Thursday, June 16, 2022

Planes, trains, and automobiles

Have you ever been so exhausted that everything hurt? That was last evening. And then you finally get to check into your hotel room at 10:30 PM, and typically the first thing I do is turn off the AC; well, I didn't even do that. I crawled into bed and fell asleep. But not before I put my Mom's quilt on the bed to keep me warm. 

I have tried to turn off that stupid thing this morning, as it's like an ice box in here! And noisy to boot. I MUST figure it out - at least, I've got it on low but cannot turn it off. I HATE AC. 

And I couldn't get myself out of bed when the alarm went off, and I don't have a ton of time before I have to get out the door, so I'll do what I can. While working, it doesn't help that the Wi-Fi isn't fast, or should I say -- my pictures are somewhere in limbo-land. 

Oh -- just found them -- they had been downloaded earlier, and I didn't see them. 

I know my aunt will kill me for posting this picture of her, but it was tradition when we visited their house to get our photos taken on the front step. I have many pictures over the years, so as we exited the house, I got this selfie. First off -- I hate taking selfies, but we had no choice as it was just the two of us! 

And we have to remember that my aunt is -- well, I don't want to reveal anyone's ages, but let's just say that she's a few years older than I am, and I have to say that she is doing amazingly well. Thank you, Aunt Yvonne, for all your hospitality!!! Can't wait to come back!!!

Aunt Yvonne and me

I'm so grateful that we got to spend some time together, and I MUST make a point of getting out here more often. 

As she drove me to the harbor for the trip to Vancouver, we spotted two deer on the side of the road. Shoot -- I thought I took a better picture, but obviously, I did not!! You can just see his butt in there! 

A deer

Then we were at the harbor so I could catch a ride to Vancouver. Was this my ride? Of course not! But we got to see the other side of it. According to our research, it's called the Summertime, which we thought was the name of the yacht, but it turns out that is the model, and it's not a yacht, but a SUPERyacht that you could buy for $74K US. It sleeps 12, so we could have a retreat on it. Any takers????

A super yacht

Oh, as we waited, we spotted this guy -- was he the newspaper delivery person? I'm not sure, but he was buzzing around the harbor, and what was in his boat? His two dogs were happy to lie there and enjoy the ride. Can you see Murphy and Lexi doing that? Lexi would be cowering, and Murphy would be trying to jump in! 

A man, his boat, and his dogs

AH   -- now my ride is arriving. Yep -- I was taking the seaplane back to Vancouver. How cool is that? It was my first time in a seaplane, so big luggage or lots of it is frowned upon! There just wasn't room, and there was room for five passengers. 

The seaplane arriving

Passengers disembarking

Why do I think? Well, because I got to sit up front with the pilot! Yes -- that was very cool. And it's not that expensive when you think about it. 

Me in the cockpit of the seaplane

I could take the seaplane and be in Vancouver in 20 minutes, or I could take the ferry and be in Vancouver in three hours. That was a no-brainer since I needed to get to work. 

We flew over the ferry

I arrived at the Vancouver terminal, only to see the airport shuttle arrive and leave before I could get to it. So I had a thirty-minute wait for the next one/ I had a cup of tea and didn't stress. My boxes arrived at the hotel, and my colleagues got them from the desk and took them to the convention center. 

So I caught the shuttle and got on the SkyTrain to downtown Vancouver. We drove Pam's car back to the hotel after the long day. So it was a plane, train, and automobiles (and bus) kind of day! I like to travel light because there are many options, and I'm still carrying that quilt for my Mom as it won't fit in my suitcase!

On the Skytrain

I was supposed to meet up with M and her new boyfriend for dinner, but the setup day went much longer than anyone had planned, so they were able to stop by, and we got to chat for about 15 minutes. I know -- it wasn't ideal, but I could NOT abandon my group when there was still so much to do. Bear was thrilled to see me and settled into my arms in no time, but not until he gave me a thorough lick with his little tongue. What a cutie!!!

Dillon, M, and Bear

I'm getting spoiled as before we left the convention center, we went to eat as we were all exhausted and unsure the hotel restaurant would be open. So we were off to some pub on the harbor, and I had this, which was delicious. 


And then I had this -- yep -- another decadent dessert. How crazy is that? Well, this will be the last one. 

Key lime pie

What can I say about setup day -- it was long. There were five of us, and we had many sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, and a quilting frame to get set up. And you know how it is -- everything takes longer than you plan, especially when some of the stuff is new or relatively new. 

Other than a bruised thumb, which hurt like crazy at the time, and almost falling off the ladder once, but we won't go there, it was the usual chaotic setup day. The best news is that it is done! And I can't wait to take it all down in a couple of days! NOT!!!

Samples got hung, and we have loads to share with those that stop by our booth. We were going to go to the awards ceremony last night, but there was no time for that either. 

I've not been getting in my quota of steps each of the last three days, so today, I'm going to walk to the convention center. It's about 2 KM away for a 20-minute walk, and I can handle that, and I've got an umbrella in the event it rains. 

Well, I'm off to get ready for the day. We'll get there early, and I'll get the quilting machine threaded and see how it goes. 

And if you are at Quilt Canada, be sure to stop by and say HI. I had a few people stop by yesterday to say HI. You know that hairband of mine? The one with the orange flowers? People recognize me by that! I really need to get a new one with updated flowers. Margaret has made me some new flowers, so I need to make that happen when I get home!

On the homefront, this is what happened yesterday. I have to say that DH has been doing a great job at keeping me up to date. The girls were unhappy because they didn't get outside once yesterday- well, not with the freedom they usually enjoy- and I think DH took them for a short walk. They were probably beside themselves with joy!!!

It was a concrete pouring day at the house. 

The cement truck

And now the sidewalk beside the house is poured. 

The walkway

And here's the front step. There's more work to be done for sure, but this will make it much easier to get up and down than that giant step. 

Progress on the front step

Have a super day!!!!


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