Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The long way home

Travel days are never fun. Well, they may be fun, but they're always long and yesterday was no exception.

I was up early, blogging and doing computer stuff. Got breakfast and thought I would check ONE LAST time to see if there were any packages at the hotel for me. I was still missing TWO packages and I had been asking the hotel every day and sometimes twice a day to find them. Obviously, they didn't look very hard or couldn't spell my name, but lo and behold - they found my two packages.

Let's just say that I was very happy and I very politely told the manager that I wasn't happy with their service!  I'm sure they were happy to see me go.  Honest - I was very polite.

Then we hopped in the car for the drive back to LAX.  I wasn't looking forward to the drive as I had visions of being ensnarled in the morning traffic. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad and because we were three in the car, we were able to use the HOV lanes. But the other lanes of traffic were flowing nicely as well.

About half way to the airport, I had this feeling that my phone wasn't with me. Not in my pouch, not in my jacket pocket and not in my pants pocket. Oh, shoot - I think I left it at the hotel.  And there was nothing I could do about it. Oh well - at least I knew exactly where I left it. I had gone to the washroom before leaving, took the phone out of my back pocket so it wouldn't fall in the toilet and well, I guess I was so excited about my packages (which I remembered to take) that I forgot my phone.

We got to the airport, dropped off the car and got to the airport. I had checked in the night before, but my boarding pass was on my phone which was no longer had in my possession. A quick task to get a new one printed at the kiosk. I try to NEVER check luggage if possible and so I was up to security. Got through that line fairly quickly and off to the Maple Leaf Lounge. Thank goodness for coupons!

I asked at the desk if I could use a phone. The only phone was the one on the concierge's desk. And if the phone rang, I had to surrender the phone. Now, what is the number of the hotel?  Not on my confirmation sheet that I had been carrying, so I had to get my laptop out, log onto the internet and get the phone number from Google.  Then I used the phone to call the hotel.

YES - they had my phone. So that was a relief. NO - they won't ship things by FedEx - I had to take care of the arrangements for a pick-up. Back to the computer and a quick e-mail took care of the details.  (Big thanks to Arlene for making all that happen) and then off to wait for our flight.

Meanwhile, the weather outside is frightful. It was pouring buckets at this point and loads of water on the runways.  Turns out our plane was hit by lightning on the way in and it required some special attention to make sure everything was OK for the flight home.  That meant that the plane was two hours late in leaving. Meaning, I didn't get home until almost 10 PM last night.

I was hungry and there wasn't much to eat in the house. I did get some soup from Tim's but had to get up in the night to eat something else. I found a banana on the counter.  Let's say that I didn't get a lot of sleep. I guess the time difference wasn't on my side. I was excited to come back to work?  Who knows.

The girls were very excited to see me and Lexi sat right beside me while I ate my soup.  Murphy was just happy happy happy!

On that note, I've got a crazy day and better get it started.

Have a super day!!!


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