Sunday, July 29, 2018


I'm not sure if possessed is the best word - perhaps obsessed is.

Let's check the definitions of those words.

Hmm - certainly not possessed unless it's by an evil quilting spirit.

Obsessed is probably more like it, but this doesn't translate the exact state of my mind. I seem to be completely under a spell. I barely left the studio yesterday from the crack of dawn until dusk except for one or two spells in the gazebo where I took handwork with me and my audiobook.

Things were going well, no issues, minor ripping - actually no ripping. I made leaps and bounds on a couple of projects and yet - I can't share anything with you this morning. All in due time which should be this coming week. So don't sweat it. You'd be exhausted anyway - I know I was!

The problem is that I'm in bed by 9 PM, but my body (more likely my brain) is wide awake around 4 AM ready to go again. You'd think I'd have had enough. But this has been going on for almost 20 years. When I had a great paying, full-time job, and was a new quilter, I took a year off to get quilting out of my system. That's was in 2000 or thereabouts. Seriously? This must be a sickness.  I can't stop myself and nothing else seems to matter. Oh well - at least it's cheap (now) as long as I stay out of the stores, but even then, I'm not buying much. I don't need ANYTHING.

I will show you what I put away yesterday. So once you finish a project, there's fabric to put away. Some of this stuff has been stored in a project box for YEARS. But now it's released back to the stash baskets. Free to breath fresh air!!!

These two fabrics came from a project that required some sewing and then a wee bit of handwork. The handwork is almost done. It'll be finished later tonight. In total, without the handwork, this project took about three hours to finish.

Fabrics from a project box - back to the stash basket

This next fabric - also gone to the stash basket. Funny - green isn't my color, but I was putting a lot of green away yesterday. Anyway, the small strips went into the green scrap box and the rest went into the sash basket. This was the backing from one of the ones on the binding table. Not sure why it got pulled out - OH!!!!   I know why this was pulled and it wasn't for that quilt in the binding pile. It was for something else. I better pull it out and again and actually put it in the same bag as the project it got pulled for. DUH!!!   Done - I'll re-evaluate tonight.

More green fabric
 For anyone who was here on the weekend at the Sit n Sew, I'm putting away some white fabric. That's a big hint! The top is done. That was a huge job and required some accurate piecing and pressing. But it's done. The picture is taken and waiting to be uploaded later this coming week.

White fabric - back to the stash basket

The next project is already up on the design wall. Pictures are taken and will be shown later this week. That one needs to be done, hopefully, tonight? More like tomorrow as I have some computer work to do to get these pictures posted.

I worked on one more project yesterday and it's also almost finished. That was also just a couple of hours and it was mostly done.

Do you see a theme here? I'm thinking that for Mondays and other sewing days that I should be working on some of these projects that are very close to being finished. I really need to get stuff done. so the question is - work on almost completed projects? There are oodles that just need a border or two put on. There are many where the blocks are together and just need to be pieced into a top. Some just need a backing made. Imagine if I took that kind of thing to the retreat - I'd have an entire car full of stuff, but boy - it would definitely put an advance on things. Only problem - I like to have lots of space when I do that kind of thing and it's not good for the retreat or sewing days when space is limited.

Hmm - I need to book a SEWING DAY just for me when I can focus on those kinds of projects. I don't need someone to keep me motivated - I can sew for hours and not get disrupted (especially if I have a deadline). Or I could do it on Monday, I could set up an extra table and get one quilt top completed before the rest of the group gets there. Some of us get there very early. I might just start doing that.

Lots of things to think about.

And here's the last sewing station (you don't want to see the rest of the studio) as not all the aftermath of the explosion has been dealt with, but suffice it to say that I found a small spot to sew and I'm happy.

These projects require some big flat spaces in order to be put together. The machine is ready, the projects are ready - let's go!!!

One more sewing space

 Well - it's time to get rolling (oh god - I've already been sewing for a couple of hours!). I'm on my way to Quilts at the Creek today. Be sure to get to the show today. It's a great show - I'm looking forward to hanging the quilts - my first time doing that.

Have a super day!!!



  1. When I have friends in this "what to work on quandry", I encourage to choose the nearest "close to done" and the "furthest from done" and use the later as a Leader/Ender for the first. As a finished top arises, replace with the next in it's category :-) And what I love most? You are sewing and sewing and not affected by what needs work!!!! Wishing you a blessed sewing Sunday!

    1. Elle -- that's a super idea!! I might just incorporate that and see what happens.!