Monday, January 9, 2017

Motivational Monday - The visual Task Master

This quote is from the Christmas present I bought for myself.  A calendar with a BOLD monthly quote. It's hanging up in the studio. I love this quote and I think this explains where my energy comes from!!!  Notice how big the word FOCUSING is!!!

Powerful statement!!!
Hmmm - I edited a whole bunch of pictures for the blog and then realized that there were already pictures sitting in the blog for Monday. I guess the pictures from today will have to wait until next week.  Just too much stuff going on!  I will however post the pictures of my studio. They are further down. 

The studio was a mess. We all know that and that is part of my problem. The visual distraction is insane. I had a few ladies over on December 27 to sew and as a result, I had to make space for them. I literally piled everything into a corner.  It went into boxes and bags - a huge mess. 

What normally happens after a group leaves is that I bring everything back out onto the tables so I still have a huge mess and the work space is useless.  But NOT THIS time.  Oh no - we're going to work smarter - a lot smarter this year. 

I knew that I couldn't keep those work tables completely empty - that would drive me mad so I decided to put anything that was currently outstanding from The Task Master onto the tables. This would be my visual reminder of what needs to be done. It would keep everything handy and if I was missing bits - it would remind me to find them and put everything together. 

The visual version of The Task Master
I can't say how much I'm excited about this concept. This has really been a god send.  Everything I want is handy. There is significantly LESS clutter to distract me and it's helping me to stay totally focused. I mean so focused that I'm scaring myself.

Now there still is some issues to be worked out - I think three projects have snuck onto the table without being entered into The Task Master - that MUST be kept to a minimum or the entire thing is going to fall apart.

I do have things that are waiting in the wings - they will be next to get into the Task Master.  They are currently sitting on the chairs that are beside the table.

Project waiting to be put on The Task Master
I did manage to get a project completed - gosh this is from two weeks ago.  The bright scrap quilt is done - well the top is done!!!

Scrap quilt top is completed
I didn't use a whole lot of fabrics in this quilt.  And I had to find new ones as I ran out of the old ones. Hey - I remember - I sewed this on December 27 - the sewing day!!!

Anyway, once the blocks were complete, I tried very hard to lay them out so that no two fabrics (other than the middle part) were touching.  Alas - there is a demon in the studio because whenever I try to make that happen - well it never works out!!!!

Two like fabrics - touching!!!
Not only did I get two fabrics touching, in this next configuration, I managed to get THREE!!!!   Although one of the greens is a tad lighter than the other two.   Ah well - the fun of it all and I did NOT rip it apart. One must remember the end result of the quilt and will anyone really care that the fabrics are touching???  Nope - I don't think so!!!!

Three like fabrics are touching!!!!

Then it was onto making the binding.  I think I mentioned this tin, but couldn't find the picture. That's because it was sitting on the blog!!!!   Anyway - this is the tin with the leftover binding bits!

Tin of leftover binding bits
The backing, the binding and the top are going in the "to be quilted" pile
I also got a couple of the blocks completed for the 150 Canadian women project.

Two more blocks for 150 Canadian Women
I'm further along than this, but no recent pictures.

Oh - what the heck - here are the rest of the photos that I edited this morning.  This is the quote for January in the calendar. The first one on this post was for the month of December. My great thing this year - The Task Master!!!!

I just love calendars with words. This one is from 2015, but I keep it hanging up.

OK - so the normal thing to happen to my studio when a sewing group leaves???   Yep - the mess goes right back.  NOT THIS TIME!!!!  See how clear the floor is???

The studio is pretty tidy!!!!

And looking from the other direction
 Not only that, but there is ONLY ONE project on the cutting table.  Do you know how nice it is to cut and sew and not have to move things aside????   It actually makes me want to sew!!!!

Only one project on the cutting table

Room to spread out

All the tools - no chance of something getting lost

The visual Task Master - the projects revolve fairly quickly!!

Ironing board is CLEAR!!

How are you making out with your projects???  Remember it is NOT how much you get done in a week.  It is that you get done what you planned (rationally) to get done!  Break the projects down into doable chunks, have the pleasure of crossing them off.  I'm getting a little carried away with it. I finish something and immediately go to the Task Master, get out my highlighter and cross it off. The satisfaction in that is incredible!

If something isn't working - ask yourself why?  Too many things on the list?  That's why we need to prioritize and then focus. Is a cluttered space causing you problems???  Pack EVERYTHING that is not on the Task Master into boxes and bags and hide it somewhere. Don't get tempted.

Make sure that you take a break from intense sewing.  You don't want to kill yourself!!  Heather sounds like she is going gang busters on her projects and still has time for "fun" sewing after she completes the scheduled tasks.  I love that and it's important that you don't only sew on scheduled projects.  This is a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be fun.  The Motivational Monday group is to help you get over those projects that are causing you issues!!!!

If anyone needs help - let us know. Post on Facebook and we'll see what advice we can offer. Don't forget to post your finishes.

If you're reading the Motivational Monday posts for the first time, you can check out the Facebook page and request to join.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I only accomplished about 1/2 my goals last week, but I did finish the ones from the week before. This week I'm going to be more realistic about how much I can accomplish and hope for more motivation after a full day's work and commute.