Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quilting up a storm!

We had our show n tell/feedback session for the "Learn to Free Motion" at Ruti's.  Wow wow wow!!!!

I am so impressed by the work that the group did.  We even had a LONG TIME hand quilter say she was having fun!!!!   We almost fell off our chairs for that one. She did hand quilt her sample, but she had practice pieces where she had given the machine a whirl!!!!  Ladies - you did a fabulous job!!!!!

I am not putting names on them - I didn't write them down. Some were completely finished, some were partially quilted, some basted, some just the top sewn.  There are NO hard and fast rules in this class. The more you participate - the more you get out of the class. It is totally up to them. And if they only want to bring in their practice pieces I am OK with that, but I have found that if you don't have "something" to quilt - you don't put as much effort into it!   That is why they are making these small table runners!!!

Have a look........................

Nice quilting on this one - she used grey thread, but we felt that a warmer colour would have been better. 

She had fun with the center of this one. Marked some registration lines and went to town. She has a bit more experience than some of the others so she upped her game to  things she had never done before. 

Bright!!!!!   But have a look at the pebble quilting - awesome job!

Gorgeous blue/silver/white

Quilted in the background - good thread colour. If there were any mistakes - we can't see them!!!!

Yikes - can't see the quilting at all on this one. I think they did an overall swirl in the lighter parts and there is an image in the center. Well chosen thread!!!

This was someone's SECOND piece. They had not had a chance to start quilting it yet

Nice density overall - love the ribbon candy and the waves behind the last row of triangles

Here is an example of going too slow. Oh yes - you can tell a LOT by looking at the stitching.  Funny but when this person had NO lines to follow or points to meet, the quilting lines were smooth!!!!   I think she knows where she has to practice. 

Love the continuous curve lines in the triangles. The density is just a bit too much in the inner part compared to the outer. Again - this is NOT wrong - but the different densities will react differently when washed. 

This is a small version of the first runner we did.  You should see the quilting.  You can definitely tell which was the first line of stitching and which was the last. The difference is night and day!  Proof that practice makes perfect!

Another one where the thread colours are well chosen. The quilting design especially in the middle is awesome - hard to see, but well done. 

Nice figure eights in this one - so hard to tell - the thread colour was nicely matched to the background.  We see the texture but not the stitches. 

One more of the first table runners - this one is completely quilt and the binding is on!!!!

Love the colours on this one. I can see some nice swirls for the quilting to compliment the fabric

I like the quilting in this one, but the thread colour was just a tad too dark. We want that thread to blend into the background. BUT - it is done and that is what counts. 

Nice combo of straight lines in the center and outer border and the inside is swirls lines. 

I like the two straight lines in the outer border. They are very even and nicely done. 

This is the cheater one - it was hand quilted, but in all fairness, she did bring in lots of practice stuff

Another one of the first table runners

More show n tell. This from Kathy.  I love how she has just dove in and is quilting stuff and giving it away as gifts. and she is a beginner!!!!

This little runner was also made by one of our new quilters. She bought the fabric in Alaska and it is just gorgeous. YES - she hand quilted it, but only because the recipient would appreciate the hand quilting. 

I think we might run this class again - maybe make it shorter, but the feedback and seeing each others work is very inspirational to all!!!!

On that note - I am out of here - got stuff to do today. As usual.

Have a great day!!!!


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