Friday, January 20, 2017

Road to California - Day One

What was I thinking? I did have a peek at the weather before leaving, but I must have been in denial. It's funny how we think of California as a warm place. I should know better as I used to travel to San Francisco for business and it's cold in San Francisco. Well - cool because of its location on the water.

We had rain in the morning yesterday, not a great sign when you wake up and hear it pouring outside. Fortunately, the rain slowed down a bit when it was time to walk across the street.  I had to zip out to pick up something later in the morning and the sun was out and it was quite warmish. That didn't last long. But today is rain and the forecast doesn't look too good for the next couple of days.  It's not the rain so much that is the issue - it's the cold temperatures. It's cool here - I could have brought my jacket that I wear back home at this time of the year and be quite comfortable. I also wish I had rain boots.

 At least I have long pants on to wear during the show because it's very cold in the convention centre. I have no idea if the A/C is cranked up, but it sure feels like it.  I hope they shut it off today and let us all be toasty warm. I'd be happy.  We made an emergency run to Target last night to get tights for some of the group who brought dresses to wear and no pantyhose.  I haven't bought pantyhose in years, and it isn't cheap!  Ouch - I was a bit cool at the end of the day, they were freezing!  I tried to find rain boots at Target and at Ross, but NOTHING.  They've had a drought in the area for five years - I guess finding rain boots would have been a miracle!

Did you know that Simplicity no longer sells patterns in Canada?   I was shocked when I found that out. Of course, the pattern that I wanted was a Simplicity and I managed to get it last night at Jo-Anns.  I was in and out - -didn't look at anything in the store.  Too cold, too tired and too hungry!

We've had a chance to look at some of the quilts and they are STUNNING.  Even though some we've seen at other shows, there are lots here that we have not seen.  I think the weather is affecting attendance somewhat and so we may have a bit of downtime today to get out and see the vendors and the quilts.

The one thing I love about the shows is the networking. I'm always up for a conversation with anyone and it's amazing what you can learn if you ask questions. No - I'm' not sharing the information that I have with you. I think I share enough.  I wonder who I will run into today!

Food at these shows tends to be hit and miss. You pay a lot and get a crappy lunch.  While the prices are a tad on the high side (not bad), the sandwiches are healthy and good and fresh!  That is a blessing as I hate eating stale sandwiches that you've paid a fortune for. Food is good and close by.

I guess I had better get myself organised for the day. Going to wear one pair of shoes over and take another pair to wear during the day. I hate wet feet.

Have a super day!!!!!


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  1. I make a list of Simplicity patterns I want and get my Snowbird friends to pick them up for me.
    The trip does sound great, though. Thank you for sharing. I hope we will get pictures when you get home.