Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Done - done and DONE!!!!!

After countless hours in front of the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale and the computer (my crappy crappy computer), I have finished another week of blog posts for QUILTSocial. They will go live starting on Monday, February 2. No worries - I have put so much effort into them - I want EVERYONE to read them - you will be reminded!!!   And I want OOOHHHHS   and AAAAHHHHH for the brilliant photography, writing and projects!  I'm kidding of course, but I will post the link on my blog.

Always nice to finish that off, but now I am already thinking about the March posts.  Got lots of projects to make and techniques to experiment with. I am learning so much and that is why I make the extra effort - I love to learn - I think if you love to teach - then you love to learn or vice versa!  Anyway - I like both.

Of course my computer had a major melt down in the middle of editing. I think it needs a new card slot for the camera. It doesn't seem to like that and at one point - well I was ready to toss it. Matter of fact, I moved to the Windows 8.1 computer to finish off the editing.

And I love this message from Google when it is having trouble loading pages. 
 I would have liked to KILL the computer, not just the pages.

So while I was waiting a LONG LONG LONG time for the computer to reboot and do self diagnostics and all, I did manage to get a few things done.

I was working on this table runner on Monday (it is part of our table runner series at Ruti's). I had just willy nilly cut that outside border fabric knowing that I did not have enough. It was only after I had one piece sewn on that I had finally convinced myself that it wasn't going to work.

Not enough border fabric!!!!

Dug through the stash and found this - PERFECT.   The new borders and binding are cut. I will use the same fabric for the backing and it is back in the Monday box to finish off then.

New border fabric

And yes - that little border piece is already in the scrap box.

Speaking of scraps - our sewing groups have been collecting scraps with the intent of making pet mats. Well - there is starting to be a big pile and I must deal with it.

Bags and bags of scraps
 I bought some pillow cases at Value Village. I sewed a seam right down the center of the bag and stuffed both sides with scraps until 1/3 of the pillow case was filled. Then I sewed a vertical seam to make a pocket like a duvet cover. Didn't get a chance to take a picture.
Starting to stuff the pillow case

Well let me tell you - what some people throw away for scraps would make you cry.  Seriously????   I found this in the scrap box.

BIG scraps
 At this moment in time - I was pretty ticked at the computer and the person who threw this away, so I grabbed my rotary cutter and chopped it up!!!!   It was too big to put in the mat anyway.

Chop chop chop!!!!!

Then I calmed down - that was good therapy!  But as I went through the next bag - I could not resist taking this out. All this came from one little grocery bag and there was a lot more that I would keep, but I thought I don't have time to fussy sort through all the stuff.

Seriously????   This is someone's scraps?????
 I think there were enough scraps in that one bag to make a small quilt. I see we are going to have to have TWO bags to collect scraps - one for PIECES bigger than 2 inches and one for everything else. I LOVE my scrap boxes and use them all the time. This is such a waste - but then one man's trash is another man's treasure!!!!!

I also managed to get another cut made to those pieces I was working on on Monday. It was only after I made the cut that I realized why the project had been abandoned.

See the orientation of my cut - lanscape

And the orientation in the pattern???? - Portrait
 Ooops - well - I guess it won't look like a star - it will be a crazy pieced quilt and I'm OK with that. Obviously I wasn't before as that is why I stopped working on it.

Well I am still madly trying to find that darn project to work on with Claudette. It was in a white bag hanging on the side of my project shelf. Then I decided that I wasn't going to work on it, so I winged it away somewhere. But where???????   I should keep a list of missing things so I will feel good when I finally find them. I see I will have a few minutes this morning before the embroidery club comes, so I may search some more. BUT - I did find something else that was missing.

I had purchased a really really expensive pair of scissors. And then one day - they were gone. I must say that I owe M an apology because in  my mind - SHE lost them. But NOPE - I was the culprit. They were in a project bag for a jacket that I haven't finished!!!!!    ACK!!!!   But see - if I had a list of missing things - this would be great. First I had forgotten that they were missing and then I could have checked them off - one more found object. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relocated scissors which are safely back with the rest of the scissors

I also found a small bag with extra bobbins for the long arm and some neutral threads. Yikes - I hate when I buy stuff and do not put it away immediately!!!!!

Found neutral thread and bobbins
I didn't even know this was missing because technically it never got put away!!!!!

Went to see the movie Taken 3 - yikes - there were some wild car chases/crashes in this movie. I couldn't keep track of who was in what car.  Oh yes -I try to get away from the computer and the sewing machine every once in a while.

Well - I am off to try and organize a few more things this morning. Then a busy day ahead and then I will be glued to the long arm for the next week if I am not teaching.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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