Friday, January 27, 2017

All about the magazines.............

While we had fun at Road to California, there is always the aftermath. Let me rephrase that - travel in general, is fun, getting ready for the trip (whether it's personal or business) is stressful and coming back is stressful as you do those things that got set aside while you were away. So as much as I like to travel, it's a catch-22. 

This week has been a catch-up week. Just loads of things to do at home and at work and for my commitments. 

So yesterday, I had some corrections to do on a pattern that I wrote and I just needed some peace and quiet. I went home and while I was waiting for dinner, I thought it would be a good time to review the pattern.  No problem - then I thought I would have one of the ciders that DH had purchased for me and I hadn't had a chance to drink. Well imagine my surprise when I asked about them, he sheepishly admitted that he had sampled them while I was away. "Didn't want them to go stale since they had been there for a month!"   GRRRR - well I didn't get to drink the cider, but the pattern got the corrections and I just moved on!   He must have been desperate to drink cider!

I have numerous phone calls to make and blocks to sew and so far things are good. Making those lists help. I'm not so good at prioritizing as there seems to be too many things and well - I guess I have to get my head around that.  NO MORE things can be added to the lists until some of the other stuff gets done. 

In addition to my books of lists which I vowed would NEVER leave the studio, I created a new book for phone calls and such. Yep - I took that one out of the studio and who knows where it is. I mean seriously, how can this be such a problem?  I think the problem is that I have so many bags with stuff and it gets tucked into a corner.  So when I discover that book, it's going to stay put!

Books of lists
However, I'm happy to report that things are moving along. I'm accomplishing stuff that is in the Task Master. That makes her happy and me happy.  Even my scrap bowl on the cutting table is happy because I had to empty it this morning. Yep - I cut out a quilt before I went to the gym this morning.

Scrap bowl is heaping full

On my way home yesterday, I decided to stop by Indigo to browse the magazines which I don't do nearly as often as I used to. I also don't buy many. I had a peek through them, most of which I'm able to browse at work. But there two that caught my eye - one I left because I felt it was too expensive and so I went to the cash with ONE magazine. When the cashier told me the price was $25.78 or somewhere in that range, I was SHOCKED, to say the least. And sure enough, the magazine is British and was a ridiculous price.  But since I was only buying one, I let it go.  Yikes - some magazines are expensive!!!!   But it had at least three good things in it, so it's worth it.

Our Quilting magazine - 
And then I had to pick up my serger which had needed repair and servicing.  And I bought the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread.
A Needle Pulling Thread
BUT the best magazine to get your hands on these days is this one.............

Quilts and More - Spring 2017
And why do you want this magazine???  Because there is a quilt in there by ME!!!!!

Beautiful location for a beautiful quilt
And here is a full on shot of the quilt.

My quilt
 I can't even remember the name of it and I certainly don't remember the name the magazine called it. I couldn't find Quilts and More last night, although it officially on sale!!!!

The fabrics used in this quilt are from Northcott's Naturescapes collection.   I wanted to use the Naturescapes collection in a NON-landscape quilt. Something to show that it's OK if the bricks go up and down, or the water is sideways. I used those landscape prints as texture and I think the end result is gorgeous. Can't wait to get the quilt back so I can hang it in my office.

Speaking of being published, don't forget to check out QUILTsocial today. There is the cutest little project - so easy to make and so darn practical, I'm surprised I didn't make one sooner.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Perhaps you can take a picture of the page(s) of your book(s) if there is info that you need to take with you. The book stays put but you can access the info from anywhere. Just a thought