Sunday, July 22, 2018

No quilts were harmed!

I managed to get two more customer quilts completed yesterday, but not before I almost had a meltdown with both of them.  I should be very clear that it had NOTHING to do with the quilts and all to do with either the operator or the computer.

Here's the first one.

Customer quilt - DONE

Second customer quilt - DONE

For some reason, that computer had a mind of its own yesterday and twice I stood there with my brain puzzling as I tried to figure out how to get back to where the computer was supposed to be. There's nothing like having the machine stop in the middle of the row and then decide to do its own thing. I recovered rather nicely on both accounts. But GRRRR - I must learn the proper way how to fix that problem.

Guess what? I discovered that there are manuals for the software! I was helping Diane the other day with her machine (we have the same software - different machines). Her manuals are right on the main screen. My manuals are "hidden" in the help (?) function. Now that I've messed with the machine for a couple of months, I guess that I really should read them. In my defense, I didn't know they were there, although I should have assumed that there would be manuals. I've figured out the basic stuff, but I have no idea what the commands are called so I make up my own names. I'm good with that.

Anyway, got all three of these quilts trimmed and ready for pick up today.

Customer quilts are trimmed and ready for pick up

As part of my day today, I have this one to trim. And under that quilt (which are both hanging out on the ironing board) is another quilt I want to work on today.

Two projects hanging out on the ironing board

I managed to cram all that stuff on those four tables onto two tables. I just need to move a few sewing machines and we're good for sewing today. Yeah - can't wait. I didn't get as much prepped as I would have liked. OK - I did zero prepping yesterday. I'm going to do some this morning before everyone arrives. But we're only 6 in total so there won't be a huge demand for the cutting table.

But first, I have to tidy up the cutting table. It's not clear at all, but this is mostly stuff that didn't get put away yesterday and what I wanted to prep for today. The bottle of vodka? Oh - it's empty, but after my run-in with the machine yesterday, I sure could have used a drink.

Cutting table to be cleaned

As I was moving stuff yesterday, I kept out the most urgent stuff that I'm working on and it's all piled on this table.
Urgent stuff to work on

Now wouldn't it be great if I could just keep working at this pile of stuff until it's completed? I better write that in that Task Master and pay attention to it!

I did get some more bindings on yesterday. I had to trim one of the quilts and two more bindings were put on from the previous day. All of these need the bindings stitched to the front. Thank goodness, I don't do them by hand anymore. Can you imagine?

Quilts need to have the binding stitched to the front

I got one more trimmed in this pile and the binding is stitched to the back. Some of these will need sleeves and all need the binding stitched to the front.

Wall hangings that need binding stitched to the front

Everything that needed to be trimmed is now trimmed and all the scraps from that (batting and backing) are sorted and put in their respective places. There is one quilt in this pile that needs a binding made. My new perspective - well it's not new, but for years, I've always made the binding when I finish the top. That way when you're ready to sew it on, you don't have to make the binding or find the binding fabric. It's been a great help. The one that needs binding? It's a community projects quilt (that I made from scraps) and I have to go searching for something to match as there was nothing left after making the top.

The binding pile that needs some work

 I'm very pleased with the progress. Now I just need the focus to keep at that stack. Can you imagine what it would be like when it comes time to tidy up for the sit n sew and there was NOTHING to move? That would be amazing. Or everything could be piled into one or two bags and moved off the tables? Yes - I'll get there. I'm much better than I was, but I still have a long way to go.

Now - I have a favor to ask. Does anyone have this pattern??? Actually, this was one of two patterns that made up the four seasons. I have the Spring/Winter one. I also have the Summer/Fall pattern, but cannot find it. And I'm supposed to make the Summer/Fall for my Mom. Yes - I'm making the silly things - she asks every time I chat with her. But in the interest of time, it might be easier to beg, borrow or steal it from one of you than to try and find it. So it looks like this, but it's NOT this one - it's the Summer/Fall one.

E-mail me if you have the pattern and I could borrow it or buy it from you.

Looking for the companion pattern to this - SUMMER/FALL

We all know that the future of quilting/sewing will depend on how the millennials pick up the hobby. Here's an interesting read on how they look at the craft.  I totally disagree with Jennifer Moore's comments about quilt stores and I've sent her a note this morning to tell her that she should go into the store before she talks about something of which she has no knowledge. That kind of comment (based on her perception) is harmful to the quilting shops.

Did I make it to the backyard yesterday? You bet - TWICE. The last time after dinner, I even had to come in to get a quilt as it was getting cold out there. I dozed and read and chatted with the girls. It was great and next thing I knew, it was late and dark and I could no longer read. A glorious day to be out!

And on that note, it's raining this morning. Not sure that I want to venture to the dog park and come home with two very dirty dogs. They can play in the backyard - it won't hurt them and I get another 45 minutes to prep for the day.

Have a super day!!


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