Monday, January 23, 2017

Motivational Monday - let's go shopping

Good morning everyone!!!  Hopefully, we're all still on track to get our January project completed?  I see from some of the postings that people have finished their January projects and had to find something else to do for the remainder of the month. Doesn't that feel good to get those projects off our plate and guilt free move to something else?

I haven't had a chance to monitor the Facebook page much this week, but I did see that many projects were accomplished. I'm back home tonight so will have a bit more time to get myself back in the quilting groove. Although I just spent four days at Road to California so not that I wasn't doing anything quilt related.

My big finish for this week was this quilt.

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Star Burst

The quilt is called Star Burst by SusanClaire Mayfield, AKA The Gourmet Quilter. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I want to remake the quilt in a different color variation. The pattern was originally a mystery quilt and I asked her to remake the instructions in pattern form. It will be available soon.  My version is made with Northcott's Stonehenge Gradations Brights.

Since I've just spent the last four days at The Road to California quilt show, I thought it was important that we talk about shopping habits as part of the Motivational Monday. Why is that important?  Well, if we're serious about getting things under control and then we go crazy at a quilt show - that doesn't help us at all.

If you know that you're going to be attending a major show or any quilt show, a shop hop or even just a visit to your local quilt shop, I would say the most important thing is to make a shopping list.  I keep a list of things that I'm looking for so when I go to a quilt store or a show, I have some idea of what to buy.

I did have RED fat quarters on my list because I need them for the 150 Canadian Women Project. I have reds, but not many that read as a solid. Check - I bought four fat Quarters. Then I was looking for some templates for English Paper Piecing. I found a template, but not the one that I wanted. I also didn't really have time to write down everything (English Paper Piecing) that should be on my list.  If I had purchased something, it likely wasn't the correct shape or size. So I didn't buy any.

Here's why a list is important - maybe it's a series of books or magazines - do you remember which ones you have at home? Maybe it's a particular pattern that has peeked your interest. A book, thread or whatever. I know that there are certain things on my wish list that when I see the vendor at the show, I go - OH SHOOT - I don't' know what I'm missing. I don't buy anything (maybe that's a good thing), but I have plans now to get that complete list together so I will be able to fill in the gaps for some of the things that I want.

Yes - I did find a few things that weren't on my list and the key will be to find a home for all of them when I'm home so that they don't become clutter.

I'm excited to be home (later tonight) and not have a rush project to sew, although I have to get ready for my classes on Saturday so it seems that I will never get caught up!  But making one or two blocks is a whole lot less than making three quilts in three days!!!

On that note, let's get those shopping lists together. I think shopping lists prevent us from over buying - well I hope they do! And hopefully by having our list of projects for 2017 written down, that we can easily say - no - I don't need that. I have too much already. I did say that to myself several times over the weekend.

Have a super motivational Monday


In case you're interested, check out my blog posts on QUILTsocial this week. While I'm reviewing a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, there are also lots of tips that will work for any sewing machine.

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