Saturday, July 7, 2018

Quilt Retreat - Day Three Part One

And another action packed, exciting day has happened at the retreat. By the way - we’re at Fireside Retreat in Orillia in case you don’t know where we are. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to provide you a link as I’m on my iPad and sometimes I’m a bit sketchy with the touch screen for copying and pasting, but look it up. It’s an amazing place and one of the BEST quilt stores ever is just five minutes away. Good luck if you want a date as it seems to be booked. I’ve already got my 2019 dates booked. It’s crazy!!!!

What a difference a day makes. The temperature was quite a bit different than it was the day before. It was cool and I even had to wear my vest the entire ride. It was a bit shorter ride (31K) due to gusty winds and hills. Lots and lots of hills. Plus we had a class at 9 AM and I had to be back for that. I went in a different direction and you know you’re in the country when I was waiting for a window in the traffic to cross Highway 12. I did notice a pedestrian crossing that I could have activated, but I decided to wait. Next thing I know, the traffic stopped on one side which made the traffic stop in the opposite direction and I was away. Only in a small town!!!!

I had set in my mind that I would go a certain distance on a road, then I would turn around. Hmm - this particular road had a HUGE hill which I had to go down. If I went down, I would have to come back up as I wanted to take a picture of something I had passed. Oh crude - might as well go down. I had noticed that my brakes seemed to be a bit off, so I carefully went down the hill.

I later noticed that my front brakes were completely disconnected. DUH!!!!  I should have checked that before I went down that hill. On my way home, I came to the intersection where that hill was - go forward and up the hill or go left and miss the photo op. I went forward. This was no ordinary hill - it had a grade of 17% which is SUPER steep. I didn’t make it and had to walk a wee bit. Fortunately, it wasn’t a very long hill. I’m good to about 14% and then I just don’t have the mojo to do the steeper climbs. A goal????  In all my touring across Canada, only once did we have a hill like that. It wasn’t on the cross-Canada trip so I can still claim my riding EFI. (Every F*&&^^. Inch).  That hill was on one of the shorter trips.

Got my picture and I was on my way home.

We were having a class at the retreat house in the morning. We had hired a local instructor to make the Retreat Bag by Emmaline Bags.  It’s a super cute bag and most of us managed to finish the bag. Some even made two bags. Big and little. We’re going to have a photo shoot later this morning. They are awesome and was a welcome reprieve from that double wedding ring quilt.

Then it was back to the double wedding ring. I am very focused here and while I did bring other projects to work on, I’ve decided to march forward on this one project and get it done. I even got the offer of a pattern for a double wedding ring that you can chain piece. Thanks Patti!!!  I’m committed to this pattern and I’ll forge ahead and get it done. Maybe next time, I’ll make the chain pieced pattern - it’s by Patti Carey if any of you are interested. I had a total of 64 clamshells to make. I have 14 left to go and then I’ll start to assemble the quilt (s). Slow and steady!!!!  I’m a turtle.

But I took enough breaks throughout the day that it wasn’t so bad to work on. A wee bit of shopping to do at the quilt store and the book store and the F store. Little breaks are good. I don’t really have any shopping left to do today. I’ll see how it goes.

OK - going to be two posts today since I know that buffer is going to kick in. NO I haven’t called the Apple store yet, but it’s on my list of things to do.

Check out part TWO.

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