Saturday, January 10, 2015

Miss Fix-It!!!!

I am stronger than I think!

At embroidery club this past week, I had to set up an additional table. I brought the table out - opened the legs up with a powerful yank and SNAP!   The bracket holding the legs broke off!!!   I am used to setting up the tables at the church and you MUST give those legs a snap or they don't open properly! I dug out another table that we used for embroidery.

The PLASTIC bracket holding the folding table leg

Ooops - snapped that one right OFF!!!!!

CRAP!!!!!!   I need that table for Sunday!!!!!    Off to RONA to find some supplies. No clamps could be found in that size. But I asked a VERY helpful employee and he mentioned metal strapping. He went over to a drawer - pulled out some scraps of strapping and cut me two pieces each about 5 inches long. NO CHARGE.  Then he walked me to where the screws were and he proceeded to dig out the appropriate screws - the package was damaged so he marked it down and I was off!!!!!

Repairing the table
 I was going to put TWO brackets on the table legs - one on each end, but it is VERY sturdy with just one.  I had to go back to RONA as it appears that my screwdriver with that head is no longer in the tool box.

Bracket securely holding the table leg in place

I put a piece of Duck tape over the edge as it wasn`t as smooth as I would like it to be

While at RONA - I was also looking to replace the plastic part of the handle from the laundry room taps.  Anyway - it looks like I have to replace the taps since we cannot find this piece of plastic. Again another very helpful RONA employee dug out the supplier catalogue and we went through it together to try and find the part - NOPE. The tap is about 16 years old so I can see that the suppliers would change them. God forbid that you would be able to find a part for a 16 year old tap!!!!   That is for another day!

Busted up tap cover- it is more like the plastic has disintegrated

I did NOT get any sewing done yesterday.  It was one of those crazy days. Oh yes - I had an excellent spin class at the gym at 9:30. Took my time, relaxed in the steam room - it was awesome. Afterwards, I realized that I missed knitting club!!!!   See what happens when you don`t put things in the calender. It never even occurred to me at any time during the day!!!!!  Until I called Ruti's for some information.

Oh yes - I was running around doing errands and knocked a couple off my list. While I was at HomeSense scouting out some new plates but I did not find anything I liked in my price range - cheap cheap cheap. Hey - I still have a teenager at home who LOVES to toss dishes into the cupboard and chip them. I refuse to buy anything good.

But look at what I found.......................

A beautiful box with bicycles all over it.  It is perfect for my endeavor of cleaning up the paperwork.
 I am so tired of not being able to put my hands on certain documents so I am going to spend some time with fiile folders, the labeller and the recycle bin. I will make it happen even if it is just a few papers a day. Oh yes - let`s just add ONE more task to the day!!!!!   Haven`t touched the photo sorting in days either, but I am recharged and ready to plunge in again.

I saw these items at HomeSense and they brought fond memories of Joanne from Cockadoodle Quilts. Her quilt  store was filled with rooster themed items. RIP Joanne - miss you lots!!!!

Rooster items at HomeSense
While at the library - I glanced at the SALE books - 5 for $1.  I bought three - two of them to rip up for collage - oh yes - I must make that happen and this book about grammar. Very useful since there are many times when I rewrite something a different way because I don`t know how to say what I want to say properly. Does that make sense?  Yes - the book is 14 years old, but grammar doesn't really change!

Grammar book for TWENTY cents

And yes - I have been to the mall. Matter of fact - I have been to the mall (s) a LOT in the last couple of days. Errands, returning, exchanging - so of course - I had to snap some photos.   I even made it to Square One which for me is a nightmare!  But I was in and out - found the stores, did my errands, only got "lost" - let's say misdirected (by myself) once.   I'll be going back - more on that in another post.

These pictures were taken at Erin Mills Town Center.

The new entrance by the food court

Inside the food court - it looks like it might be open soon. The view is spectacular. Too bad  Square One - you don't have that view!!!!!   I want to go and sit all afternoon  some day- I can't wait!!!!!  Imagine lingering over a cup of tea, with a good book or some hand work. Do you think they would let me stay all afternoon????  OH the morning would be better - that is when this side of the mall will get the sun. 

The view from the top of the escalator - food court seating to the right, left and in front of that big window in this picture

Then you go downstairs and see this mess. The ceilings are all exposed, stuff hanging off them. Oh yes - pretty "attractive", but it will be better soon!!!!

I was at the mall at night two days ago. Different entrance - see how the old entrances looked.  That ball is HUGE and they are slowly getting the glass installed on the inside of it. They must be a tad cold these days!!!!
Here is a daytime picture. You can see the glass paneling inside the ball and look at those dated entrances!

The bottom of the ball inside the mall

Lots of steel beams for something!!!!

While searching through some paperwork, I came across this lid to a small box I own. I had wondered what happened to the lid and then PRESTO - there it was. The shiny metal part had come unglued so I fixed that last night as well.

Ooops - came unglued

And now back together!!!!!!!!

On that note - I have a bit of prep work for a class this morning and I had better get my Christmas tree down. Although - I could leave it up and then I would be ready for December this year?  No - I don't think that will fly!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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