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Hm - sometimes a title for the blog comes without much thought. Other times, it takes a while. I thought of this morning's title yesterday - oh yes, I don't just sit down and write. Sometimes, I actually put some thought into the posts! Then this morning I couldn't remember the title, but after a few attempts at writing something else, the title popped back into my head.

You'll see why this title in a bit.

Yesterday was Monday and it was Monday sewing. I know I say this every Tuesday, but Monday really is the best day of the week. It's PERMANENTLY reserved for the sewing group, nothing gets scheduled on a Monday unless I'm on vacation or something really, really important. It's just a great group of people, we chat about everything (poop now seems to be a weekly topic!) And seriously if they had quilters rule the world? Well, we'd solve everything in a heartbeat so we could get back to quilting.

I'm super pleased with my progress - let's check it out.

OH - I got a license plate from Jan. She was traveling recently and she bought this plate for me. Love it! The plates sure are not as popular as they used to be. But that's OK - getting a few here and there is loads of fun. At some point, I'll get to the Row by Row stuff but there are other more important things on my plate at the moment.

Row by Row license plate from Wisconsin

I used up a lot of my enders/leaders yesterday and found some more red fabric so I can cut more squares. I didn't get a chance to cut yesterday, but at least the fabric is waiting.

Red fabric to cut
 I don't need much as the pile on the left is getting smaller. That's awesome. And then it'll be onto the next step of that project.

Back to the Farmer's Wife quilt. I managed to get six blocks done yesterday. Some of the blocks are very fiddly and some are not. I'm going in the order of the book now and will take the good with the bad.

Two of the ones I did yesterday had to be paper pieced - the middle one in each row. There are five more really fiddly ones to go. Can't wait until they are done!

The Farmer's Wife blocks for the week
 Then I had a quick count of what's left. There are 111 blocks in the book. I have 30 left. That means 5 weeks with six blocks per week. Yeah!!!  As much as I "hate" doing those blocks because they are super slow, this is a great way to get them done.

Now the issue will be - what's next? Do I take a break from this kind of project? I have three more small block projects that need to be worked on. One of them has 365 blocks - do you remember that Block a Day project from a couple of years ago? I have the blocks completed for January and 19 from February, but that still leaves a lot of blocks to make. Then I have Sylvia's Bridal Sampler (Elm Creek). Not sure what state that one is in and the third one also has 365 blocks, but I don't think I'll be able to do it at Monday - not the way that I want to do it so that one isn't on the immediate project list at the moment.

A quick check - found Sylvia's Bridal Sampler (that was easy) and there are quite a few blocks made. There are 140 blocks in the book. I might be slightly over half done. And it looks like a lot are cut and prepped. I think I'll just move to that one next. But I must start sewing the blocks of these projects together as well -not just getting the blocks done. I also found another quilt - the Hobo Quilt - that was also 6" blocks and there are 55 in there. OK - so I'll probably be working on small block projects for the rest of this year and all of next year and then I'll be done!!!!

Then there are a "few" other blocks of the month projects, but nothing with these fiddly small blocks. The blocks are probably just as fiddly, just bigger and thankfully less of them to make. And there are a lot of applique options. Hmm - decisions, decisions!!!

Remember how I had decided to work on a border project each week, but no time to get it organized for yesterday? Well, I already had a border project in my bag. I had finished the center of this project the week before and the borders were cut and ready to sew on. So I got all three borders attached yesterday. YEAH!!!!  I really like this wall hanging, love the design, love the fabric.

Wall hanging top - completed

I found some backing for it when I got home. The binding was partially made and now it's completed and has been moved to the "to be quilted" pile. It's called Signs of Autumn by Studio 180 and uses Deb Tucker's rulers. They also have a bigger version of this quilt, done in red and white and it's stunning. I have the pattern for that one (probably didn't need it) and I'd like to make it. But NOT on the radar at this moment.

Another project moved to the "to be quilted" pile

I was thinking about what to prep for next week for the border project. Then I thought of a quilt that is on the UFO list and it just needs borders to sewn on. I think the last two borders need to be worked on. That project is on the cutting table so it can be prepped for next week. I'll sew the borders on before the room gets crowded. I love having a plan.

A quilt that needs borders waiting to be prepped for next Monday

I'm madly sewing to get a quilt top off the design wall. You'll see it later this week. And of course, I'm thinking what can go back on the wall. I hate to have it empty. I still have a lot of work to do before the Halloween one takes center stage.  I was reviewing the UFO list and there's a quilt on that list. The blocks are made - it just needs to be sewn together. So that one got pulled out this morning and hopefully, by the end of today, it'll be on the wall.

Blocks are made and need to be sewn together

I picked up the mail when I got home and there's the missing pattern. Well - a copy of the missing pattern. Shh! Now I have to get working on the fall mini quilt (all paper pieced) so I can keep my Mom happy. From the look of it, the winter one which I've already done seemed to have the largest number of small pieces, but then - they all have small pieces since these wall hangings are about 15" square.

Paper pieced pattern - next project up???

Going to have to have a paper piecing marathon. When's the first day of fall? Not that I'm trying to rush summer - oh no. I just need a deadline. I have to say that the days are getting shorter and it's becoming pretty noticeable. It's getting dark in the morning when I arrive in the kitchen at 6 AM to make breakfast. I actually had to turn on a light this morning. That's sad!

Not only did I get something exciting in the mail, but I got something exciting on my doorstep. There was a bag and in the bag were three sample books of men's suitings and some strips which will make a perfect binding. I wonder if that's what she had in mind? The samples are from 2008-2009. There's a very urgent deadline for this (perhaps that will go on the design wall before those other blocks). I had a good chuckle yesterday because this picture was sent to me.

Hey - who are you and what do you want at our house?

These are my watch dogs! They are so cute looking out the window. They love to see what's happening on the street and I'm sure many people walking by just shake their heads when they see the two of them staring back.

Now if the door were open, they'd invite you in, but only if you opened the closet where the cookies are stored!

Speaking of Lexi and Murphy, they have a story to tell this morning.

And let's not forget that it's my week for QUILTsocial. It's a totally crazy week. If you think this blog is exhausting, you better not read that one. OH - go ahead and read it. There are loads of great tips.

QUILTsocial - Monday

QUILTsocial - Tuesday

Have a super day!!!!


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