Sunday, January 11, 2015

Out with the old - in with the new..........................

As you have probably noticed - well maybe not- but there was no post this morning. Was I sleeping? Nope!  We had NO INTERNET.

Now why would we have no internet?  Because I have a forgetful kid.  Yup!

You see we decided that we would upgrade our internet  - at first, I was just going to buy a high speed router - well higher than what we had. Then I decided - I would upgrade the modem as well.  After a LONG time on the phone with Rogers - I get signed up for the higher speed internet service which requires a new modem.  No big deal. I learn (after discussing this with some others - NOT Rogers) that the new modems come with a router built in!  

I guess I do NOT need the router that I bought - so I returned it.  I am sure you know the drill - those errands take up loads of time!!!

I have been trying ALL WEEK to get the advanced modem.  Every time I stopped at the mall - they had no modems in stock. Always expecting a shipment, but nothing while I was there.

But yesterday - they were expecting a big shipment and M just happened to be working. So I got her to go and get the new device.  Now she worked until close yesterday, but the moment that she picked up the new modem - our old service was shut down since we couldn't access it on our old equipment.

Then she goes and forgets the modem at work and we were not able to retrieve the darn thing until around lunch time today.  I was busy all day and no time to get the internet hooked back up!!!!    GRRRRR - I missed it!!!

Old router and modem

New advanced modem/router combination

However I can't say that we are entirely happy. It appears that we have LESS service upstairs than we had before.   Really??????   And how much time am I going to waste getting that fixed up????   While getting errands done in a timely manner is good - they are so damn time consuming. I am way behind and I know I will never catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so you can see what I do on an afternoon when I have nothing else to do.......   There was ONE last election sign that was on the side of Winston Churchill. It was bothering me!!!  I know - I am very pathetic!!!!   So I made a point of stopping to pick it up yesterday - yep - when it was freezing cold and covered in snow.

See that election sign??????
 Had to pry it out of the grass as it was frozen.  But - I pulled it up and put it in the car. Now it is safely stowed in the garage with the rest. And I am happy!!!!   I should send each of these candidates an invoice. If I didn't pick up their signs - the city would have and charged the candidates!!!!

Look at all that grass frozen to the sign!!!

OK - got a few things to tidy up tonight.

Catch you later.


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