Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sewing retreat - Day Four

Sadly, it’s the last morning. It’s amazing how quickly 5 days pass by. We’ve had a blast - we ate way too much. For the most part, we did pretty good on the eating part. There were a few snacks, but not much, but then a couple of people hit Mariposa Bakery and all of a sudden, there are goodies everywhere. I’m so not used to eating bread and sugary stuff. My system is going haywire. I’ve been pretty good except for that huge eclair that I ate the other night.

Can’t wait to get home and back to normal eating. Thank goodness for those daily bike rides which have helped to keep the calories in check. I was out yesterday morning once again for another 36 KM. It’s so amazing to be out. The traffic on the roads is so little - I could move here in a heartbeat just on that fact alone (plus the used bookstore and the quilt store!)

I’m plugging away on that double wedding ring. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep working on that while I’m here. I’m in the groove - my seams are getting not bad at all those teeny wee intersections. The first quilt top is DONE!!!!  There are 30 circles in that quilt (5 columns of 6 clamshells) and it’s a nice lap sized quilt.

All of the remaining clamshells are DONE!!!!  And I’ve got the first column on the second quilt DONE. There are 6 blocks in a column. Technically it should be a breeze to make the remaining 4 columns and then sew them together.  It’s just fiddly, but the ladies have been very entertaining and I’ve just kept sewing. Normally, I’m not that focused, but I’m focused here.

I have a new goal for the next retreat. Remember how we chatted about Tish bringing only a laundry basket including all her tools? For the next retreat, I’m going to better that. I’m going to bring a small tote with one intensive project and my tools. Oh yes - we’re going to pack light next time, but make good progress on an intensive project. What is an intensive project? I have several paper pieced projects that are started and a good 5 days of work on them would advance them quite nicely. I’ll see what I have when I get back home.

And no this double wedding ring was NOT on my list of UFOs for this year, but it has been on the list for previous years. It’ll be nice to get it off my plate.

Went back to the bookstore yesterday and picked up a few more books for some of the others here. Once I understand their filing system (I have to ask because it’s good, but I’m not that good at categorizing the books into genres), I found a couple more books for me.

I sat outside and read for a bit yesterday and it was glorious. The weather is so nice, the temperature is very comfortable and it was great to just sit and have a good read.

I was exhausted by 6 last night. I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. I’ve been up later than normal while here. After dinner, I fell asleep on the couch and then moved to bed by about 8 PM. Had a great sleep and ready for a new day.

In case you’re wondering about the oatmeal? Two minutes at Power 3 - damn stuff still boiled over. GRRRR

Lots of great projects are being worked on and I’m taking pictures so I can post when I get home.

On that note, I’m off to sew one more row and then hit the road for one last bike ride.

Have a great day!!!!


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