Sunday, January 8, 2017

The new millennium

Remember the hoopla around the new millenniu? I worked in the computer industry at the time and everyone was in a panic over what would happen when the clocks turned over to the year 2000 - no longer 19XX.  The amount of time and money that went into making changes. It's hard to believe that no one thought about that when computers were first programmed. I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the lights on the bridge in the Sydney, Australia harbour came on that night.

As I promised yesterday, I'm sharing with you (ah - visually that is!) my collection of millennium fabric. I'm going to blame this millennium fabric as to how I became a collector of themed fabric. I was a new quilter, I was already obsessive to a certain degree, definitely a collector and I really had no idea what could happen. Just like those programmers who didn't think ahead to the consequences of not programming the 2 in that first of four digits, I had no idea how much room (time and money) would be consumed by collecting fabric.

When I went to check on the basket yesterday, what I found was just too funny to not share with you. So here goes.

Yep - there was a basket of fabric and I knew exactly where it was and it was easy to get to.

Basket of millennium fabric
 But wait?  What's all this????   Oh my - I do remember taking a 2 inch square of each fabric that I puchased or that I found and I put them in these slide pages.  YES - slides were a big part of my life at that time as I was enrolled at Sheridan College and I needed slides for my work.

Swatches of millennium fabric
 Wait - there's more - there were swatches on TWO sides of those sheets.

The other side of the slide pages
 I notice that some of the swatches are paper from the Hancock's of Paducah catalogue. I also notice there are yellow dots on some of the swatches.  Why???  I've no idea.  I did NOT take the time to go through the basket to see what matched what and if in fact, I do have some fabric of all those swatches.

I also found THREE patterns for millennium quilts - they contain 2000 pieces.

Three millennium patterns
 A picture of a fabric which I'm assuming is one that I never got.  Hmmmm - anyone have that in their stash???

Presumed missing millennium fabric
 There was also an article on what some guilds did for millennium quilts.

Article on millennium quilts
 And look - paper pieced patterns for the numbers 2 and 0.  A classic verion of each and a funky verion of each.  And one more block with 2000 on it.

Paper pieced patterns

Wow - amazing what you can find.  BUT - notice that everything related to millennium was IN the basket. One place and I found everything.

I think when I was in my fabric buying frenzy, that didn't always happen, but I'm trying to right that situation these days.  As I find things, they are getting put where they belong.  I don't think that applies to too much stuff - I hope!

And what did I make with all the millennium fabric???   Only the backing of this small wall hanging.

Millennium backed small quilt

Notice how the hanging sleeve consists of a few tabs (in red) so you can still see the fabric. Oh how clever I was!

Yesterday was an incredible day.  That damn Task Master had a whip out!  I got so much done and I've a lot more to get done today. Some of the stuff I'm working on is playing catch up to things that should have been done a while ago.  I'm hoping to one day being able to work on stuff that is current ONLY.

But focus?   Oh boy - I'm so focused, I'm scaring myself.

On that note, I'm out of here.  Don't forget that tomorrow is Motivational Monday and I'm going to share with you some photos of the studio and some other goodies. Catch you then.

Have a super day!  Stay warm!



  1. Of course I have that millenium fabric. I also have all the ones in the quilt as far as I can tell. I have yet to make a y2k quilt although I've made blocks for one.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  2. I made a millennium quilt but never bought one bit of the special fabrics. I even wrote an article that was published in the Canadian Quilter about my experience. The quilt is on my husband's bed.