Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure if I was excited to get back to the gym or if I was excited about the new project that I get to work on or was it the fact that today is my favourite day of the week - Monday?

I don't know, but there I am at 1:30 AM - wide awake!!!!   I HATE when that happens.  Well after my twenty minute wait period - hoping I will go back to sleep - I got up. Did a couple hours of work before going back to bed. Needless to say - I did NOT make the gym this morning. But I did get the quilt designed and did a bit more tidying!

Yesterday was a bit slower pace, but I still got stuff done.

Let's start with the ugly fabric that had to be replaced.  Hey - I was OK with the fabric UNTIL I found the missing one.

This is before

Ripped out and ready to redo

Ooops - the quilt block is GONE!

New freezer paper template a 1/4" larger than what I had used before

The new background - looks a bit darker than the original - but way better than the other one

And back in the quilt - it is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so that is the fourth project in four days!!!!!   I hadn't really planned on completing one project a day - but why not. Imagine if I could keep that up all year. That would be 365 projects finished!!!!!   Wow - what a concept that would be.  My studio may actually look tidy after that!!!!!

I have to say that so far - my new shelf arrangement is working well. I am able to put the current projects that need to be done on the shelf when I am finished with them for the moment. And I am slowly finding homes for the other stuff.  I'll give you a peek later this week. But having everything in its place makes working so much better. I needed thread - I got the thread, I needed to change the needle, open the box - there are the needles, I needed applique tools and there they were.  It was so NOT frustrating and kept me working as I was happy and working, not frustrated trying to find stuff.

Someone posted this on Facebook the other day and I love it.  I like to think this is me.

Cool saying!!!!

Kind of on that note - I decided yesterday that I needed to write a book of awesome!  Well since someone has already written that book - I am going to call it my Tin of Thanks!   Simple things that happen that are good and things that I am grateful for. Like the other day when I found that missing fabric at Ruti's. That was awesome!!!!   I wrote the facts on a slip of paper, dated it and put it in the tin. Whenever I am having a crappy day and it will happen - then I can go back and read my "good things".

Tin of Thanks!!!!

Zipped down to Fabricland and got my thread. Wow - that place was packed. Apparently it is like that every Sunday. I wonder what everyone is sewing?  And where are they learning to sew?  Maybe Mississauga needs a "sewing room"? Kind of like The Sewing Cafe in Georgetown and The WorkRoom in Toronto. Anyway - it was nice to see so many people in the store and I think many have no idea what they are doing - it is always interesting to listen to some of the conversations.

However - back home and finished quilting the second side of the Chubby Charmer bag.  Yeah!!!!!  I didn't take a picture, but here is the first side - just so you can see it.

Quilted side of Chubby Charmer

Also got the two pockets done - including piping along the top edge of the pocket. YES - they are different sizes. I was just using up the size of fusible fleece that I had. 

So yes - that project is one - well two steps closer to getting finished.

Speaking of finishing things - here is what I have noticed about TO DO lists.  When you create a TO DO list - you must be very careful. I came across a couple of old TO DO lists yesterday.  Oh boy - yes - some of the things got done and some are still waiting. Be careful how you add things to the list.  Do not put "make the Storm at Sea quilt".  That item will be on your list for years. It will be depressing to see it every day. But if you wrote - "dig out fabric for Storm at Sea quilt". That is easy to do in one day and then you can cross that item off. As you cross off an item in a big project - add the next step to the TO DO list. Something that is actually doable in a day or a couple of days. Break down the big tasks - it is way easier and psychologically - way nicer to deal with.  I LOVE to cross things off the list.

While at Fabricland - I had to decide about the zippers for The Professional Tote.

The \Professional Tote

Remember my ugly zipper situation.

Doesn't get much uglier than that!!!!!!!
Well I couldn't decide so I bought THREE sets of zippers at Fabricland.

Three sets of zipeprs!!!!!!!!!!!!   I sort of liked the one on the right - but M says she likes the orange best. 
Well one episode of Modern Family was enough to rip out the zipper and now today - I get to start sewing the bag for real!!!!

In addition to sewing a bag - it looks like I had better sew up a new wallet.

The magnetic clasp bit the dust yesterday.

I will see if I can put it back in place. Otherwise - I do have a wallet kit that I purchased recently. I must see what I did with the darn thing.

I worked on another project but didn't quite get it finished yesterday, but it has to be DONE today. I will show you tomorrow - it is way NICER than I ever thought it would be.  It is a quilt that I will be teaching and if you are into machine applique or want to learn about machine applique (while you learn about your sewing machine) then this will be the class for you!!!!!!!!!!!!   Wow - just wait for the pictures - it is so fun!!!!

While I was searching the stash for some fabric for that project - I found this bundle of fabric which is perfect for this new project.

Bright - fun and funky!!!!!

Speaking of having fun - I have been having a blast with this new sewing machine. It is the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale!!!!   I am in love!!!!    While I have become pretty knowledgeable about the workings of a sewing machine - this one has pushed me even further. I have done a LOT on this machine. Just wait until you see everything that I did with it and I am not done yet!!!!!   If you are not in the market for a sewing machine - no worries - check out the link anyway - as you might be surprised. I know I was - there were a couple of features that I thought were new to this sewing machine and I got real excited. When I checked my machine which is 15 years old - NOPE - those features are on my machine - I just had no idea that they were there.  Now it isn't enough to know they are there - you have to use them meaning you have to find a use for them.  I am trying to demonstrate that in my postings this week. The first one just talks about the physical features of the sewing machine - but have a look anyway - it is an awesome machine. I want one!!!!

Anyway - I must go and get ready for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome day and STAY WARM!!!!!


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