Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventures in EGYPT!!!!!

I have always wanted to be a doodler but I don't think I ever was even when I was in school. Oh I think I tried, but it isn't a natural thing for me to do.

For those that doodle - I envy you. I think it is a fabulous creative outlet and according to this new book I found - it can be used to solve many problems. I don't have a lot of time for details this morning, but here is the book and some doodles to ponder.

The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown

 I love the book - there are a LOT of very interesting facts about doodling. As you read through the book, there are various exercises - here are my result of two of them.

Two doodles by me!  Not original - they were part of the exercises in the book 
 Then last week I was at a meeting and like I said - I am determined to make this doodling part of my routine. This is what my meeting notes looked like when I was done.

Ooops - hard to read what I am supposed to do!!!!

But I did pay attention in the meeting, I was focused, I didn't talk when it wasn't my turn and ooops - all of a sudden the meeting was over. Yes - I like this doodling thing.

I did NOT make it to the gym this morning. I was up until midnight trying to get the last of the editing done for QUILTSocial. That was not to be, so I will be finishing up tonight. I don't know how many more pictures I took and edited and loaded. I love pictures - what can I say!  And every pictures requires that I am taking a picture of something so that has to be prepared!

Which is why this is a very handy thing to have.

A spare battery for the camera - when one dies - I immediately recharge it and then I have a fully charged one on hand at all times. 
I have quite the collection of election signs and they need to be cut into the appropriate size for the bottom of bags. I was using a craft knife, my cutting  mat and my acrylic rulers to do the cutting.

Cutting supplies for the election signs
 However I didn't think using the craft knife with the acrylic rulers was a good idea. I have visions of shaving small amounts off the side every time I used them. Off to Rona to get something much better.

A nice STEEL carpenter's square which will make the cutting a whole like easier. Not only because it is metal, but you can use that angle to secure the square when you are cutting. I did a lot of cutting yesterday - yes - when I was supposed to be editing. OK - so it wasn't a lot, but I did some. 

See how you can hook that angle on the edge and cut?  It is a brilliantly designed tool. Of course - it is designed for the traditional MAN jobs. But we can't really complain too much about our acrylic rulers. 

While at Rona, I also splurged and bought a set of screwdrivers. Ours always seem to be missing. These MUST stay in the tool box. And a pair of tin snips. Just because I want to do some creative stuff with tin and why kill my craft scissors.

Tin snips and screwdrivers

Remember yesterday when I chatted about gifts?  Come on - we all love gifts. Well this isn't exactly a gift because I am reimbursing Lauraine. It is a kit from the Row by Row Shop Hop this past summer. How fun is that with all those polka dots.  I have to check my boxes for the license plate as well. Just haven't had time - maybe tomorrow when I am done with the QUILTSocial editing.

Row by Row kit from Quilting Confections which I believe is in Leamington

My little Lego gal has been in hiding lately. She lost her wig last summer and well she is a bit shy and quite frankly she has been lonely. But things are looking up for her. Not only does she have a new wig, but she has a companion!!!!   Mr GeoCacher aka GeoGeorge. In case you don't know, the logo on his "shirt" is the Geocaching logo. And if you don't know what Geocaching is - you can google it. Think modern day treasure hunting with a GPS.

GeoGeorge and Lego Lania
 I know - I was even lying on the floor to take those pictures. Life is too short to be worried about what others think!  I had fun doing it.

Lego Lania also got a spare hat in the event she loses her wig again. 
 And while I was on the floor taking pictures of my Lego clan, I looked up and there was Sammy. Gosh - she looked so much like the Sphinx - I had to snap a picture.

Lego Lania on location at The Sphinx in Egypt!!!
The Spinx
Maybe Sammy could get a job as a model. Hey - maybe Sammy WAS the model in one of her previous lives????   OK - so I am getting silly now. But that's OK.

"It is HARD work being a model. I'm exhausted."

Sparky just sleeps through everything these days

Well the studio looks like a hurricane went through.  I have been busy digging out stuff for the blog and well it just looks crazy.

One set of work tables. I had to laugh because boxes were out - lids were open, contents spilling out

The other set of work tables - not quite so bad. Let's just say that the Ruby Royale was given a good workout in the embroidery mode although it is sitting idle in this picture. Notice that I erased what was on the design wall.  Oh yes - can't have you seeing something before you should!

My sewing table - not so bad, but again project boxes piled up because I need to sent e-mails regarding the projects. 

The cutting table - could be worse

The ironing board - not so bad - see those darn election signs were everywhere

At one point in the day I had to zip off to Fabricland to get some supplies. A BIG bag of supplies.

Supplies from Fabricland

On that note - I am out of here.  It is Monday Mania!!!!!    Yep - sewing for fun all day - well almost. I do have a couple of things that need to be finished up.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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