Monday, July 30, 2018

Quilts at the Creek

Oh boy - I should have walked around Quilts at the Creek with blinders on. And I should NOT have gone to Jeannie's (Jenkins) trunk show. I came home with visions of grandeur. Many projects that I want to finish, many more that I want to start. ACK!!

But I see that Elle left a comment yesterday that is a great idea. She suggested that when choosing the next project that I pick something that is close to finished and one that is far away from the finish line. Use the far way one as an ender/leader for the one that is close to finished. Then keep swapping out as some are finished and others are advanced. I like that idea. I can't do a thing this morning about taking something extra with me - my bag is already packed, but when I get ready tonight for next week - I'm going to have a look at what I can do.

So yesterday was Quilts at the Creek. I believe this is the 7th show. And it was fabulous. The temperature was great -not too hot, not too cold. A nice breeze although we did have to tear down the show one hour before it was scheduled to close. In my mind, the show closed at 4 PM and I planned out the day accordingly. I guess someone up above was listening because pretty much at 4 PM, we felt a few drops of rain come and the wagons and ladders came out and those quilts were down in 10 minutes. That's pretty impressive.

I had five quilts in the show. Here they are in case you didn't get to the show which I'm sure many of you could not.

The first one is Wolfgang. This was a collaborative quilt by YanickaQuilt of Montreal who designed and made the top. Marilyn Farquhar did the quilting and Northcott donated the fabrics. I coughed up some cash and the quilt is now mine and it hangs in my hallway upstairs. I see it every time I climb the stairs. I love this quilt!!!


This next one is a triple four patch and very scrappy. It was made from leftover blocks (and more that I had to make) from the first triple four patch quilt that I taught as a class. I don't have time to snap a photo of that quilt, but it's even bigger than this one. I love scrappy and I think I'm going to put a sleeve on this one and hang it in the basement where I'll see it every day when I go downstairs.


Next up is Flying Here and There. This one appears in the July/August 2018 issue of Fons and Porter Modern patchwork magazine. I love the quilt, love the colors and especially love the quilting. This was a bit of a challenge to quilt as I carried the pattern into the border and I remember having to rip a few seams here and there to get it all worked out.

Flying Here and There

Thanks to Kim M who posted this picture on her Facebook page. The quilt sold on Saturday and was gone so I didn't get to see it in the show on Sunday. It's called Busy Town and is a free pattern that I made for Northcott. I could have put a higher price on the quilt, but honestly - I wanted it gone. And I made a bit of money. I'm happy.

Busy Town
 The last quilt was part of the mini show called Squared. These were minis were 12-inches square. The first showing of these quilts was in St. Mary's and the group will be shown again at QuiltX in September. This is the heart from that apple quilt. So I guess in theory a small part of my apple quilt was at the show!

Pixelated heart

I have loads more pictures to share with you and ideas, but we had company when I got home last night and I didn't have time to do anything.

It was great to catch up with friends who now live in Jamaica. Teresa is a quilter although there are NO quilt stores in Jamaica. I wonder why. It's a tad hot for quilts there. But that wouldn't stop me.

Anyway - it's time for Monday sewing and I had better get myself in gear.

Have a great day!!!