Saturday, July 28, 2018

There's been an explosion

No - nothing was damaged and no one was hurt. Let me explain.

In the back of my mind, I've been thinking about something that I needed. It was in my studio, but I wasn't sure where. The clock is ticking on this project and well, I decided that yesterday was the day to find that item.

I literally ransacked the entire studio. All the closets were opened and every bag was rifled through. Boxes were open, bags were tossed upside down. The place was a disaster and I don't think things got put back quite as tidy as they had been.

I'm hanging my head in shame. If anyone suggests going to a quilt store - I'll shoot them. The kits, the projects, the UFOs, the fabrics and tools piled in boxes waiting to be worked on. It's obscene and even myself, I can't truly comprehend the magnitude of the situation. This just re-emphasizes my resolve to only buy stuff that I need to complete a project. There is ZERO need to buy anything and I mean ANYTHING.

I did find a few things that I wasn't looking for.

I found a cord to one of my sewing machines. Hmm - I didn't know that was missing. I also found the toolbox to one of my machines. Now they are in a safe place. And in case I forget where that safe place is - it's in the plastic drawer unit under the big sewing table. You can remind me if I forget! But that's where all the other bits for the sewing machines are so technically, it's the place I would look (and have looked in the past for that toolbox).

Sew machine power cord
I found tons of UFOs. Stuff that I had forgotten about. Just as I'm about to finish up that other double wedding ring, look what I found. Another double wedding ring quilt. Much of this one is done from what I could tell. And it's only a bed runner - not a big quilt! But I might make it into a wall hanging instead of a bed runner. Oh - I wonder how much work that will be to reconfigure it?

Another double wedding ring quilt - a UFO (of course)
Plus I found tools in that project box. That's worrisome - how many missing tools are in these boxes???

Paper piecing tools in the project box

Technically, these are extra tools, but that doesn't matter. The tools should stay in the appropriate toolboxes. It's very hard because you never know when you're going to "temporarily" shelve a project. I've got to figure out a system for that. Only the pattern and the fabric should be in the project box. Everything else in the appropriate technique box.

I think I mentioned the other day that I was NOT going to add anything to what was already out. Guess what - I'm a big liar! I pulled this stuff out of the bags and boxes.

"new" stuff to work on
I know - I could just shoot myself for doing that, but there were some things there that I really want to work on or they needed to be moved to a different pile. You'll hear all about it when I get there.

I think I may have to rethink my strategy for what gets worked on at Monday and other dedicated sewing days. I'm going to have to take the projects that are hogging the most real estate. Anything in a big box or one of those plastic project boxes. Nothing small in a bag. It's totally obscene.

Let's say that I may not have gotten a lot of steps in yesterday, well just shy of my 10,000, but I lifted a LOT of stuff and I was tired.

OH - did I find what I was looking for? NO!!!!!  BUT here's the good news. I don't think I own it anymore. As I got to the last bags and boxes, and finally shut the door to one of the rooms, I was standing in the middle of the studio and suddenly a thought came to me. I distinctly remembered giving the item to someone saying that I would never use it and they could use it.

Hmm - now who the heck was that???  What am I looking for? It was a small sample book with samples of men's suiting fabrics in it. It had a hard cover and there were a number of samples in various colors and fabric weights. If you are the new owner of that book, I don't really want it back, but I would like to know who has it.  Does anyone have that book??  Seriously, why did I remember giving it away AFTER I had been through everything???

And I've been on the lookout for something else. I have TWO USB sticks. Both are 32 GB and both are orange. I know - go figure. Well, both of them were AWOL. What the heck could I have done with them? One of them I usually carried in my purse, just in case. Well, I've searched the office (yes - that happened yesterday as well). Yes - I reacquainted myself with a lot of my possessions yesterday. No go - can't find either of the USB sticks.

OK - so the paperwork one is missing, but where the heck is the other one? It has some of my embroidery designs on it and I would really like that one. I was just about to give up and I'm standing in the middle of the studio with my hands on my hips. All of a sudden the light went on. There's something about that spot. I must go there FIRST when I'm trying to find something.

Anyway - the picture below was my view. Do you see what I see??  There's an embroidery machine on the floor under the table and plugged into the USB slot is my ORANGE USB stick. The one with the embroidery designs on it.

Embroidery USB stick!!!
 Seriously - why didn't I think to look in the embroidery machine?

When I wasn't looking for stuff yesterday, I was busy sewing and trimming. Here are the trimmings from yesterday's marathon. I won't show you what I trimmed. You get to see that next week. But huge progress is being made.

Trimmings from yesterday

 OH - so why do I need that embroidery USB??  Well, as I work through a couple of projects, I was looking at the design wall and thought to myself - I really need to get that Halloween quilt done. If I work diligently, I can have it done by Halloween - this year!!  I'm getting kind of tired of seeing it on the design wall and would like to have something else up there.

Halloween quilt on the design wall

Before I can proceed, I need to make a bunch more of the sashings that look like this. I'm going to put the sashing between the blocks to form rows, but not sure I'm going to make rows of this sashing and a cornerstone to put between the rows of blocks? Going to have to make a few more sashings and then audition it all. I need a total of 20 to put between the blocks to form rows. If I decided to put the sashing all around the quilt, I need almost 60. Thankfully they don't take long to stitch, but you have to babysit them.

I need more of these sashings - a LOT more

Remember how I said I had set up the studio in a bit of a decadent fashion? Well, I wasn't able to get all the photos, but here's the idea. I have one machine set up for bindings and all the bindings are sitting there waiting to be done. Nothing got done yesterday - so much for doing one a day! I do have a deadline right now so that's taking precedence over everything else.

The other table is holding the embroidery machine and all the supplies for the Halloween embroidery. The machine I'm piecing on is in the table as you saw above. Another machine is set up for something else at my big sewing table - I didn't get a picture of that and I would like to bring up the serger as I have something for that as well. I love having this flexibility in the sewing space. Now if I could just get to each machine and get those items done - that would be amazing!!!

Machines set up and ready to work

I just need operators for all those machines. Wouldn't that be great? Not really as I really enjoy the process of making stuff.

I did get some paperwork completed and the girls and I had a very peaceful time sitting in the gazebo and just hanging out. I really needed the break.

OH -- so since I did not find that little book of men's suitings - here's a question for you. If you have any men's suiting fabrics (or even old suits - preferably dark - any fabric type will do), I would like to trade/buy/steal them from you - only if you're close as I need them ASAP.  I do have some (that I found in a box that I knew I had and found right away, but I want a bit more variety.

You can call (416-919-8648) or e-mail me and I'd be happy to come and pick them up. Thanks so much!!!!

And on that note, I'm out of here. It's going to be another busy day and I had better get started.

Don't forget - Quilts at the Creek today. The weather is going to be cool so it'll be pleasant to visit the show.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Elaine, I’ve had a vision. It is a fast-forward video of you working in your studio for just one day. I can see you zipping back and forth between all your machines accumulating all those steps. How about making us a little video clip. Teehee

    1. I have the ability to do that - I should one day - it'll be fun!!!