Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Progress update

Hmmm  - I was thinking the other day about the amount of projects that I have on the go. All of them seem to have been started or will be started for a very specific reason. It's not like I walk into a shop and say - Oh - I want to make that quilt and I start it. Oh no - I try to make the quilt for some purpose and I seem to find myself constantly prepping for the next class, or the next event. 

It would nice if that stopped for a while!  Things are slowing down a bit - at least in the teaching class department. But quilt show season is fast approaching and of course, I'm madly making quilts for that. Three to sew and four to quilt before Tuesday PM. 

Here is the latest one that I finished. Well, the top is done and it's on the long arm waiting to be quilted. 

Dream Spinner by Tammy Silvers
Tammy designed two quilts - a big one and a small one (33" by 44").  This is the small one.  The fabric collection is Northcott's Dreamscapes which is very pretty.

As mentioned, it's on the long arm, so yes the backing and the binding are done.

Backing and binding are done!
I managed to get a customer quilt done as well.  It needs to be trimmed and delivered.

Customer quilt - DONE
Everywhere you look, there is Sesquicentennial EVERYTHING.  I found these buttons recently and well, I just had to have them.  Not sure what I'll do with them, but they're in the stash.

New buttons - Canadian
I had some scraps leftover from making some Canada quilts and I managed to find a home for them.  YEAH!!!!!   They are going to be part of the Canada's Largest Quilting Bee.

Scraps of Canada fabric - GONE
I guess I truly am like my Mother.  I'm happy to get rid of stuff as long as I know it's going to a good home.

I was sewing something the other day and look - had just enough thread to do the topstitching!!!  I call that cutting it close.

Cutting it close with thread
But one more spool of thread - gone!!!

I had an amazing sewing/pattern writing day yesterday. While it snowed and blowed and eventually rained all day, I was warm and toasty. Happy with the rotary cutter, the computer,  and my sewing machine.  I took pictures and will share them another day.

On that note, it's another incredibly busy day and I better get started!

Have a super day!!!!


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