TWO kids -- a girl about 3 and a boy who was about 5. The girl IMMEDIATELY starts shouting CANDY! I saw them go down an aisle, and then I didn't notice them. A few minutes later, I spotted the woman (again -- very hard to miss) standing outside the store with NO kids. I glanced down the aisle (I'm at the cash now), and the girl was trying to put the scoop into the container to get something. 

That wasn't working, as she was about as tall as the container. Then she slips her hand into the container. I glance at the Mom, who doesn't move. At least she wasn't on her cell phone. My unfiltered mouth couldn't stop! I asked her, "did you see your daughter has her hand in the container?" She looks at me -- like a deer in headlights. Seriously??? Then I said, "that's pretty unsanitary!" She says, "oh, you're right," and enters the store to get the kids. 

I was fuming, and I don't think the cashier heard what I said because they are usually pretty good about going after people, especially kids. Then I followed them out of the mall -- that was NOT intentional. I overheard the little boy say, "you took that, and you didn't pay for that - why did you do that?"  The Mom just kept walking. 

It so happened that their direction in the parking lot was the same as mine. I had to walk through the parking lot to get to the sidewalk -- NO -- I did not drive my car there! As Mom loaded them into her BIG SUV, she or the boy -- it was hard to tell, said, "you took that, and you didn't pay for it!"  I wanted to go over and shout at the Mom both times. What is her problem, and what lessons is she teaching those kids? 

This is where you want to know where she lives and put a big sign on her lawn saying, "I let my kids steal from Bulk Barn, and I'm OK with that."   Seriously -- the world is in bad shape when she has ZERO clue that putting your hands in those containers is wrong, stealing is bad, and not disciplining your kids is terrible. And intentionally taking them into the store with zero intention of buying -- that's a serious offense in my book. 

I thought of other things I could have said - like, "I hope you kid gets sick from germs in that container," or when we were in the mall -- "go and pay for what she stole." But I didn't. Do I regret saying what I did? No, but I wish I had said it louder so more people would have heard! But she's so UNSELFAWARE that she probably wouldn't have been embarrassed. But the employee could have done something. 

Now I know you're going to ask why I was buying there when I see what happens. I'm buying the most boring stuff in the world- the kids don't even go down the aisles where the ground chia seeds and ground flax are located. I feel safe!

Good things happened at my house yesterday! First, I got a customer quilt done. And not just any customer quilt, but a Boho Heart! 

Customer quilt - DONE

I used a heart and loop pattern on it, which looks stunning. 

The back of the quilt

It was so much fun to quilt this one because she made it for her granddaughter and the fabrics she used were kid prints. Many pieces were fussy cut, and it was fun to look at all the cute images. 

I'll be posting more details on all the quilts next week so stay tuned for that. I also love the BUSY prints she used for the black-on-white background. It's really well done, and I will say that it quilted up beautifully!

I'll get it trimmed today, and she can pick it up. More quilts got picked up yesterday, so it was good to get them out of the house. 

Speaking of Boho Herat, let me tell you what happened in my class the other day. 

So you all know that I have an APQS (American Professional Quilting System) long arm with the software (QuiltPath licensed from The Grace Company). It's incredible how all these companies are competitors, yet they are not. 

The event I attended was hosted by The Sewing Cafe in Georgetown and put on by Handi-Quilter. There's the Handi-Quilter bus outside the store. 

The Handi-Quilter van

I believe the event was three days, but I only wanted the part on the software called Pro-Stitcher. After having the class on my own brand a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see what this software was all about. You know what they say -- you need to know EVERYTHING about your tools, and it doesn't hurt to check out the other brands. And when have you not learned something from a class? I learned a lot, so attending was worth the time and money. 

Not only that, but I got to wish Anna a Happy Retirement. Anna and I used to ride bikes together. I made a new contact which may be a good thing. Let's see - Oh yes -- I met the granddaughter of one of the members of the Monday sewing group. She works at the store; I also chatted with one of my students from Boho Heart, who also works in the store. I ran into Susan (from some of my other classes) as she has a shop beside The Sewing Cafe. And I met several other people I haven't seen in a while -- Donna and Susan, who have also been in several of my classes. And touched base with Gail, the teacher whom I had just seen in Vancouver. 

Yep -- the quilting world is SMALL. 

OK --- so this is what I found in the store. I have been trying to decide what to use for the backing of my Boho Heart, and nothing was making me happy. I spotted this wide backing, and POOF -- there's my backing. 

The backing for my Boho Heart

My Boho Heart quilt

I bought one other thing -- I'll share it later, but this backing makes me happy. And it's sateen, so I purchased all that was on the bolt. It'll make a good lining for a jacket! My two purchases when into this lovely tote bag. I can't carry that bag -- it's not my brand!

So while it was a good day, and technically this next story is good -- I may have put my foot in my mouth. We had a family reunion 10 years ago, and my cousin put together a history book. While the book contains loads of information, I wanted to do something a bit more professional, especially for our family, and I wanted to do it digitally. You know me -- so competitive -- it has to be done and done my way. 

I had gathered some information from my Mom, and there it has sat, in the office (but all in one drawer), and nothing had happened. Everyone is 10 years older, and if I don't get myself to do this book - it'll be too late. I asked my parents for stories about the various family members -- their parents and grandparents. The next thing I knew, my Mom had pulled out photos, dates, and all kinds of stuff. I think I already have some, but I didn't have the heart to tell her. Did she forget? 

If my Mom had a day job, she would have been incredible as a librarian or a historian. Anyway to my SURPRISE, she called me yesterday. I think that is the FIRST or SECOND time that she has called me in the decades that I haven't lived at home. My first thought was someone had died! Anyway, we had a discussion about the family history books. And she will now be like a dog with a bone and won't let this go. After all, I did PROMISE her to get it done. Oh boy!

But that may be what I need to finally get this done -- I keep saying I'll do it, and nothing happens. So I "stole" a book that I found at their old house, and this morning I dug out these books from my personal library. 

Books on creating family history books

So, in addition to my therapy weeding, I'm reading about creating heritage books. I'm going to do it digitally and have to make some sort of outline or whatever before I get started. I have to check the digital book publishers to see what they offer. I've done several books before, and I imagine they all have similar offerings. 

Has anyone put one of these together? Any tips? I've decided to make several books. One will contain all the information about my Mom's family from the earliest we know to her parents with the five siblings. I am NOT going into further details about the sibling's families. If they want to do that -- that's their choice. But the grandparent book will cover all our history, so others could purchase that book. Then I'll do one for my Dad's side of the family. Then I'll take our family and work on photos and stories. If my brothers want to do something on their own -- they can, but it's really for me and to have something to pass along to M. 

It'll be a pleasant diversion from quilting; I have some time right now to start the project, and sending regular updates to my Mom will keep me on my toes. I don't want to start getting nasty phone calls from her which she will do, now that she has called once! 

On that note, I'm out of here! More quilts to quilt, our Mixed Media group with great show and tell, and more reading on the history books! And NO -- I am not borrowing books from the library on this subject as the ones I have are enough. Once I'm done with them, I'm donating them, or if anyone wants them, they are yours! 

Have a super day!!!


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