Friday, January 9, 2015

From one EXTREME to another................

Yesterday I showed you what happened to our kitchen. Did you see the comment by Mary V (the one that got us started with this decluttering  for 2015 by Home Storage Solutions? If you missed Mary's comment - here it is..............

Good for you Elaine! I am kind of off the hook this week....we painted and reorganized the kitchen last year so have not accumulated much over the year. I do need to find homes for some items on the counters though.

Hmmm - I wonder if we walked into Mary's kitchen - how clean and orderly are the inside of those cupboards?  And does she use everything in them????   Well we will let Mary live with her conscience.

And then I get this on Facebook...............

We decided to clean our cupboards to but kind of got carried away !!!! Even the cupboards are gone !!!

Oh boy - that's a bit extreme!!!

Barb's kitchen!!!!!

Barb - you win!!!!!!!!!!!   I don't think I could NOR would I want to go through a kitchen reno. OK - that's not true. I would love a kitchen reno - just can't cough up that much money!

It was a bit of a busy day yesterday but when I got home - there were my sparkling clean kitchen cupboards. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!   I did manage to get some stuff back in - but not much - not yet.

One of the things we NEEDED to do was to put things in LOGICAL places. We had one cupboard for plates and cups while the bowls were on the complete opposite side of the kitchen. Why? Because we always did it that way!!  DUH!!!!    So here are the plates, bowls and mugs (I did some extreme culling and there are a few plates in the dishwasher so we do have more plates than that!!!). Yes - there are still  LOADS of mugs - and we culled them as we used to have TWO shelves for mugs. These are the SPECIAL ones!! A few large plates on the top shelf which technically could go - hmmmm - might think about those today, a few water bottle and travel mugs. That is it!!!!!

These are the dishes - you gotta love that eclectic look - there isn't much that matches and I love that!!!!

The glasses cupboard. Again we did cull a lot out of here and what is left is very eclectic. And that is fine by me!!!!!!!

M helped pack the food away and I had to do a bit of digging to find something to eat for breakfast, but I eventually found some oatmeal and dried cranberries.  Perfect for a cold winter day. Hope to get a bit more put away today and I have a stack of plates that I am contemplating keeping. Hmmm - I think I'll keep the small decorative plates and get rid of the rest of the big ones. YES - that is what I am going to do.

Well I was in that tidy up mood and I am trying to find some paper work. I was on the phone with Roger's the other day and needed some paperwork which I could NOT find  - it appears that  I am NOT good at filing.  Let's just say that I spend a whirlwind half hour this morning and boy did I find stuff. I've been tossing and pitching and LOVING it!!!!!!!   And YES - I found the missing paperwork for Rogers!!!!!

Pile of paperwork to sort through

More or less organized!!!   

My calm little TO DO list all of a sudden got big, but now that all that TO DO paperwork is in one spot - it should be easy to make light work of getting it all done!!!!

I found this little note from M - this is what she wants to eat. She made it years ago - we also found a note on how I should make her sandwich for school.  I will post that another day. We had a good laugh - it was VERY specific.

M's little note about her daily food!!!

Yesterday was the Thursday Therapy sewing day.  Wow - what a day and always so much fun with the ladies. They are always so full of great ideas, projects, smiles, laughs and well I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!  Thanks Thursday Therapy ladies for making the sewing days so inspirational and fun!!!!

It was also a gifty day and maybe they are trying to tell me something....................

Paula gave me this book, but not because she thought I would like. Well she did, but she was hoping that I would make one of the quilts and then teach her how to make it!!!!   Oh Paula - you are a devil!!!!

Cathy heard me lamenting about inserting elastic into wastebands and look what she brought for me. An Easy Threader from Lee Valley.  I will have no problem now - I guess I am going to have to make another pair of PJ pants just to try out the Easy Threader
And this stitch ripper (also from Lee Valley) is apparently the cadillac of stitch rippers. Two of them in a handy dandy little case that snaps shut with the sound of satisfaction!   This is Cathy's but someone else (Tish?) had one as well. It looks lethal!

Elaine got the borders on her Snow Days (Crab Apple Hill) quilt that we did at Hobby Horse a couple of years ago.  It looks awesome in those colours and the border sets it off very nicely. 

This is how helpful everyone is at Thursday. I wanted to get a picture of Karen's cute little bag that she made.

Attempt number one - ooops - someone stuck their arm in the way

Attempt number two - ooops - someone from the other side stuck their arm in the way

Attempt number three - AH - just right.
 Now don't fret that Karen is NOT looking directly at the camera. Apparently that is the BEST possible picture you can take. If you notice pictures of Kate Middleton - she NEVER looks at the camera and you never see a bad picture of her!!!    Next time you are at the grocery store - look at the magazine covers - apparently she is NEVER looking at the camera.

BTW - Karen - I do think the picture (the third one is a beautiful picture of you!!! - with your snazzy bag!)
The pattern is by Cindy Taylor Oates - Easy to Make Totes with Zippers.

Karen and her FIRST hexie flower

Tish was catching up on her homework for the machine quilting class at Ruti's.

There was much other work going on, but I was trying to focus on my own stuff so I didn`t get any other pictures.

I was working on the Professional Bag for the class sample. There are a lot of pieces and a lot of detail. But I know it will all be worth it when it is done!  And I had forgotten to take some interfacing with me - so I couldn`t get as much done as I would have liked.

But it was still a very productive day.

Don't forget to check out today's post on QUILTSocial.      You will see how I personalized my latest Chubby Charmer bag.  Loads of fun to be had with that!!!!

On that note - got to get ready for spin class - I decided to try the 9:30 class today. That way the girls and I had a lovely walk in the snow covered forest with the snow falling. It was beautiful!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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