Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to post a blog in 15 minutes or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness that I edited my pictures first thing when I got up.  Went to the gym - had a super spin class with Joseph.  He is a very popular instructor - there were 39 in the class this morning!  I know - I counted them!  But I find those classes not only good for the body, but AWESOME for the mind.  I have solved many problems during his classes including another one this morning.  I will be able to action out that problem tomorrow now that I know what I am going to do.  I will be sharing that with you later this week.

Then I had breakfast with the gym friends and I stayed way too late which is why I now have 15 minutes - well less to get this post out!!!!!

One day - I should just post pictures and see if you can  make up a story to go with the pictures!!!

Anyway - Sunday was applique club and there were 15 of us all busy like bees.  I was going to start something new and then I gave my head a big shake and said NO.  This would be a great opportunity to finish up some stuff.

So I pulled out this project box.................

Project box - yes - there is a lot of fabric in there, the pattern was there and so was the quilt top. 
Simple Country Sampler by The Rabbit Factory

This was the $10 quilt at The Hobby Horse in 2007.   Somewhere along the line, I had most of it complete, but the applique in two corners was NOT done.

So this is what I did during applique club.

Top right corner
Bottom left corner

I managed to get the applique pieces prepped and glued on - just need to be stitched down by machine.  I have the threads out, needle changed to a smaller size - the machine is threaded - I just need an hour or so and it will be done!!!!!!!!!!

I even made the back the other day and the binding - well that is a story I will share with you another day!!!!  And while I was working and finishing this up  - I remembered another project that used similar colouring of fabric so I dug that out - that is the box on the right below.

Two projects - more on what happened to both tomorrow when hopefully the story will be complete!!!

 The others were all busy working on their respective projects. Many brought something that was in the works - no new stuff. Well maybe one or two new projects. I didn't get pictures of most.

Dede got one Dear Jane block appliqued

Wait - she managed to get TWO Dear Jane blocks appliqued and I think she did some prep work on another project!!!

See those two smiling faces?  Yes Annadel and Nancy - I think they look guilty if you ask me!!!!   It was all about having fun on Sunday and we had loads of fun!!!!!

Someone (I can't remember who) had these wonderful boxes of WonderFil thread.  I want them!!!!!    This is 100 weight thread and PERFECT for hand applique!!!!!

Helen Anne had been experimenting (I love people who experiment) and she had tried her new applique tools - the APPLIQUICK tools.  She tried different weights of stabilizer - I think she did an awesome job. 

This is one of the stabilizers that she tried and we thought it worked very nicely. 

Wow - and there you have it - a fabulous day with friends - we all got tons of work done. I made huge progress on an old old project. I think everyone went home happy and that is what it is all about!!!!

On that note - I am getting ready for embroidery club this morning. I know - the only way I get things done is to share my time with others!!!!   Otherwise - I would fritter the time away - well I wouldn't, but I would get other things done. This is for fun!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!



  1. Your clubs sound like loads of fun!

  2. Aggie - oh yes - the clubs are LOADS of fun. More importantly - we get stuff done. Check out the blog today - I did get my applique project done!!!! If you live close by and are interested - you are welcome!!!!

    Have a great day!