Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Motivational Monday - A very important lesson!

Yes, I was missing in action yesterday. I literally got up, went to work and was tied to the sewing machine until very late last night, but I got loads done!  Before I get into those details and the very important lesson, I have to tell you about my surfing escapade. 

There is freezing rain in the area this morning. So sidewalks and streets and driveways are slippery. I very carefully walked the dogs and while there was a bit of ice, I didn't slip once. Like I said - I was very careful. Before leaving, I decided to wheel the garbage/recycling carts to the curb. I grabbed the first one and went down a different part of the driveway from when I went out with the dogs. Next thing I knew, I was on sheer ice!  And there was nothing to grab and the driveway has a slight slope - away from the house! What to do???  Without thinking, I assumed the surfboard crouch, held onto the cart which I was pushing with one hand, but it was now pulling me and I surfed to the end of the driveway!!  I'm sure my other hand was gracefully held out in the opposite direction for balance. All quite humorous and thankfully it's not on camera anywhere!!!!

Here's is my Motivational Monday lesson and something that I MUST do.  While the task master has been keeping me focused and working, I did lose sight of some of my deadlines and OH OH - with a show looming in the very near future, there were a couple of things that got forgotten. What does that mean???   I have literally been sewing for three days straight and while the end is in sight, there is one more huge day ahead of me to get my commitments done. 

What should we all be doing???  Perhaps adding another page to our task master with deadlines. Perhaps it is a challenge that you want to enter, perhaps it is a quilt show, a date that a quilt has to be made for - a birthday or a wedding? or whatever your deadline is - commitments and deadlines MUST be written down.  I have a LOT of commitments, patterns to be written, quilts to be made and without that list - well, I'm going to have more days like this past weekend and while I like working to pressure, but NOT this kind of pressure!

So what did I get accomplished????   I got this quilt quilted yesterday. 

Waves at the Shore by Quilt Poetry - quilted!
And it's also bound and the hanging sleeve is made. Just needs to be sewn on.

Bound and hanging sleeve made!

Over the weekend, I realized that I had completely forgotten a commitment that I made to someone and guess when the deadline was???  Yep - this week.  No idea what to make - had to be original and scrappy and from Northcott fabric. I came up with an idea for a pattern, recycling an older one that I made - perfect.  Now which fabrics to use???  I was going to use the scraps from one collection that I had in my boxes, but then I realized that I couldn't use that one.  What to do? what to do???  Then I remembered that I had scraps from another collection that just released this month!  I had some preview yardage which is why I had scraps.  I grabbed that bag and last night (after quilting Waves at the Shore), I was hacking and slashing and modifying the pattern as I went.

Cut and toss on the floor
It's not a big project - 34" square. But it's DONE!!!!   I got the top done, threw it on the long arm, quilted it and got it bound this morning. I'm not showing you the front - it's going to be published and you'll see it then.

Another project - DONE!
With the exception of this second project, the other one was in my Task Master!  Two finishes in ONE day. I don't know if I can contain my excitement.  I won't be truly excited until this next quilt is done. I've got 24 hours!

Now you know why I was AWOL yesterday. And I had better get myself busy as there is much to do today in addition to finishing that quilt.

Have a super day!!!!


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