Monday, January 19, 2015

Back in the saddle!

Ah - so nice to be back in the saddle (well on the internet).   I may have mentioned it yesterday but when something goes wrong - who are you gonna call????  We checked my internet settings and they were the same as the other laptops in the house so nothing to change there. Well - I was beside myself all day. Would I have to bite the bullet and move to the new computer?  would I have to finally install Windows 8.1 to my current laptop?  Oh yes - all kinds of things went through my mind.

However after posting my dilemma on Facebook last night, and this appears to be a common problem - Margaret mentioned that they had to increase the number of devices that they could have connected to the internet. We shut a couple of devices off and GUESS WHAT???   Yep - I was connected no problem.

So now I have to call Roger's to see if they can help me change the number of devices that can access the modem/router at one time. Such an easy fix yet so annoying.

Now I will show you the pictures that I was going to show you on Saturday morning or was that Sunday????

I borrowed this book from the library and while it is an easy read - modern type quilts - I wonder how many of these type of books we are going to have published. This lady designed a line of fabric - made up some very basic quilts - published a book to promote her fabric.   Seriously????  Well I did look at it - didn't see anything new, but if you are a new quilter - it would have some merit.

Simplify by Camille Roskelley

I started a new beginner quilter class last week and here are a couple of blocks that the ladies finished in class.

Beginner quilt block made with the new Tim Holtz fabric - YUMMY!!!!!

Another quilt - this one from blue batiks

Yes - I have been quilting for a LONG time, but for these new quilters - Camille's book would be perfect.
AS they work through their projects - I will share the photos with you.

I keep talking about embroidery club - well this is my new project. I am doing some small Christmas ornaments. I seem to manage one ornament per session - there are eight in total traced on my fabric.   They should be a snap to piece together when I am done the embroidery. Then I will tackle a big project.


Next up - we had a fabulous class at Sew Sisters for the Saturday Sampler Club. Everyone was very excited to start their new projects, but a couple of people brought in some finished ones including the label on the quilt we made in 2014.

Here is Marilyn with her COMPLETED NORTHERN LIGHTS quilts (pattern by Marti Michelle).  This is STUNNING!!!!!

The back of the quilt - she used all her leftovers to make the back. It is brilliant!!!!!!

Raili also finished her Northern Lights quilt.  Yes - completely done and guess what - she quilted it HERSELF.  
 Raili recently purchased a Tiara quilting  machine and got to work with Angela Walter's new book Shape by Shape and away she went.

Tiara quilting machine
I am not sure what Raili machine looks like - but it is similar to this one.

Shape by Shape by Angela Walters
This is one of the BEST books on quilting ideas that I have ever seen.  There are so many - you could practice for days and never run out.  If you don't have this book - I would recommend that you buy it.  I love it!!!!!

There is only one small problem - Raili's daughter thinks that Raili should quilt quilts for her. I say Karen can do it herself!!!!

Genny also brought show n tell. Now if you remember, Genny had already shown her FINISHED Northern Lights quilt at our reveal in December.  So she brought something else to show us. This time this quilt is for HER.

This is the BACK of the quilt. She did an amazing job with the quilting!!!!

And this is the front. I love the 3-D effect

 You know how you sometimes can't see the forest for the trees????   Well I was sitting at the kitchen table the other night and I looked up and look what I saw.....................

Another beige face plate that was in the corner and I totally over looked it. 
 Must run out to Rona to get a new one and use up the .34 cents on  my Rona gift card!!!

And how are we doing with the kitchen clean up????   Have a look at what we are donating.............

Yes - there are boxes and bags of stuff that we are donating.  Haven't touched this stuff in YEARS so there is no sense in keeping it.  It has been very freeing. 
 But we are not done........................

This is still sitting in the family room but the pile is much smaller than when we started

OK - so it doesn't look a whole lot less, but it is. 

And I still have this to go through as well
 I found a HUGE stash of plastic spoons and that is ALL we have in our cutlery drawer for the moment as I use them up!!!!!

Huge stash of plastic spoons

Now we do use regular cutlery as well and I have "spare" plastic stuff in the cupboard - we just had an excess of spoons. Not even sure where they all came from, but we might as well use them up.

And a lot has happened since these pictures were taken and I hope to get more up tomorrow. Now that I am back in business.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Is that cleaning bug contagious? I've been cleaning closets this weekend. My sister wanted to know if I was dying. I guess in her books, de-cluttering your house equates dying. Anyway, all that's left is the linen closet and then off to St Vinnies. Isn't all that free space great!

    1. Mary Kay

      How is your cleaning coming along? You haven't died yet? That is pretty funny that your sister said that! I am still in a mess, but sewing has taken precedent over house work this past week. I love free space!!!!!
      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Elaine! I took your quilting class this past Saturday and am wondering where else you teach classes - is there a list anywhere?

  3. Hi Aggie - yes - I remember you from the class. I do teach at several stores including Hobby Horse in Georgetown, Sew Sisters in Toronto, Ruti's Needlebed in Mississauga and Brampton Sew n Serge in Brampton. Let me know if there is something specific you are looking for - I also teach some at my home studio.

    Have a great day!!!!