Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day Three - Sewing Retreat - Part TWO

You should be reading this ONLY if you’ve read Part ONE. I had to split the post again today.

So the scoop on the oatmeal???  Power three alone did not change the boil over situation. It looks like we would be good at TWO minutes (not THREE) and power level 3. Tomorrow (the last day) will be the test. Good grief. I’m amazed at how different these microwaves are and imagine switching between several of them. I wonder why they are so different??  I know it’s power levels, but should that be allowed???

I have to tell you the story of The Book Review here in Orillia. It’s a used bookstore that has been here for many, many years. Once I knew of its existence, I’ve visited it every time. Mostly to browse the craft books. I would pass all those stacks of super organized novels, but not knowing what I needed, I couldn’t justify buying any of them. Now that I have my lists, it’s a snap to know what I’m missing. Ronda was looking for a book and Lynn was looking for a particular author, so Lynn and I went back. I know - I’d go to a bookstore for anyone. Anyone want any books???  I’m ready to go back, but I don’t need anything now.

A very friendly lady greeted us and asked if we needed help. Since we had no idea about the author of one of the books, we asked and we were walked over to the section where the book was located. Then we got into a chat with Carol. Oh my - we got a LOT of information from her on cataloguing books, how they organize them on their shelves, some interesting websites. Seriously - this shop is the BEST. If you have books that you’re looking for, they will keep track of those for you and notify you if one of them comes in. Everything is documented and is super organized. After chatting with Carol for as long as we dared - the shop was busy with the phone ringing and people shopping, I feel like I made a new friend. As I mentioned, yesterday, I found eight books that I was looking for. Once I get myself organized, I’ll provide her with a couple of books that I’m looking for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in you are in the area. I’ll provide links next week when I’m home.

Now here’s the thing. I could have bought all those books on-line. But look what I would have missed. I met a very amazing lady, I got to learn a whole bunch of stuff about books and making book lists, I got to support a local business so that kind of PERSONAL assistance will be available. And there’s the thrill of the hunt as I scanned those book shelves. Imagine the excitement of searching for the author and then narrowing it down to a particular title and having a little happy dance, versus - clicking a mouse button (oh contain my excitement!).

I was so excited after meeting Carol, that I bought another book (one that was next on my list that I knew I could get at the library, but I bought it because she offered us so much, I wanted to return the favour and spent more money in her shop!)

It’s the same thing with the local quilt shop here. Thimbles and Things. Sure - we could probably buy most of what’s in that shop online. But where the heck is the fun in that???  I like Sue (the owner) - she always has the best stock and always has new products, she’s super friendly (I wonder how she does that!) and always has great advice. I just love her and we spent a LOT of time (and money) in that shop over the last couple of days. I think there were MANY trips made yesterday.

We need to get OUT of this online shopping mode. Guess who you are supporting if you buy online. In most cases, its NOT a Canadian company. We need to get off our collective butts and get out there and support these small shops. Yes - you may pay a wee bit more, but if you only buy what you need, then it doesn’t become expensive at all. If you buy, just for the sake of buying?  Well then you have a problem.  Why not get out and take a drive and actually buy the PHYSICAL thing - that would save you a whole lot because it would take more time than clicking!!!!!  I have a day trip in mind to visit one more bookshop (now that I have my list) and I can’t wait to go.

And now I’m off to get ready for another bike ride. It’s gorgeous out here again - slightly cool, but perfect for a ride.

Have a good day!!!


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  1. There is a wonderful retreat house just 10 minutes from my house called The Farmer's Daughter" Wouldn't you like to organize a retreat with your Eastern Ontario quilting friends? :)