Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Checking back on January 1, 2016. Yep - pretty much the same routine for New Year's Eve.  We watched a movie - Star Trek. All I can say is thank god I was doing some hand stitching. That movie wasn't very good at all.

I'm not even going to talk about goals and priority setting.  That happens on Mondays.  All I will say is that I'm super excited. I got home on Friday and that nagging Task Master MADE me finish the project. I swore at her and she didn't care. She just nagged harder! Next thing I knew, the project was done!!!  Yes - I did a little happy dance.   What a relief to get that done and without this Task Master, I don't think I would have kept at it. Of course, there is a bit of a back log now of other urgent things and I'm working hard on those.

I wanted to share this with you so you can see how long it takes me to get things done. I've no idea why we (or is it just me?) who procrastinates so long to get things done. Two years ago in January, we emptied our kitchen cupboards of everything. We sorted and sorted and gave about half of the stuff away. The rest found a home in the kitchen cupboards.

It did take a while, but most of the stuff got sorted through although several boxes of stuff ended up in the dining room. It's almost like I have a fear of finishing something!  There is ONE bag of recipes/books that had not been gone through. For some reason, I was flipping through that bag recently - can't remember why. But then DH asked about something that has been sitting on the kitchen counter forever (OK - two years) and I said that I had seen the manual in this bag and it's time to go through it all.

The contents of the recipe bag

I found countless clippings from magazines, recipes given to me by others and well - just a plethora of stuff. I did find a couple of treasures though. Have a look...............

Detailed instructions on how to make a sandwich for M

Including a diagram
 I guess one copy wasn't enough, as there was a second one.  Titled "How to make MY Sandwich".  Pretty funny!
How to make MY sandwich

Remember those recipe cards that you would get in the mail and then you could order the entire collection???

Recipe cards - GONE

Magazine clippings - GONE

Recipes from friends via e- mail - notice the date - 1997!!!   - GONE

I also found a TO DO list and some clippings from quilt magazines. The TO DO list - gone! The clipping, I put with my other quilt stuff to sort through.

Quilt clippings in the recipe drawer
 And this is what started that whole scenario!  A meat probe!  It's been on the kitchen counter for two years. We've had our range for 13 years and we've never used this. DH is into cooking these days so he wanted to know how to use it. I did find the manual and while it gave instructions, it would appear that we DO NOT have the socket in our oven to plug it into.  Seriously?  So why is it mentioned in our manual and why did we get the probe????

Meat probe

I did find a few old recipe books - ones that my mom or grandmother gave me. I found my hand written recipes from when I was a teenager. And I found my Betty Crocker first ever recipe book.  They have NO value to anyone but me. I kept the entire lot which fit nicely into the recipe drawer.

Receipe books

I also founda  few more appliance manuals. Come to think of it - we don't even have some of the appliances anymore!  I guess I can ditch a few more things.

That leaves the spices, one more box of utensils (but if they have been in the dining room for two years - we probably don't need any of them!)

I'll leave DH in charge of the spices since he does the cooking. Then it should be time to go through the kitchen ONE more time.  I bet we could get rid of more stuff.  I once read and it's true - that the more stuff you have, the more time is needed to manage the stuff. I figure if I can reduce what non-quilting stuff I have, I'm good!

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm off to get some sewing done, read a book or just veg out!

Have a super day!!!!


Can't find the quote I was looking for but found this instead.  How true and I will get there one day.

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