Friday, January 23, 2015

Benefits of sewing days......................

I have to say that I am a very lucky person. However, my very positive friend Robin would say that I am NOT lucky. She would say that I MADE my luck and I guess there is some truth to that.

Anyway - there was not ONE, but TWO fabulous days of sewing this week. Ah - the laughter, the merriment, the questions, the solutions, the chocolate (who keeps bringing that by the way???) and well - I would NOT trade those sewing days for the world. We support each other, we chat about our issues with aging parents, with aging husbands, books, movies, and well - we could solve the world's problem if we put our minds to it!!!!!

Thanks to all the crazy ladies (not girls!) who come to sew with me.  I love you all - you make me smile!!!!

Here is some of the work that went on this past week................

Here is Claudette - she finished that CRAZY binding!!!   It is going to look amazing on her quilt!!!!   Way to go Claudette - perseverance is a good thing!!!!

Tish made this teeny weeny quilt. Actually I think it is a mug rug, which is good because it is teeny. It would be a good quilt for a mouse!

Then I walked past Jan's table and WHOA! - Did she bring a box of tea with her??? Upon closer inspection, it was filled with sets of squares..................

A tea box filled with sets of squares

Each set creates a block like this

To give you this (this is one of DOZENS of potential settings)  Jan is going to continue to sew up a storm with these blocks and then who knows what it will look like.  If memory serves me correctly, this was a freebie on Bonnie Hunter's site. 

Susan finished off this great little travel bag - love the colours!!!!

Mary finished up this quilt - all ready for quilting!!!!!
 And me????   Well guess what I got this week?   Oh yes - a very good friend lives close to Heart n Home - the store where I purchased that purple starry fabric. And so she bought me enough for my missing binding.
The missing fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another quilt gets put in the TO BE QUILTED pile. 

I am thrilled with the progress that I am making. I wish I could be quilting them, but let's just get them together with a binding and backing and I will be happy with that for the moment.

Of course - there was lots more happening on Monday, but I didn't get a chance to get around to take more pictures.

Then we had sewing on Thursday as well.  Again great laughs, loads of inspiration and just so much fun!!!!

Sharon is ALMOST finished up with her redwork quilt. 
If you are paying attention - you will realize that these are the same blocks that I finished embroidering just before Christmas. Well - Sharon and I did the same quilt - she has her own blocks and I have my own blocks.

Here are my blocks as they were hung just in time for Christmas!!!!!
The blocks are safely back in the project box and I will dig them out at some point to get them together.

Donna popped in to work on this very scrappy quilt. She was lucky enough to attend a Bonnie Hunter workshop in September. This is the quilt from that workshop!!!   It is VERY scrappy.  While I am not a huge fan of the lights that Bonnie works with - they seem to be working just fine in Donna's quilt.  I guess I just like the plainer lights better. 

 I must think to take pictures of my two samples and then you can see why I choose to use plainer fabrics.

Vivenda has been working on this quilt for the last couple of weeks. It is now finished and she brought it in to show us!!!!   It is stunning and I would love to make it - her colours are BRILLIANT and I love them.   I want to make the SAME quilt in HER colours!!!!

This is the for those doing Tiny Town.  Even if you are not - here is an interesting comparison.  What colour should one pick for the background for applique. An age old question to which there is NO right or wrong answer. You have to decide what you want.   Initially, I was going to use the light backgrounds, but when it came time to cut - I could NOT.  I went for the darker one. But now that I see the pieces on the light - it is actually not bad. However I do NOT want to make two quilts, but it would be fun to try. Use the same colour for the applique and do TWO different backgrounds - one light and one dark.   Hmmmmmmm - that might work. I do need to move out of my comfort zone.

Tiny Town on dark

Tiny Town on light

Had the most amazing workout at the gym this morning. I cranked those pedals until I thought they were going to fly off. OK - not that bad - but it was awesome. Off to do some stretching which is seriously lacking in my life, the steam room and a good breakfast and I am ready for the day!  I also had a massage yesterday - Oh boy - my muscles are so darn tight. Seriously - that is my main problem with any aches and pains - the muscles are so tight that they are causing issues.  I don't think my butt has ever hurt so bad as yesterday during that massage.  But I see what I need to do now - so I am going to try and make some changes and incorporate more stretching into my day.  He said my IT bands (the side of the leg) are just fine - it is my hamstring (the back of the leg) that are much worse and probably causing all my issues.   Drat - but at least I know!!!!  And now I can do something about it.

Well - it is going to one crazy day - there is so much to be done - I have no idea where to start - well I am going to sneak out to knitting club even though I shoudn't. I guess I will be working late tonight - no big deal.

On that note - have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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