Thursday, January 8, 2015

All BOXED up!

It's 8:30 PM, it is freezing cold and guess where I was last night?  On my way to the liquor store!!!!   Oh yes!!!   I must have been desperate!

Well I was, but it wasn't for a drink!   I was looking for boxes!!!   It was only when I was half way there that I looked at the temperature on the car - it was minus 16!!!!   Hmmm - I was in such a busy state - I never even noticed the cold!

Now what was I boxing up? You know how EVERYONE ELSE is to blame for my actions! Well let's just say that this time - Mary V gets the honours!!

She had sent me a link to some organizing web site.  I don't have the link handy but the first project of the year - the KITCHEN. Oh yes - and why do things small - they were going to do a week with something, another week with something else. NOPE - not for me - let's do the entire thing at ONCE!!!!

There is a bit of logic in my method. I had asked my cleaning lady weeks ago if she could spare some extra hours. YES she could and TODAY is the day. That meant that everything had to be emptied out of the cupboards. YES - EVERYTHING.

Oh nice clean counters

And empty cupboards!!!!

And let's just say there are a LOT of cupboards and drawers!!!!

The whole family pitched in and it didn't take that long. And what did we do with everything????

Stuff on the table
More tables

The rest is in boxes, tables and on the floor in the family room and dining room!!!!!
 It looks like a disaster!!!!!!!!!!    I used up all the boxes and bags that I had, but I was fired up to start culling so that is why I needed the extra boxes from the liquor store. So I culled all the cups and glasses and the few knick knacky things that were in the kitchen.

My goal is that EVERYTHING gets evaluated before it goes back. There are appliances that we don't use - coffee maker and kettle are already in the donate pile. Oh yes - there is no messing around with this.

Not only are we culling, but we are reevaluating the placement of things. What is the most efficient way to reorganize the cupboards. A huge job! and just what I need at this point, but there is never going to be a good point so bite the bullet and get it done!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that the cupboards will be all sparkly clean - it will be snap to take cupboard by cupboard and drawer by drawer and evaluate the stuff and I am in the mood to PURGE. I doubt there will be much that goes back!!!!!  Watch out Goodwill!!!!!!!!!!!!

And look what we found - Sparky's old food ball!!!!

Sparky's food ball

We put a little bit of food in it last night and it took her a moment to remember what happens. Then she was off. I gave it to her this morning. She was THRILLED!!!!!

And now it is a sewing day!  I know - do I feel guilty leaving the cleaning lady to clean out my cupboards while I go and have fun? Nope!!!!   When I was about 13 and dusting my mom's MANY knick knack things, I vowed that when I grew up - I would have a cleaning lady. I have to say that I have been fortunate enough to have had a cleaning lady almost my entire adult life.  I make it a priority and would forego dinners out to pay for her!!!!!!!   It is all a case of prioritizing!!!!!  That one I have no difficulty with!!!

Don't forget to check out QUILTSocial this morning.  Today is the day you get to see what came out of the closet!!!!!!!

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (stay warm!!)


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  1. Good for you Elaine! I am kind of off the hook this week....we painted and reorganized the kitchen last year so have not accumulated much over the year. I do need to find homes for some items on the counters though.