Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Tne links in the other post worked! The miracle of technology and a quick lesson. I just checked out all the bloggers listed on Benita’s webpage and there are MANY!!  I’ll repost to that main page everyday for this month (let’s hope that I remember) so we can all check out the crazy bloggers around. I love blogging. It’s so much fun.

So this post is about substrates - well technically only one. Do you know what that is? Well, it’s the base materials  - like rayon, canvas or cotton. Today it’s all about crimpoline or Fortrel. I’m going to blame this new fetish on my mom, my aunt and Victoria Findlay Wolfe and NORMA - You know who you are!

I’m going to provide more information at a later date when I have time to do some more research. Let’s just say that my brain is working at a thousand miles a minute. I went back to the farm in the rain and I started to go through all the boxes of Fortrel. ACK!!!  Box after box after box surfaced. There were cut squares, there was yardage and there was scraps. What to pick? What to pick?

I ended up with the box of cut squares. I brought it in to have a look and I hate to say that I’m arranging to ship that box home. What is the matter with me? I do NOT need this stuff like I need a hole in my head. But I’m intrigued.

I’m chomping at the bit to go back and bring in another box of small scraps. My brother is telling me to forget it - I can get it another time. I could, but I’m obsessive. It runs in our family. And then there are two (no make that THREE) other quilts that I have ideas for and no fabric. But those will require a wee bit of planning so I might take his advice, but..........

I must say that working with different substrates is loads of fun. I include in that working with clothing which of course is made up of all kinds of weird fabrics. I’ve made quilts with baby clothes, quilts with adult clothing that included boiled wool and silky camisoles in the same quilt. I’ve made quilts from ties and quilts from T-shirts. I love the process because no two quilts are the same. And it’s the materials that you’re working with that dictate how the end quilt will look.  Well - I have a cool idea for several quilts and they have deadlines and DAMN IT - I’m going back. Now I just need to sneak a key to the house from someone so I can get in.

And shoot - I don’t think I have enough to make an entire jelly roll rug. God - someone just shoot me now. And I have the time to do all this? Well, if what I want to happen, happens, then some of them will have a deadline attached and that will make it happen.

Now whose idea was this anyway????  Oh yes - it was my aunt, my mom, Victoria and Norma! Damn them!

I guess you’ll just have to wait to see if I do in fact make it out there. I have a few deliveries to make for my Mom today. And potentially a quilter to visit today. Then it will be trying to get in the stand by line for that earlier flight tomorrow. I’ve packed up what I was going to have to check in for luggage so if I don’t make the earlier plane, I won’t have luggage to deal with. That will get shipped by courier today. Can I ever just do things normally and not make an adventure out of it? But what would be the fun of that?

That’s it for now - now get back to that list of bloggers - don’t forget to enter the contest. There is a cool grand prize up for grabs. Just don’t like anyone’s blog better than mine!

Have a great day!!


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  1. Crimpoline!! That takes me back to the 70's and my teens/early adulthood. My mother Loved Crimpoline. I had several outfits made from it, and you were never cold when wearing it. That gave my mother an idea and she made a quilt from it. She was not a quilter, but she simply cut up some squares and made a double sided quilt. she simple sewed the 2 sides together, flipped and turned it and stitched on the seams. That quilt was so darned heavy, you could barely lift it, but it sure was warm.