Thursday, July 26, 2018

Down time

So this happened yesterday.

A wee bit of investigation going on
I was all fired up to get that apple quilt done so I could get the binding on. I was able to stitch for about 15 minutes and I was getting excited. Then BAM - dead stop. Nothing. I turned the machine off and back on. Nothing. Before it did come back, but this time it did not.

I spent time on the phone sending pictures and texts and voice back and forth with the techs in Iowa. Everything seems to be in good shape and all wires securely attached.

Could it be the darn motor? That's what they think. The motor is that black cylinder in the picture below. 

Bad motor?

So a new motor will be winging its way to me today. Not sure how they will ship - well I know how they're shipping, just not sure if it's overnight? I may get it tomorrow or early next week.

I just hope that a new motor fixes the problem. If not? Then what?  Thank goodness this machine is fairly mechanical but it still takes a bit of time to think about what has to be done. The instructions I've received are always good and with a few tools, I've never had an issue.

Oh well. So my quilt is still on the machine and I'm not taking it off. I contemplated taking it off and working on it on the domestic, but then I thought NO. I wouldn't be able to replicate my swirls on the other machine. It stays. I've already contacted the organizers for Quilts in the Creek and we have a substitute lined up. The label will be replaced and no one will be the wiser that we had to do this - except all of you who have read the post. Don't forget to come out this weekend. It's going to be an amazing quilt show. There are vendors and trunk shows. And ME - I'll be there all day Sunday.

Am I panicked? Not in the least. Actually a bit grateful to be honest. I have a few other things that need to be done and this is an excuse to focus on those things and not feel guilty.

I spent the morning with a colleague of mine from the Husqvarna Viking/PFAFF world. There's so much to learn - but I want to get started on some of those projects and well - I must find more time in the day!!!  Or just incorporate stuff together. I've got some great ideas - I can't wait to get started on them. Not anything new (oh never!) - just working on some stuff that was already planned.

Worked on blog posts for QUILTsocial in the afternoon and you'll get a chance to see what I did in a bit. I'm double dipping on that as well  - pulling out old projects that I can use for examples and then actually get them completed. I'm on a roll and pretty excited about that. The power of having to publish a picture of a completed project is a HUGE motivator for me.

The one thing that I did get done yesterday that I can show you is another binding on a quilt. This one is done. That leaves 14 more quilts to get the binding sewn on. I figure if I do one a day, in two weeks - all done. I'm OK with that. By the time the next Sit n Sew comes around, all the quilts will be bound and I won't have to move them. Of course, I hope there will be new ones to be bound, but I'll try to keep up with them.

Quilt - bound

Speaking of Sit n Sews, I published the new dates last night (to that group) and I'm almost completely booked. I love it - I get to share my space with others and I still get to sew. Should I open up one more day a month? Do I dare? I do know that it forces me to sew all day and I'm so super productive these days - it might not be a bad idea. I must get my upcoming classes published as well.

I love the fact that some old projects are moving up the chain and getting completed. Some getting completely finished and others getting to the "to be quilted" stage. That's so exciting and maybe one day, I'll be able to wake up and say "what should I start today" and not feel guilty about that. HA - I might be too old to sew by then.

I want to try and book some staycation days. Days where I'm going to do some tourist things in the city and NOTHING to do with quilting. The summer is half over. I better get those planned NOW or it'll be too late.

The studio is almost ready to receive the ladies today. Just have to move those darn quilts that need binding and schlep a machine or two around. Otherwise, I'm good and it didn't take too long yesterday to get it in order. I'm loving that. It means I'm getting better.

On that note, I have a wee bit of computer work to finish off this morning before they arrive.

Have a great day!


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