Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finding homes!

I think tonight might be the first free night in a long time to just putter in that studio of mine. It won't exactly be idle puttering as I have a couple of classes this weekend and samples need to be prepped. 

If you haven't signed up and live locally, perhaps you would be interested.  One of the classes is from Edyta Sitar's book called Quilter's Patch. 

Quilter's Patch by Edyta Sitar
The quilt is absolutely adorable.   I've got some of my fabrics chosen and I'm pulling all of the m from my stash.  So far, I'm good for the first couple of blocks. 

I spoke with Edyta at Road to California and she remembered me from Festival/Market. She is such a super nice person and she looks forward to seeing our finished quilts at the end of the year. 

The other class is Kaleidoscope. I've had my eye on this quilt for a long, long time and I love the colors. 

I'll be making two versions of this quilt. The original and a surprise colorway which you'll have to either sign up for the class or wait until next week to see that. 

I've also met Stephanie Soebbing, the designer of Kaleidoscope and she also is looking forward to seeing our finished quilts at the end of the year.  How exciting is that???

Both classes are being held at The Hobby Horse quilt shop in Georgetown.  I'm not sure the class numbers, I haven't had a chance to check, but I would hurry as there isn't much time and well, there may not be room. 

So while I had a few minutes to spare last night, I dug out a couple of purchases that I had made at Road to California. 

Here are the four red FQs that I purchased to get me further along with my 150 Canadian Women project. I'm sure that I'll need more as the project continues, but why buy all that I need at one time? Since I'm not buying much these days, I might as well spread my purchases out!

Four red FQs for 150 Canadian Women project
I also found this (in the booth of a new friend - Jessica of Sew Many Creations). It is ORANGE cork fabric and perfect for bags or wallets.  I couldn't resist - now I have to find a project to use it for. 

Orange cork fabric

And then I did have a few extra minutes to spare and found a couple of items that need homes.   One was a sample of this Traction Tape that I picked up at Festival or Market. It's from Bloc-Loc

Block-Loc - makers of rulers
I'm not convinced that I need to use their rulers, but they gave me a small sample of the Traction Tape that they sell for regular rulers. You can see from the little card below, how big the sample was. Normally I don't have trouble with my rulers slipping, but I put that sample on the back of my 8 1/2" by 24" ruler.  Yikes - the darn ruler won't slide at ALL!!!  I can definitely say that it works!

Traction Tape

And finally, I found this set of "face buttons".  I sort of remember buying them a while back, but why? I don't remember if I had something specific in mind. So I guess they are going to go in the button box until I find a project for them.   But so CUTE!!!!!

Face buttons
On that note, I'd better get out of here.  There is so much exciting stuff happening, patterns to write, projects to make, fabric to cut up. Well, I could sew all night, except I know that won't work, so I don't even try!

Have a super day!!!!


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