Friday, July 6, 2018

Retreat - Day Two

Sewing retreats are the best! It’s always a great time even if you’re working on something that is not fun!!!

First an update on the oatmeal story. Gosh - what an ordeal. I tried this morning at power 4 and the darn stuff still boiled over. But only a wee bit. That means, I should be OK if I use power 3 which I’ll try tomorrow. It’s amazing how different the microwaves are as when I was at my brother’s, I had to use the thing on almost full power. Now I have to remember these settings whenever I go somewhere!

I popped out for a bike ride after breakfast. WOW - it’s amazing how the worries of the world (as if I have any) fall away when you’re on the bike and the wind is pushing in your face as you go downhill - there’s a big hill to start the ride here. Downhill which you know means that there’s a big hill to get back to the house. UGG!

The roads are in good shape and the traffic is pretty decent until I went past the quarry on the main road and the last little bit was uphill with HEAVY traffic from the quarry which wasn’t fun. I shall not be repeating that part of the route again. I was out for 2 hours, did 46.5 KM in 32 degree temperature. What was I thinking??? It certainly wasn’t that hot when I left the house, but quickly got hot. This morning, the temperature is 16 - I shall certainly freeze but I did bring a jacket.

Back to the sewing machine where I diligently worked on my double wedding ring quilt. That has to be the most fiddlly pattern EVER to sew. Each seam has to be sewn on its own, none of this fast chain piecing. But I have managed to get one quilt top together in a 4 by 6 configuration. I’m not convinced that I want it 4 by 6 - I’m wondering if it might be better as 5 by 6. I’ll evaluate later today and see how it goes. Let’s just say that I was open to ANY distraction yesterday.

I’ve started to piece the clamshell components for the second one. I might as well keep at it and get the silly things done because it won’t happen at home. I might even be able to get them done and delivered by the next retreat (the recipients live in Orillia where the retreat house is).

I shall NOT be winning any awards for neatness on the back of that quilt. There are threads hanging off of it - it’s a mess. I haven’t pressed it and I’ll tidy it up then, but I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the piecing. There are a few little spots that could be better, but in the grand scheme of things, no one will notice. I was also using the configuration that I had started many years ago and it meant a bit more hassle to sew the thing together. I won’t be repeating that mistake on this one. So technically, it should be a whole lot easier to sew.

I got my two items in the UPS courier yesterday so that was good. And I stopped at the used bookstore which was a blast. The lady asked if she could help me. I said “no thank you - I have a list!” That was the first time I’ve been to a used bookstore with a list and it was great. I walked up and down the mystery book aisle as I checked out each missing book. I found EIGHT. And so for the first time in a long time, I spent money on novels. If I get them read and return them within a year, I get half my money back in a store credit. I’m in!!!!!  Now I want to hit the other bookstores that were recommended to me - I think there are three more that I can hit and maybe those will become Sunday drives (or during the week if they aren’t open on Sunday). That’ll be a fun day out. I can’t wait!!!!

We’re eating like queens here. I even had a second helping of dinner because I was starving (that darn bike ride - but it essentially doubled my caloric intake for the day and I had to eat something!).

On that note, I’m out of here. Got to fire up the bike and get on the road.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I feel your exhilaration on the bike! Beautifully worded. Reminds me of zipping down an Alpine trail through freshly fallen powder, glittering flakes spraying out into a clear blue cloudless sky. Oo what a thrill!