Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pattern writing

It was so exciting to be back in the class room. Saw some faces that I haven't seen in a long long time - welcome back.  Just great to see that energy level as we start our new projects.  Scheduled ones - not just on a whim!  Going to be interesting to see what people's quilts look like as they come together.  I know that I owe a LOT of pictures from the finishes of 2016 and I hope to get them done this week.  I must also commit some computer time as there is a lot of crazy computer work to be done.

Here is the homework block for Quilter's Patch by Edyta Sitar.    Beautiful delphinium block.  Lots of tiny little pieces so accuracy and pressing are key here.

Delphinium block from Quilter's Patch

I'm using my stash for this one and who knows how many fabrics will actually end up in the quilt. I think I pulled fabrics from my stash rather than the scrap boxes, but I'm sure those will be called into action as well.

And here is the homework for the second quilt. This is one of FOUR blocks for the center of Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Soebbing. Yes, I know, I only have one done and three more to go, but they are in partial stages of completion. The key here is get those four blocks done and get the homework done for next month.

One of four center blocks for Kaleidoscope by Stephanie Soebbing
The fabrics for this are from the Northcott Stonehenge Gradations Brights collection. That`s what the patern called for and that`s what was handy. I`m also going to remake this quilt in Northcott Stonehenge Gradations Iron Ore colorway. Less colors to use so it will look quite a bit different. That version is partially cut out. 

I love when students bring in their finished quilts for show n tell. So exciting to know that the quilt is no longer a UFO and always fun to see the completed work. Marion brought in this quilt from a couple of years ago and it`s STUNNING. The quilt is called Silent Night by Norma Whaley.  The original version ended after the log cabin blocks, but Marion added two borders and then had it custom quilted.  She also used a LOT of ultrasuede in her version becasue of all the small pieces. It`s gorgeous!!!!

Silent Night by Norma Whaley

Now here`s an interesting aspect to making quilts. It`s one thing to make a quilt, but quite another when you are the designer and you have to write the instructions so that someone else can make that quilt. Hopefully with no errors and clear instructions. I`ve been writing instructions for a quilt that I did not design, but agreed to write.  Oh boy, let`s just say that it`s been a learning experience.  I`ve built charts, I`ve checked and rechecked and I`m still finding errors. I finally decided to make the quilt and yep - more errors. 
All (hopefully) the pieces cut out!
And here is the quilt when I went to bed last night.  It looks quite a bit different this morning and I can`t believe, but I found one more correction this morning.  Seriously?????

Radiant Light (Designed by Deborah Edwards) Instructions by me

I'm not going to call this the pattern from hell, but there are a lot of seams to press and the technical side of me says that all those directions need to be addressed in the pattern or the quilt will be a hot mess. I guess a couple more diagrams are in order. But the quilt is looking amazing!!!!   I'm happy with it even though the fabric isn't my style. It's going to be goregous when it's completed. The big question is can I get the quilt made and the pattern finalized today???

Radiant Light quilt

On top of that, I have another of my patterns that I want to make today and a quilt top that is almost together - well I want that together as well.

Bottom line - what am I still doing sitting here at the computer?  Oh yes - I have a bit of paperwork to do this morning!

One thing I'm learning is that if your tools aren't working properly, don't use them.  Get new ones. I have this pair of snips that is sticky. They were in the drawer, but when I brought out a pair to show the class, I must have put the good ones in the drawer and kept the sticky ones out.  That's fixed!!!!

Sticky snips
 On that note, the dangerous technology thing that was to happen yesterday didn't happen yet.  Maybe today.

Have a super day!!!


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