Sunday, January 22, 2017

Road to California - Day Three

Let's start with the weather report. While the sun was out yesterday and we managed to actually see the mountains in the valley, it was chilly.

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Mountains in the distance

So while you might be envious of that clear blue sky, don't be deceived. The day started off not bad as far as temperature, but by the end of the day in the convention centre, we will all little blocks of ice. It was nice to get in the car for dinner and crank the heat UP.  It's currently single digits here in Southern California.

At least it wasn't raining which it is supposed to do all day. I notice out the window that it is raining, but NOT pouring. That is a good sign.

We chatted to a lot of people yesterday. Obviously lots from around this area, but we've seen people from Sweden and the UK,  Canada (mostly the western three provinces) and from all over the US.

People are loving the collections we are showcasing in our booth - Naturescapes and Stonehenge Gradations.    They are available for purchase through some of the shops here so consumers can get it now which they love.

Today is a short day. The first three were 9 hours long, today is 5 1/2 so I'm looking forward to that, but I have three things on my TO DO list and I haven't really looked at the quilts. I'm hoping to get over early this morning to do that.

Then we get to pack up the booth which won't take us that long.

Remember I talked about how close we are to the Historic Route 66?  Well, we went out on an errand last night and oh my - here we are just mere minutes from the signs. After we had a bit to eat, I drove up to the sign (a bus pull out conveniently located right out front) and I got my picture.

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Route 66 marker in Rancho Cucamonga
How cool is that!

On that note, I'm out of here to get breakfast and get to the show.

Have a super day!


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