Monday, July 23, 2018

Motivational Monday - and it's MONDAY!!!

I don't seem to get my Motivational Monday post done on a Monday because there isn't time. Well, there will be time because I'm actually writing this on Sunday night.

It was a crazy sit n sew day today. I hadn't prepped what I wanted to do, but that doesn't mean that I didn't accomplish stuff. At the end of the day when I recapped what I had done, I was exhausted! I'm thrilled with the progress and I have the ladies to thank for that. We all did an amazing job today!!

So what did I get done?

 I loaded my pixelated apple quilt on the long arm, ready to work on it tomorrow after Monday sewing. It's going to be hanging at Quilts at the Creek this weekend - make sure you come out and see the quilts - I'll be there all day Sunday.  While I normally have the binding made when I finish the top, I had not done that for this quilt. I pulled out the basket of black and white fabrics. Oh can't make it dark  - it doesn't look right. But I found this checked fabric only to realize that I didn't have enough. Back into the bottom of the basket and found another hunk! Perfect - so I made bias binding so the check is "on point".

Binding - DONE

Then off to find some fabric for one of the quilts in that stack of "to be bound" quilts. I found this fabric and since the quilt top is green and yellow, I figured it would be perfect. So that binding got made, but no time (actually no room) to put the binding on. I like to spread out when I put the binding on and I was working at my small table.

Binding made for a community projects quilt

Next up - make the backing and the binding for my Gravity (Jaybird Quilts) quilt. This quilt is 96" by 96" so there are three lengths of fabric for the backing and 10 strips of fabric needed for the binding. But it's done and the quilt is now in the "to be quilted" pile. One less thing to move when the ladies come on Thursday!

Top, backing, and binding are made for Gravity quilt
I needed a quick gift for a dog lover and I found this panel in my stash along with some dog prints. It was mostly together, but needed the last border cut and sewn on. It's now done! Well, the top is sewn together. 

Quilt top for a dog lover is DONE

Then I cut and made the binding, as well as made the quilt back. This one moves to the "to be quilted" pile as well.

Another top, backing, and binding - done!

I was feeling pretty good at this point. I know it doesn't look like much was done, but hey - making binding doesn't happen in a few minutes.

I was lamenting on what to sew next and should I work on that dreaded Double Wedding Quilt. France said - YES! So I did. I got one of the tops completely pressed which wasn't a fun job. But it looks great. I'm very happy with the results.

Double Wedding Ring quilt top - pressed and ready to be quilted

Since I was on a roll, I dug out the backing fabric. Yes - after 15 years, I knew exactly where it was. Now I know that green and yellow don't really go with the top, but damn it - I bought that fabric for the backing because it had love poems written all over it and it's going to be the backing! So the backing got made - I had gobs of this fabric.

Backing fabric for the double wedding ring quilts

Hey - there's still time so I made the binding for both of the double wedding ring quilts. I'll probably have to make a bit more for the smaller one, but I thought I would get started with this.

Binding for two double wedding ring quilts

The backing got made and can you believe????  ONE of the double wedding ring quilts is now in the "to be quilted" pile. I'm stunned, shocked and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!! You know what that means??  I moved THREE quilts into that "to be quilted" pile today. I only do one of mine per week!

Top, backing, and binding for the double wedding ring quilt - DONE

I dug out the second double wedding ring quilt and finished off that last row that needed to be sewn on. It's on. Now, all that needs to happen is to add those missing 6 melons. I'm making them as my enders and leaders on Monday, so I hope that after tomorrow, I'll have several made and I can get them on this quilt and move that one to the "to be quilted" pile as well. Seriously???  I'm in shock!!!!

Just need 6 more melons to finish the second quilt

The backing is made (and so is the binding).

The backing for the second quilt is made
There's still a big chunk of that fabric leftover. AH - that's for the next wedding quilt that I promise to someone. HA HA HA!

The remainder of the backing fabric
I didn't get pictures of what the others were working on, but France was binding a GORGEOUS quilt from the Vintage Moments class. It'll be on display at Quilts at the Creek this weekend. I'll get a picture when it's hanging up. Stunning!!!!!

Diane was working on her Circle of Life (Jacqueline de Jonge). All the components are together and now the assembly begins. It's stunning. I was discouraged when I saw how much I had done on my version - just one diamond. But after seeing Diane's version, I'm tempted to get it ready to take to the next retreat!!!!

Circle of Life - Diane's version

I made a huge dent in the pile of stuff that was on that table. I've got a few things to put away after today's flurry of activity. And now I've got to get ready for Thursday. I have three things that I want to cut so they're prepped and ready to go. Don't worry - it's not new stuff - it's stuff that's on the list and I need to get it done so I can move on. That's the most amazing feeling ever and I saw some serious light at the end of the tunnel today!!!!

I hope you have or can have as productive a day as I had. It was amazing. There is nothing like good friends, good conversations (and boy - the topics were pretty wide and varied - have you ever had a discussion about poop before???). Thanks to all the ladies today - you made the day fly by and it was loads of fun!!

OH - here's a super funny story about that pattern that I need to get my hands on. I heard from my Aunt Irene today. She lives on the farm across the road from my parents' farm. She has the darn pattern!!!  Who knew? The apple doesn't fall from the tree in our family especially when it comes to sewing/quilting, although my Aunt could sew circles around me in the garment making world. It's going to be mailed to me this week. That's hysterical! I don't care where it comes from - I just need the damn thing. Thanks Aunt Irene!!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. WoW Elaine! Energizer bunny could not keep up with you. Love reading your posts 💕

    1. Thanks Sue - when I'm focused, there's no stopping me! Thanks for following the adventure.